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Series: Smile Chapter 1

Title: Smile
Pairing: YeWook(Yesung/Ryeowook)
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Drama
Chapter: 1/??
Rating: Oh dear... I'm not sure :x I guess 16+ because of the pairings
Summary:  SM Academy is a school that everyone wants to be in, Yesung, a very musical talented teen, is lucky enough to be offered a full scholarship. There, Yesung encounters the famous Student Council, and the Co-Presidents: the perfect Choi Siwon, the genius Cho Kyuhyun, and the shining Kim Ryeowook who lacks a smile. Yesung is now determined to join the Council because 1) he needs it for his scholarship and 2) is because he finds Ryeowook very irrestible.
Author's Notes: I thought of this storyline last night and I just HAVE to write it... I'm still continuing The One I Love, but I want a seperate series for my OTP^^... but I'll also be making one for KyuWook soon lol XD
Disclaimer: I'd love to own them, but sadly I am only a fangirl lol XD

Chapter 1

As he place his luggage on his bed, Yesung still cannot believe that SM Academy has given him a scholarship. A FREAKING SCHOLARSHIP! He isn't really rich nor smart, but his amazing singing talent has wowed the administrators and they didn't think twice about giving their once in a life time scholarship to him(scholarships are only given to 3 people per 4 years). He sighed for at least the 10th time ever since he came to his dorm room, and looked around. Even the dorm is very luxurious. The walls are painted blue for calmness and the curtains are pure white giving off a very serene feeling. There were 2 beds but he will be the only one residing in the room. Each could clearly fit 2 people, so why do they only accept 2 people per room? Yesung didn't really care and sat on the bed near the window because he likes to look outside and find peace just by looking at the blue skies. He scanned his bed and ran his fingers on everywhere he could reach and breathed the rose-scent of the room. The pillows are well-fluffed, sheets tucked in neatly, all pure white matching every aspects of the room. Heaven. That's one word he can describe his room. It looked like the skies he can see from his window. And if his room looks like heaven, Yesung wonders how the actual school looks like.

SM Academy is the school for the most prestigious, intelligent, and talented students. Although it's a school, it is very exclusive and so students can only enter through scholarship or money. Money that Yesung could never think he'll be able to have even by the time he has worked his butt off when he's 50. Because of this, the scholarship meant everything to him. But every happiness has its limits. The scholarship is only valid if he joins at least 1 Gold Section. The Gold Sections are classes or extra curriculum that needs popularity. Well, even though rich and good-looking people studies in the Academy, they're not really recognized. Not unless, you're in the Student Council.

Ahhh, the Student Council. HOW THE HELL WILL I, YESUNG, ENTER THE STUDENT COUNCIL?! The Student Council consists of only 12 men who fit the school's reputation. Prestigious, Intelligent, and Artistically Talented. There are 3 branches led by 3 different Presidents. Choi Siwon, the Head Administrator's son, is the 1st president, running the Prestigious branch and takes care of the school's financial affairs. The second president is Cho Kyuhyun, a genius who can practically go to college already but chooses to lead the academic achievements of the school also known as the Intelligence branch. Last but not least, is the the Astistic Talents branch president, a petite pretty boy named Kim Ryeowook. He was one of the administrators who was present when Yesung applied for a scholarship. Although the young president is incredibly beautiful, his lips never shifted to a smile or anything. Because of this, Ryeowook is known as the "Ice Doll." Yesung doesn't believe it though. He is now a student of SM Academy because of Ryeowook, even though he admits that he was discouraged first because the boy never changed his expression throughout the whole time he was "applying"(or auditioning :D).

He continued to ponder about the Student Council when a knock came on the door. Yesung quickly stood up, groaning and went for he door. Little did he know that the 'Ice Doll' was behind the door waiting for him. When he finally swung the door open, a small fist thumps on  his face. The small boy's eyes widened and quickly bowed to apologize for he was about to knock the door and not him. Yesung only shrugged and assured the boy that it's alright. His eyes twitched as he recognizes the boy's hair and voice and asked if they have met before. The boy only looked up and shook his head. Damn he's so cute Yesung smirked and the boy misunderstood him.

"Yah, that better not be a pick-up line, Kim Yesung-ssi" he said. Yesung's laugh turned into a fit of giggles adding fuel to the already flaming anger of the boy.

"Why? Think I'd fall for you?" Yesung smirked once again putting his hands in his pocket and leaned on the wall next to the door, locking gazes with the boy making him blush from both anger and embarrassment. Wait I think I know him...

"I have no idea... anyway here's your class schedules... Sheesh why can't Kyuhyunnie do this himself?! He's the Intelligence President! Hmph!" He handed Yesung an envelope and turned to walk down the halls, but was stopped when Yesung caught his wrist and the boy turned his head to look at his wrist then at Yesung. "What do you need?! I'm far too busy to play with you!"

"You're Kim Ryeowook right? Oh I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get the scholarship" he lets go of Ryeowook's wrist and smiled his calm smile. Ryeowook softened a bit but turned away before answering.

"I am the A.T.(Artistic Talents) president, and if I see something worth to be nourished by our wonderful programs, then I of course help those with capability because I want our school to be more than just riches" Ryeowook looked at Yesung and bowed before he left. Yesung stood there awestucked at the boy's beautiful face. He then looked down feeling his cheeks heat up. But he never smiled.

The next day, the Welcoming Ceremony was held and Yesung sees Ryeowook once again. This time, he introduced the newcomers and the scholars. Yesung fidgeted in delight at the thought of his name being rolled out of Ryeowook's lips. Although yesterday, the way he said his name was out of anger and not very appealing. But now, Ryeowook has to be formal and his name will come out nicely... hopefully. Kim Yesung he giggled silently. Kim Yesung? hmmm it feels nice he thought. Kim...

"YESUNG!" Ryeowook's fumed voice snapped Yesung out of his daydreams of how sweet his name will come out. But it didn't. He pouted and went his way to the stage. Ryeowook hissed but cooled his temper before introducing him once again. "Here are the scholars everyone! Lee Taemin of the Elementary level, Lee Soonkyu of the Middle school level, and Kim Yesung of the High school level, let us welcome these youths that achieved such great honor!" when Ryeowook clapped his hands, everybody joined in and whistled, totally cheering for them. Yesung glanced at Ryeowook and Ryeowook saw him and nodded his head then looked at the crowd once again. He could feel his whole body heat up but he doesn't know if it was because of the applauding crowd or Ryeowook. Ohhhh...

When they were told to sit down behind the Student Council, Yesung was fortunate to sit behind Ryeowook. The said boy looked hind him and nodded once again and was responded with a wave from Yesung. Their small interaction was interrupted by Choi Siwon. He once again welcomes everybody and dismissed the event. He then turned to face the Council and called for a meeting. Yesung rose his hand and asked if he can join the council. Ryeowook was startled but sighed knowing that it was a must so Yesung could continue his scholarship.

"Hm? You want to join the council? For what branch?" he questioned the boy, but before Yesung could answer, Siwon's beeper reminded him that it was time to go and he ushered the Council out of the stage. The other 2 scholars only bowed and left, leaving Yesung who was hissing and cursing under his breath. Since actual school doesn't start until 2 more days, he decided to go for a quick tour. He was amazed at how big the Academy was and for 2 hours that passed by, he finally realized that he doesn't know where he is. He started roaming around to find anyone who could help him, but he has no luck.

Just when he was about to fetch his phone and call for help, he heard a shriek. Thinking that it was only his imagination, Yesung placed his phone next to his ear when the shriek came again. Only this time, it was closer. He knows it was real and quickly ran to the shriek's origin. It happened once more and when he looked behind, he saw Ryeowook surrounded with upperclassmen. They were laughing and grabbing his arm and from Yesung's point of  view, they looked like they were molesting him. And when one guy grabbed Ryeowook's chin to make him look at him, Yesung charged and punched the man. Ryeowook stood there shocked and felt his legs wobble. He just sat there watching Yesung beat the crap out of the men who were "molesting" him in terror. When Yesung was done, he pulled Ryeowook by the wrist and ran as fast as he can. As they come near the Student Council, Ryeowook pulled his wrist away. Yesung looked back to find Ryeowook blushing and angry.

"Why did you do that?!" Ryeowook yelled, loud enough for Kyuhyun to hear. He then ran towards Ryeowook, worried plastered on his face.

"What? I saved you from those rapers!" Yesung replied feeling both anger and disappointed that Ryeowook wasn't thankful.

"Rapers?!---Kyuhyunnie!" Ryeowook gasped as Kyuhyun grabbed him in a huge hug. Yesung is now officially furious.

"Ryeowookie hyung, are you alright?" Kyuhyun continued carressing Ryeowook's high cheekbones and Yesung could see Ryeowook's shy happiness at the action. "yeah... it's nothing..." he replied. Then Yesung snapped.

"What do you mean nothing?! Those men were about to rape you and you say it's nothing?! You didn't even say thank you after I beat the hell out of them!" Yesung huffed and looked down, irritated. Kyuhyun's eyes broaden and pointed his fingers at him.

"You fought on school grounds?! That could cost you your scholarship Kim-ssi!"

Yesung was dumbfounded. Is he going to get kicked out even before school starts?! And when he snaps out of his thoughts, he was in the Council's meeting room. He was surrounded with 12 other guys and Ryeowook sat across from him. A lump on his throat was preventing him from gulping his nervousness down. After saving Ryeowook, instead of being rewarded, the Council is now discussing his punishment. He sighed in relief when he heard that the boys who were holding Ryeowook is expelled, but now there's a possibility that he'll follow. All he could do was glance at Ryeowook.

"So, Yesung-ssi" Siwon folded his hands. Yesung could only close his eyes and accept his upcomming fate. Sorry mom...

"hyung, it's ok, he was saving me... besides" Yesung was startled when he felt Ryeowook's arms wrapping around his shoulders. "we're dating"

Everyone, including Kyuhyun gasped. Yesung on the other hand, sat there, completely bamboozled at the Ice Doll proclaiming that they're now boyfriends. He doesn't know why, but it feels... nice.
Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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