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09 September 2009 @ 12:32 pm
[mod post] Suggestion Post  
Do you have any questions or concerns about the community? Any suggestions on how we can better run it? Ideas for things that we could impliment? Maybe you want to know why we do something the way that we do? Or just an opinion you want us to consider? This is the post to leave it in! We run this community for you, and we would like to know the things our members find do or don't work for it, and how you feel we could improve our running of the place.

We can't say that we'd be able to do all, or even any of the suggestions that may come up, but we will definitely consider and discuss any that may arise! We're always trying to think of ways that we can improve, but please bear in mind that this is a huge community designed to be a place for anyone and everyone to come to, post in, read from, and share their fanworks, and as always with large communities, there is no way to please everyone.

But first and foremost, we cannot better ourselves, this community, and the way we run it unless our members tell us what it is they want to see (or not see)! And this is where you come in. So if you have anything you want to say to the mods, to suggest or to know; if there's a question you would like us to answer, or just something you think that we could add to the comm, please comment to this post! If we can't see what you think about something, we can't do anything about it :(

All comments will be screened and kept confidential!
And because posts get easily overtaken here, the link to this one can be found in the link list on the community main page, along with links to every other important post you may need! :)
luminous beingtaylormercury on September 10th, 2010 10:47 pm (UTC)
We do appreciate the suggestions! But we cannot just end the current challenge, if you looked at the post you would see the huge amount of people who are participating, and who are still on their way to attempting to finish writing 100 fics for them, it would be cruel and pointless to end this challenge before people could finish it!
Also, it's not so much a challenge, like a contest, as it is just prompts and pairings to inspire people to write something! So it seems quite unnecessary to add one just for SJ-M, when any writer can write whatever they want, featuring Zhou Mi or Henry. It isn't as if there's a lack of fics featuring SJ-M/Zhou Mi and Henry, is there?

But thank you for your suggestion! ^^
(Screened comment)
luminous being: bowie - screamtaylormercury on September 11th, 2010 05:32 pm (UTC)
The whole point of this layout, with the tag box in the sidebar, is because every other member in the community was asking/suggestiong to have the tags that way. In the previous layout, the tags were listed down the side, but as there were so many tags they went on forever, even after the 20 last entries had run out, resulting in a lot of blank, white page, and members asked for the tags to be done differently.

So I coded a tag box, and they all load up in there just fine. I've never had any problem with the page loading particularly slowly myself, perhaps the problem is either your computer, or the browser that you use?

Either way, I'm very sorry, but we will not remove the tags, as having them on the main page is the only way to make them easily accessable for those who want to use them ^^