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11 August 2009 @ 07:20 pm
Churchland - Chapter 3 - Angela  
I'm back again... with Swine Flu... :(

Title: Churchland - Chapter 3 - Angela
Pairing: ninja!Kangteuk, ninja!Kyumin and ninja!Zhoury in this chapter.
Genre: Crack.
Rated: Something less than G (this one is tame, minus the God references!)
Summary: Chapter Three of the Churchland series, in which the members name the baby, Ryeowook "..."'s and Eunhyuk hits people with DBSK wall scrolls. Not to mention Henry jumps, Zhoumi screams and Mochi decides to disown the band.
Disclaimer: I so totally own... the baby... that's about it. Though I would like to have their babies, the baby is a fictional work as is the story and my owning of them. I only own their fictional babies... I am going into fictional!post natal depression here!

("Henry, we had a baby...")

Also: I am taking requests for the next two days, so feel free to comment here!