knowmonsta (knowmonsta) wrote in miracle______,

[One-Shot] Code White

Title: Code White
Author: Knowmonsta
Characters/Pairings: family!Super Junior; Yesung/Lee Jinkyong (OC)
Words: 2,572
Genre: Fluff
Summary: When the members of Super Junior learn that Yesung plans to propose to his girlfriend, they decide to stalk him until he pops the question. Ryeowook is distracted by clothes, Eeteuk has a mother complex, and Kibum suggests that Siwon pray for Jinkyong's health. (Beta-ed by
[info]ricecakestar! Thank you so much!)

But of course it's Kangin. And Kangin can't pass up an opportunity to snitch. So when Eeteuk walks into Yesung and Ryeowook's room that evening and requests to speak to the older man alone, Yesung grows suspicious.


Tags: pairing: yesung/other, pairing: yesung/unspecified, subject: super junior
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