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HyukSung fic 1/2

Title – Walks of Passion
Chapter 1/2 – Walks of Passion
Pairing – HyukSung (EunHyuk and Yehsung)
Rating – None for this part...
Disclaimer – The guys are so not mine, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.
A/N – This will be a two part fic. First part is nothing much but part two will be NC-17 love. This isn’t how I had wanted this to be, but after awhile, I decided to go ahead and make this a two chapter sort of fic. I apologize if this isn’t up to par with past fics of mine and what not. This was inspired from several rps that I did quite some time ago, mixed with a dream I had as well. The rp was totally fun and the dream…well the dream would have caused anyone in the right mind to take a shower after they woke up from it.

"How are you feeling tonight?"
Tags: pairing: yesung/eunhyuk

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