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22 June 2007 @ 12:00 am
first kisses  
I wrote some first kisses for that meme and I decided to share :) if you like anything, feel free to friend my writing journal (mianhada), not this journal 8D and please comment~ i loves some comments C:

yunho/heechul, heechul/jaejoong, sungmin/junsu, hyukjae/junsu, eeteuk/yoochun, heechul/hankyung, shiwon/youngsaeng, kangin/heechul, heechul/hankyung/shiwon (r, beware plz)

+) yunho/heechul (pg)
Heechul slides a hand underneath his shirt and rubs his shoulder, scratches his arm, unaware. He stretches the collar, looks down at his soft skin under the pale light of the flickering television screen as he sits side by side with Yunho. The other boy watches, wishes it was his hand drifting over his glowing neck, licking at his collarbone, all the way up to his ear. It only takes a second for Yunho to reach out, take Heechul's hand and replace it with his lips, and Heechul is too stunned to react before Yunho decides he would rather taste lips than flesh.

+) heechul/jaejoong (pg)
When Jaejoong comes home that night, there are strained, suppressed crumbles of noise from the dark living room. He hesitantly drops his bags near the door, leaves his shoes, on on top of the other, and breathlessly, quietly, moves slowly toward the noise. He doesn't need a light to see the broken form of Heechul on the couch, clutching at his own shirt, eyes far too wet to tell if he was still crying or not.

The younger boy doesn't say a word as he offers a hand to Heechul's quivering back, runs it soothingly from his shoulder blades to the soft dip of his lower back, and reverse the motion, repeats, until Heechul finally looks at him. Jaejoong looks back and forth between the tears in his eyelashes and the blood in his eyes until Heechul is warm right in front of his face. His eyes flitter, close, and swollen lips touch his own and seem to press and disappear at the same moment.

Heechul replaces a shaking hand from his own shirt to Jaejoong's, holds the piece of fabric near Jaejoong's heart tightly in his fist. His eyes drift to the edge of the couch, but they aren't seeing a single thing.

+) sungmin/junsu (pg)
Sungmin lightly touches his lips with his own and smiles, prepares himself to move quickly and efficiently as far away from the other boy. "Hyukjae told me to give that to you." Junsu pales, gapes, and Sungmin is flying down the hallway and halfway to the nearest door when Junsu finally starts to follow behind like a panther who is just chasing for the sake of the chase itself.

+) hyukjae/junsu (pg)
They sit side by side in the bathroom and Hyukjae is careful to remove his stray tears with the wad of damp toilet paper before they slid down the slight of his cheeks. Junsu is beside him, shoulders hunched, and he isn't as diligent as his smaller friend; his face is wet and Hyukjae can feel the gentle shaking of his body from the near contact of their elbows. Junsu turns, Hyukjae smiles softly at him but his eyes water more. "I'm glad you're debuting--" he starts, but Junsu presses into him hastily and there is blood. He rips away and charges out of the bathroom in a blur of dropping tears and quick steps that Hyukjae will never forget the sound of.

+) eeteuk/yoochun (pg)
"Good luck," Eeteuk smiles and presses a barely-there kiss that Yoochun can feel all throughout the performance.

+) heechul/hankyung (pg)
Heechul catches Hankyung alone in the far corner of his room, crying one night in slurs of Chinese, terse syllables, and trembling vowels. He shudders soundlessly under the harsh glow of the moon and he looks like every other lost, numb, unheard child who wishes to bitterly dissolve into the freezing walls. Heechul is watched as he hurries over, disturbing the beauty of Hankyung's broken with his heavy footfalls, and wraps him in thin arms and warm skin. He presses his lips to Hankyung's as his own eyes water abruptly and he tries to entangle Hankyung's pain with his tongue.

+) shiwon/youngsaeng (pg)
Youngsaeng catches Shiwon by a thread of his elbow by chance and tugs him softly. Shiwon looks down, startled to see slightly long black hair and a small face that whispers just loud enough for him to hear, "why don't you visit?" There's a subdued pause as Shiwon thinks and tosses his apple into the air.

When it falls with a soft thump back into his hand, he smiles at the shorter boy. "You left," Shiwon answers, lowers his head, and pretends he's taking a bite of Youngsaeng, presses his lips to the other's before retaining his previous height and taking a real bite of his apple. He turns, ignores the surprise shining on Youngsaeng's eyes, and walks away.

+) kangin/heechul (pg)
Heechul takes a sip of the can and then wrinkles his nose in disgust. "Apple juice?" he asks, shoving the half empty straight into Kangin's open chest. Kangin pretends it hurts, takes a few steps backward, and bites his bottom lip. Heechul's eyes curve and sharpen as his hands find the bones of his hips, pretending he doesn't care if Kangin is hurt or not. He grabs loose shirt and pulls Kangin forward, "don't even pretend that hurt, stupid."

Kangin smiles softly, presses the metal of the can to his lips and finishes the last two swallows but keeps one in his mouth. Heechul's eyes narrow, grasp Kangin's shirt even tighter, as Kangin's smile moves, grows, and then hovers right above Heechul's lips. "Don't even think about it!" Heechul threatens, tries to draw himself away but Kangin swallows before he can, places a sturdy hand at the base of Heechul's neck where soft bleached white tickles his fingers.

"I'm not," he answers, leans in, and makes sure Heechul has no breath left to yell at him anymore.

+) heechul/hankyung/shiwon (r ish lol)
It happens naturally, Heechul on Hankyung's lap purring gently into his ear before licking tenderly just below his earlobe, but never in front of someone else. Shiwon watches with wide eyes and raised eyebrows, motionless and only a foot away. Heechul doesn't care, rolls his hips into Hankyung's mercilessly, and Hankyung glances over as he fails to bite back the moan that seems to echo throughout the empty, darkened room.

For a second, Hankyung thinks Shiwon is going to leave and as he stands, Hankyung reaches out. Shiwon laughs, deeply in his throat, and ends up softly enveloping Heechul in his arms, disentangling him from Hankyung. He replaces him on the space he used to sit, laying down gently as if he was a baby, and nibbles on his bottom lip while holding out his hand for Hankyung. It takes a moment, Hankyung can't decide whether or not Shiwon just stole Heechul, but he places his slightly smaller hand in Shiwon's and slides over Heechul, legs on either side of his hips.

Shiwon meets him half way to Heechul's lips with his own, and it feels like Shiwon is testing him and pulling more out of him than he would've liked. Shiwon's hands weave into Hankyung's hair, pull him harder into the kiss. Heechul's hands ease under Hankyung's clothes with a giggle, pull at Shiwon's belt. When they disconnect, Heechul manages to persuade their lips to his. His tongue is barely in Hankyung's and Shiwon is kissing the edge of his mouth . There are fingers everywhere, unbuttoning, unfastening, pulling up, tugging down, suffocating.

(lol there should be more but oh well)

thank you <333
revvvolution_xrevvvolution_x on June 22nd, 2007 09:38 pm (UTC)
Awesome. Just awesome.
And the YoungSaengXShiwon one!! dlfjakldfas fjdsajfdsa jfklsajflk ajfl;jdsa;f
희님의 꽃잎heechul on June 22nd, 2007 09:43 pm (UTC)
hahahaha Thanks :D
(Deleted comment)
희님의 꽃잎heechul on June 23rd, 2007 01:02 am (UTC)
*rubs back* i'm glad you liked <333333333