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Super Junior Fanfic "Sapphire Blue" 2/?

Title : “Sapphire Blue”

Author :[info]rokkugomarhemal

Pairing : Sichul, Heechul/everyone

Length : 2/?


Summary : Beginning from the Sapphire Blue necklaces, they become a powerful person. Is that fun, or they have a responsibility for it?

*Gah.. It still suck -_-“ *



Chapter 2


-The next morning-

“Morning all!” Shindong said happily.

“Morning..” they answered.

“Morning Hyung..” Shindong greeted Heechul.


“Hey Dongie.. Morning.” Heechul rubbed his eyes, smiled weakly.

“Yah! Hyung-ah! Why did your eyes was so red?” asked Shindong.

“I can’t sleep..”


“I don’t know.” Heechul left. Then go to the kitchen.

“Here’s your fried rice Hyung.”Hankyung offered him.

“Thanks..” Heechul mumbled. Covered his face with his palms. Then he put his head on the table.

 “Chullie, you looks really tired.. Why? Did you sick?” Leeteuk put his palm on Heechul’s forehead.

 Heechul closed his eyes.

I’m okay Umma.. Really. I just- I can’t sleep last night.” Said Heechul, smiled at him.

 “Really? Why Chullie-ah? “ asked Leeteuk.

“Just a nightmare. Maybe I’m too tired.” Heechul mumbled.

 “Go get some rest today don’t you? If you feel unwell, then you shouldn’t go performing tonight.”Eeteuk stroked Heechul’s back.

 “No, no Hyung. I’m fine..” Heechul got up and left.

“Hyung.. Where are you going?” asked Sungmin, who’s sat beside Shindong.

 “Looking for a fresh air.”

“Hyung! Your breakfast.!!!” Sungmin shouted from the kitchen.

 “Later! “ Heechul said.

He went to the park near their dorms. He sat on the swing. Staring at the ground. Sighed heavily. Suddenly he felt someone patted his shoulder.

“Siwon?” Heechul looked up.

“What are you doing here Hyung?”

“Nothing..” Heechul looking back to the ground. “What are you doing here ?” Heechul asked him.

 “Jungsu Hyung, asked me to follow you. He’s worried about you. We all worried.. Have you eat yet?” Siwon sat at the swing beside him.

“Haish.. I’m okay.. I just-“

 “About the nightmare last night?” Siwon asked. Looking at him.

 “Wha- No! Of course not. I’m-“

 “Hyung.. Just tell me what happen? We’re your friends, your family.. Besides Hyung, it just a nightmare..” Siwon said.

“Yeah, but Wonnie! If you were me, maybe you will be acted like me! It was confusing! And scary..” Heechul sat up. He walk confusedly.

“Hyung-ah.. Look. I know you’re confused. Scared maybe. But, just remember, IT WAS JUST A NIGHTMARE.” Siwon speak, made his statement clearly.


“Let’s go home Hyung.. They all worried.. “Siwon smiled and pulled him go to their dorm. Heechul followed him.



“Hyung.. Is he alright?” Kyuhyun pointed at Heechul who’s sleeping on the coach after their performance.

“He’s just felt tired.” Said Kibum.

“But, he act weirdly today.. He even didn’t had a breakfast and lunch..” said Kyuhyun looked worriedly.

“He’s okay.. You know Heechul Hyung right?”Kibum said, again.

“But, it’s not him at all! He’s very quiet today.. What happened Hyung?” Kyuhyun followed Kibum, everywhere he go.

“He’s fine Kyunnie.. He just felt tired..Don’t worry.”Hankyung suddenly came. Patted his shoulder.


“Haish.. HAJIMA! HAJIMA!” Heechul spoke on his sleep.

“Oh, no... Another nightmare..” Siwon ran to Heechul's side. All the member gathered in the couch.

 “Hyung..! Hyung-ah!” Kangin shook him.

“Please, don’t hurt them.. Please..”Heechul pleaded. Tears coming into his eyes.

“He’s even crying! Hyung! Do something!”Ryeowook shook Leeteuk’s arm.

 “Heechul-ah! Wake up! Yah!” Leeteuk slapped Heechul’s face

 Heechuls eyes popped suddenly. He breathed heavily. Stared at all member.

“Gwenchana?” Donghae asked.

Heechul wipe his tears.

"Hyung?” Eunhyuk said softly.

“Here, drink it.” Sungmin gave him a bottle of water.

 Heechul refused it. He still looked confused, and scared.

“What’s wrong Hyung? Another nightmare?” asked Kibum softly.

Heechul nodded.

 “Are you guys okay?” He asked.

“Huh? Of course we are.. What happen Hyung?” Yesung asked.

 Suddenly, Heechul hugged Kibum, who sat beside him.

“Hyung?” Kibum looked confused.

“It was scary.. I almost loose all of you…” Heechul mumbled on Kibum shoulder. Cracked voice.

“It’s okay Hyung.. We’re okay.. Don’t worry..”Kibum stroked his back. All the member just starred for each other.



“Hyung.. Go to sleep. It was late already..” Siwon said. He saw Heechul just sat on his bed. Do nothing.

“Huh? Oh yeah..”Heechul smiled weakly. “If I could..” Heechul thought.


-In the morning-

Siwon wake up. He noticed that Heechul wasn’t on his bed. He saw Kibum and Hankyung still asleep. He go to the Kitchen, and found Yesung.

 “Hyung, do you see Heechul?” Siwon asked him.

“No.. “ Yesung answered. Stir sugar on his coffee.

“He wasn’t on his bed.”

“Maybe, he was on bathroom..” Yesung pointed at the bathroom.

Siwon goes to the bathroom, but Heechul wasn’t there.

 “Where’s him?” Siwon rubbed his head.

“Siwon Hyung.. Waegurae?”Kibum came out from the bedroom. Still half asleep.

“Ah, Kibum.. I’m looking for Heechul Hyung.. He’s wasn’t at the dorm. He was gone..”Siwon said.

“ Really?”

“Since he got that nightmare.. He was acted weirdly. I’m worried Kibum.. It’s not him at all.” Siwon sighed.

“Yeah, me too. All the member must be worried about him. Especially Teuki Hyung.” Kibum rubbed his eyes.

“Kibum, do you know, where’s usually Heechul Hyung go when he was upset?” asked Siwon.

“Um.. He usually go to his parent house, or ..”Kibum think.

Kibum think
. “Ah! Park! He usually go there! Go find him Hyung!” Kibum said.

"Oh, OK!” Siwon nodded, and left.

“Is Heechul already found?” Eeteuk came.

“Siwon Hyung were looking for him now, at the park.” Kibum answered.

“Kibum, what happen to Heechul actually?” Leetuk asked him again.

“I don’t know Hyung.. Since he have this necklace, he’s always had a nightmare.. He can’t sleep. I wonder, he wasn’t sleep last night. Now sleeping, was the scariest thing for him. It’s not him..”Kibum gave him a sad look.

 “ We miss our Heechul.. But, you right eh. Since we have this necklace, I feel better.. “Leeteuk smiled.

“Yeah Hyung, I feel the same way. Also the other, I think.. But, not for Heechul Hyung.” Kibum sighed sadly.

“You’re right.. We have to support him.”Leeteuk said.


Meanwhile, Siwon was looking for Heechu at the park. He already called Heechu’s parents but they said that Heechul wasn’t there. Siwon arrived at the park. He’s searching for Heechul around the park. But his Hyung wasn’t there.

“Hyung, where are you?” Siwon thought.

 After he was searching pretty long,Heechul wasn’t founded yet. Siwon decided to came back to the dorm.

“How’s it Hyung? Where is he?” Ryeowook stood suddenly when he saw Siwon came.

“I can’t find him..” Siwon sighed.

Calm down Siwonnie.. He’ll be back if he was hungry.”Hankyung said.

“I hope so…” Siwon said softly.

It was late already. But Heechul wasn’t home yet. All of them was very worried.

 “I tried to call him but he didn’t answered my call..”Kyuhyun said.

 “This is what I don’t like from him! He’s always want to finished his problem by himself! He didn’t think that we’re here for him!” Sungmin said, rubbing his head.

Suddenly, they heard the front door cracked open. And then Heechul’s face popped up.

“Hyung!” Donghae said suddenly.

"Where have you been?” Siwon asked lead Heechul in.

 “Take a walk for a while..” Heechul said calmly.

“A WHILE?! Hey! Don’t you know how long we’ve been waiting for you?!” Kangin raised his voice.

 “I didn’t said that you have to wait for me huh?” Heechul smirked.

 “Yah! We’re worried about you! Don’t you know-“

“Shut Up Youngwoon-ah! I’m tired..”Heechul want to enter his room but Kibum grabbed his arm. “Let me go!” Heechul tried to release his hand.

“Not until you explain to us!” Kibum said.

“Explain what?!”

“Everything  that we should know!” Kibum said again.

“Oh, explain that I’m getting crazy because of my dream?! Explain, because I’m afraid if I want to go bed?! Explain because I’m being coward?!” Heechul raised his voice.

Tears began falling from his eyes.

 “Hyung..” Siwon touched Heechul’s shoulder but he slapped it away.

“ You don’t know how my feeling is.. You’ll never know! Because you think that I’m weird! I’m weird because I’m afraid of a nightmare.. Just like a kid right!?” Heechul said again.

“We’re never thought that way Hyung..” Siwon hugged him.

“We just want to help you.. Because we know you very well, we know that this is not you at all.. We want our Heechul back. So, please Hyung.. Let us help you. Stop being like this.. “ Siwon said softly. Hugged Heechul’s  thin body.

Heechul hugged him back.

“I- I don’t want to dependent upon you all.. I’m your Hyung, I must be take care of you all.. I don’t want to be weak..” Heechul said.

 “Hyung! Stop it! Don’t you know that we’re love you so much!? We’re like a brother right? Don’t ever you think that you dependent upon us! We’re family! It’s okay Hyung…” Donghae said stroking Heechul back.

 “Tell everything to us.. We’re here for you..”He said again.

Heechul released his hug.

 “Sorry..” Heechul said, wipe his tears.

“It’s okay Hyung.. Sorry, I raised my voice to you.”Kangin hugged him.

"Thanks all..”Heechul cried and all of them hugged him.



End for this chapter.

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