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mod update

Hey, everyone. This is a mod update with lots of info regarding the comm. Bear with us.

# SUGGESTION POST If you there are any changes you'd like to see made in this community or any advice/constructive criticism you'd like to give us, drop a comment. Comments are screened, check the post for more details.

# REC TEAM APPLICATION Applications re-opened. If there are fanfics that you think aren't getting the attention they deserve or you just want to be more active in the community, submit an application and participate in the process! We welcome a diverse rec team. We are also now accepting old recs, so long as there are plenty of new recs to go along with them. Check the post for updated details.

# Weekly Fic Request Post Due to the influx of posts requesting this or that fic, we've decided to make a separate post for them weekly. All requests posts will be deleted and we'll link you to this post. Leave a comment with your request, members will hopefully reply at the post with what you're looking for. This only works if people respond to the requests!

# TAGS Our archiving system is being updated as we speak. You can't see the progress very clearly, but it is being made. You'll have to be patient with us and coyotecolored, who has been working diligently transferring our author tags to memories and our pairing mems to tags. Sorry for the inconvenience all this is causing right now, but this community has been around for almost four years now, and there's a lot to be done when we're backlogging that far. We are considering adding members to our tag team, though, so stay tuned for that.

# CONTEST It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm pleased to announce that in a couple weeks, we should be starting up with a new contest. We're waiting for everyone to settle into school first, because we know the start can be hectic. In the meantime, if there are themes you'd like to recommend, please comment!
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