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Fairytale gone mad

Title: Fairytale gone mad?
Pairing: CinWhiteFish
Summary: A strange fairytale of two bored princesses and a single prince looking for some danger to prove his strength…
Note: I think the summary is equally bad as the story itself *lol* It’s nowhere near of what I had in mind *sigh* It’s dedicated to shienri whom I promised to write something with these three. So I hope you like this although I fear it’s really crappy *coughs* Look out for topping!Donghae (better mention it before because it’s easy to overlook^^)
Don’t hate me if it’s bad, please!

Once upon a time in a far far away land, there were two beautiful princesses, Cinderella and Snow White by name. These two princesses lived almost happily in their palace. In fact their life was a bit too happy because they were bored out of their mind.
Sure Snow White was perfectly satisfied with his life in the palace. He was together with his beloved Rella and he had time to read his also much loved books.
But said Rella wasn’t as easily satisfied as Snowy. He craved for attention. Snow White’s attention and everybody else’s attention.

So another day came and Snow White was reading a very interesting novel when he felt someone clinging to his arm.
“Snowy… come on… talk to me… I’m bored…” his beloved Cinderella whined. “You haven’t even commented on my new hairstyle!” he added after a moment.

Snow White sighed and closed his book, directing his eyes on Cinderella who was smiling at him brightly, by now.
“New hairstyle?” he asked. He couldn’t see anything new about the way Cinderella’s hair looked like.

“Yes!” Rella pouted. “Look, I combed it to the other side!” he exclaimed, annoyed that Snow White didn’t seem to be interested in him at all and showed it to him ehat he did.

“Ah… I see… beautiful…” Snow White said, indifferently, about to pick up his book again.

But he hadn’t counted on his Rella, who made an adorable pouty face.
Again Snow White sighed, put the book on the table and pulled his beloved princess on his lap. “You look really beautiful, as always, Rella!” he purred and kissed those sweet pink lips.
“I know! Thank you!” The princess said, beaming.

Snow White sighed again. That was his beloved Rella, as self-confident as ever.
“So… My Rella is bored, you’ve said. How can I change that?” Snowy asked, smiling.
“Sing for me, love…” Rella purred while nipping on the cream white neck of Snow White.

But our lovely Snow White never got the chance to sing a song for his beloved because they were both startled by a loud crash from the outside.
They looked in each other’s eyes and slowly crossed the room and opend the door. Just in time to have a good view on a perfectly shaped back of a short haired, young man.

“Who are you?” Cinderella asked bluntly.
The stranger jumped a little and turned around to face the two beautiful princesses.
He clearly was taken aback by their beauty because his jaw dropped a little and he started drooling. But then he got hold of himself, shook his head and bowed a little.

“Prince Donghae is my name and I’m here to save the beautiful princesses!” he said, smiling brightly.
Snow White gave Donghae a quizzical look and crossed his arms. “To save us? Why? And from what?” he asked.

Donghae bit his lower lip and was thinking hard about his answer whiel Rella was walking slowly around the prince and was eyeing him, hungrily licking his lips.
“Isn’t there any danger you’re in? Some monster I can fight? I mean it’s common knowledge there has to be a monster terrifying a beautiful princess.” He said.

“Nope… no danger… no monster… we absolutely and positively aren’t in need of a prince, sorry…” Snow White said and was about to turn away when Cinderella spoke up.
“Wait… wouldn’t it be good to have a prince in the palace? Just in case?” He said, not even blinking while looking at Donghae.

Snow White spared a second glance on the perfect form of this prince.
“Maybe you are right, Rella… but I think he at least should prove his strengh before we let him stay with us!” he mused.

“Yes… that is a perfect idea, love!” the older princess grinned.
“What is it that I have to do to prove my strength to you?” Donghae asked, smiling and nodding his head. “Is there any task that I can fulfill for you? Just say so and I will do it!” he said and started to pull up the arms of his shirt.

By this time Cinderella was close to drooling and a soft purr could be heard from Snow White. The two princesses exchanged a look and in an instant Snowy grabbed Donghae’s hands and Rella pushed him from behind.
“I think you can prove your strength to us directly!” he grinned.

It took Donghae a few seconds and a close look on the four-poster bed to get, what the two beautiful princesses were implying.
A wide grin spread on his face as he looked down on the two of them.
“It’ll be my pleasure!”
Tags: ot3: heechul/donghae/kibum
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