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08 August 2009 @ 07:23 pm
Title: "My Lord, Lonely"
Pairing: YeWook [Yesung//Ryeowook]
Rating: M
Word Count: 1960
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own these guys~ agirlcandreamthough
Summary: Ryeowook is the owner of his families fortune and business as well as mansion. His personal butler, Kyuhyun tends to his every will, trying to keep the young master happy. A piano tutor is hired, and changes start happening in Ryeowook as he starts to fall in love with the new-comer to his life.

I used idea's from Kuroshitsuji for Kyuhyun and Ryeowook's characters.
This is for giinnnzz

it was requested so I tried my best (_ _ ||)
It's short but it's the last one.
I ran out of ideas for what else to put in it but I did promise giinnnzzthat there would be smut.
So you can either stop reading at Part Three and take that as the ending.
Or read the dirty FAIL smut and take this as the ending 8D


Ryeowook allowed Yesung to move into his bedroom with him, sharing his bed with his lover and sleeping happily in his arms. Since the day of the picnic, Ryeowook had dropped his act and finally let Yesung see him for who he really was. He'd laugh if something was funny, get angry if something was bad and cried when he needed to. Yesung made Ryeowook feel normal again.
One morning when he woke up, Yesung was still fast aslep, the covers pushed down so they lay loose over his waist. Ryeowook smiled softly, his eyes travelling over his lover. His gaze fell upon the slightly noticable bluge in the others underwear. He frowned a little, feeling childish. He'd heard stories from maids through doors about what 'sex' was like but, he'd never let anyone close to him to experience it. He blinked a little and slipped his hand under the covers, fingers exploring over the warm flesh. Ryeowook jumped a little when a strange groan escaped Yesung and the flesh under his fingers continued to get harder. He leaned his head to one side, feeling a strange warmth in his own lower half as he moved his hand again, being rewarded with another gasp of pleasure from Yesung. Ryeowook kicked the bedcovers away from them both and looked at the sight before him. Yesung's eyes flickered open as Ryeowook's fingers curled around his arousal through his underwear.
"R-ryeowook..." He gasped, staring at the other. "W-what are you doing?" Ryeowook looked up at Yesung and smiled softly.
"Just looking." He replied innocently. Yesung's hips lifted a little as Ryeowook's finger tips brushed over the sensative tip.
"Ryeowook...please..." He whined, his eyes closing again. Ryeowook looked up at him, confused.
"Please what?" Yesung groaned a little and guided Ryeowook's hand under his underwear, his soft finger tips moving over the heated member. Ryeowook smiled softly as Yesung started panting, his hips rocking slowly as Ryeowook's hand explored. He slowly tugged down Yesung's underwear, causing Yesung to shudder at the sudden cold air around his erection. Ryeowook stared at it for a moment before looking up at Yesung.
"Tell me if I go wrong...I've never done this...." Yesung smiled softly, stroking a hand over Ryeowook's cheek.
"Let me show you then..." He pushed Ryeowook off of him and lay him gently against the bed, his hand moving to mimick the soft, exploring touches Ryeowook had given him. Ryeowook's eyes widened a little at the new, strange feeling, the warmth in his lower half was spreading and he felt his hips move on their own, bucking against the teasing hand. Yesung kissed along Ryeowook's jaw and neck, smiling at the soft whimpers and moans that Ryeowook gave him.

Once Yesung had removed Ryeowook's own underwear, he proceded to kiss down his chest, smiling against the skin as Ryeowook arched gently against his mouth. He paused just as he reached Ryeowook's hips. He licked his lips and glanced up at Ryeowook, the boy lay with his lips parted, panting softly and a hand moving through Yesung's hair. The sight made Yesung's cock twitch but he knew he had to wait. He lowered his head, brushing a soft kiss over Ryeowook's tip, rewarded with a shiver from the other before he slowly licked along the member. He paused breifly before parting his lips and taking the member into his mouth, tongue swirling over it and sucking gently. Ryeowook moaned loudly, his hand gripping Yesung's hair tightly.
"Hnn...Y-yesung..." Ryeowook panted, arching his back as he felt a gentle tightening in his stomach. He was new to all of this, Yesung knew he wouldn't last long. He moved his head a little, flicking his tongue over the tip of Ryeowook's cock. Ryeowook shuddered, his hips bucking upwards, he couldn't take much more. He gripped the bedsheets tightly in his hands as he tried to hold out a bit longer. Yesung lifted his head, the loss of warmth making Ryeowook whimper and open his eyes.
"It's okay Ryeowook. You don't have to hold back." He smiled softly, lowering his head again, gently sucking on the tip as Ryeowook moaned loudly. He bit on his lower lip as he finally released himself, crying out Yesung's name. Yesung swallowing it down before lifting his head and reaching up a hand to stroke Ryeowook's face.
"See? It's good..." He mumbled as Ryeowook stared at him, his eyes dark with lust and the aftershock of his first orgasm. His hands shaking as he reached out to take Yesung's face in his hands, lifting him so that their faces were level. He lifted his head from the pillow to crush their lips together. Yesung rolled his hips gently against Ryeowook's, the friction giving the younger's arousal new life. Yesung drank down the moans Ryeowook let out as he grinded their hips together. He lifted his head a little, looking around the bedside tables. Hand lotion. Yesung looked at Ryeowook and kissed his lips softly.

"Do you want to stop or..." Ryeowook shook his head and opened his eyes to look at Yesung.
"I want more..." He whispered, his voice thick with arousal. Yesung nodded a little and grabbed the small bottle. He moved to position Ryeowook's legs either side of him, coating his fingers in the lotion.
"Trust me." Yesung said as Ryeowook lifted himself a little to look at him.
"W-what..." Yesung looked up at him, rubbing his finger tip gently at Ryeowook's entrance.
"This is going to hurt but, it will get better...I promise." Ryeowook nodded and lay back against the bed, bracing himself. Yesung gently pushed one digit inside of Ryeowook, leaning over to kiss him softly, his other hand stroking at Ryeowook's member to distract him from the pain. Ryeowook squeezed his eyes closed as Yesung pushed another finger in, slowly stretching his lover. He could see the tears forming under Ryeowook's eyelids as he pushed his fingers deeper, searching for that little bundle of nerves. Once he found it, Ryeowook's eyes sprung open, his lips parting as a loud moan erupted from his throat, his hips bucking up and then pressing against the fingers. Yesung smiled softly, kissing at Ryeowook's neck as he curled his fingers slightly, stroking the tips over Ryeowook's prostate again. Ryeowook moaned each time, his body arching up off of the bed. Eventually Yesung pulled his hand away, Ryeowook whimpering slightly as he lifted his head to look at what Yesung was doing next. He bit his lower lip as he watched the other spread a generous amount of the hand lotion over his own cock before moving to position himself at Ryeowook's entrance. He lowered his head to capture Ryeowook's lips in a heated kiss as he slowly pushed inside, groaning at the tight, hot heat. Ryeowook cried out, his fingers digging into Yesung's hips as tears escaped his eyes. His lower half burning with pain as he writhed under Yesung. He sighed softly, reaching down to stroke Ryeowook's erection to try and keep him from concentrating on the pain.
"L-let me know when you're ready..." Yesung panted against Ryeowook's neck. He stayed as still as he could while Ryeowook adjusted to the strange feeling. Once the pain subsided, and Ryeowook could feel the pleasure from having Yesung inside him, he gave a small roll of his hips, indicating for Yesung to move. Yesung slowly pulled out then pushed back in, Ryeowook gasping and gripping Yesung's shoulders tightly again. He continued to move at a steady pace, kissing at Ryeowook's neck and shoulder as the other wrapped his legs gently around Yesung's waist.
"F-faster..." He whispered, Yesung blinked and nodded a little, thrusting his hips a little quicker, Ryeowook moaning louder, his own moans joining him as he moved against the tightness of Ryeowook. He found Ryeowook's prostate again, the younger shuddering and crying out at the intense pleasure. He lifted his head and bit Yesung's neck gently, rolling his hips against the thrusts. Again, he tried to hold out but his body wouldn't let him. He practically screamed as Yesung hit his prostate once more, sending spasms through Ryeowook's body and making him come again, the white hot liquid hitting Yesung's lower stomach. As Ryeowook tensed around Yesung, he felt his own orgasm roll in. He lowered his head against Ryeowook's shoulder as he released inside his lover. He lay gently ontop of Ryeowook, both bathing in the afterglow of their highs.

Eventually, he pulled out and rolled onto his back, a hand resting on his chest as he tried to regain his breathing again. Ryeowook grabbed his discarded underwear and wiped at his cock then moved to wipe the mess from Yesung's lower half too. He tossed the material over his shoulder and pulled the covers over both of them. Yesung smiled softly, cuddling Ryeowook close to him, tangling their legs together. Ryeowook sighed softly, pressing soft kisses to Yesung's neck.
"Yesung..." Ryeowook whispered, looking up at his lovers face. Yesung opened one eye slightly, smiling at the other.
"What is it?" Ryeowook smiled softly, kissing Yesung's lips.
"I'm just glad I have you..." He mumbled before burying his face against Yesung's chest, wrapping his arms tightly around the others waist.


When Yesung woke again, Ryeowook was sat up, talking quietly to Kyuhyun. He kept his eyes closed, listening to the conversation.
"But, my lord, you need to be careful...how do you know he's not like the others?" Yesung tried not to frown as he heard the thick doubt in Kyuhyun's voice.
"Kyuhyun please, I've never felt this way. I trust him. He wouldn't do that to me..." He heard Kyuhyun make a 'tut' noise and the bed shifted, indicating Kyuhyun had just sat down.
"My lord, I'm just asking you to be careful."
"And I'm asking you to trust him. Yesung isn't like the others. I can feel it." Kyuhyun sighed loudly and Yesung felt his stare burning onto his cheek.
"I'll try, my lord...but the first sign of trouble, I won't hesitate to have him removed..." The bed shifted again as Kyuhyun stood up. "I only want what's best for you." Yesung felt the bed move again, indicating Ryeowook had got up. God I hope he put clothes on...
"Kyuhyun...Look at me...I've been laughing, smiling...my emotions are back and I could never be happier. This man is my saviour. I love him and I'm not letting him go." Yesung felt tears in his eyes and rolled over so Ryeowook wouldn't see them. Kyuhyun sighed again.
"My lord..."
"No! You have to understand Kyuhyun, I. Love. Him. Okay? He stays. And I want you to at least try to accept that." Ryeowook's voice got softer. "Until now it was only you who saw the true Ryeowook. You're my best friend and I want you to accept who I fall in love with. Do you understand how important that is to me?"
"I'm sorry. I'll try Ryeowook. I'm not promising but I will try." With that he left. Yesung tried his hardest to stop himself from crying at Ryeowook's confession or rolling over and hugging him tightly.
"You can stop pretending to be asleep now." A voice filtered into his thoughts. Yesung sat up and looked at Ryeowook, the tears still shining in his eyes.
"I'm sorry...I didn't meant to hear any of that..." Ryeowook shook his head and reached up to wipe at Yesung's eyes.
"It's fine. I wanted you to hear." Ryeowook gave him a soft smile before kissing his forehead. "I love you Kim Jongwoon." He whispered, Yesung smiling softly and tilting his head to capture Ryeowook's lips in his own.
"I love you too Kim Ryeowook." Ryeowook blushed softly and wrapped his arms tightly around Yesung, holding him close.
"You'll never leave me will you?" Yesung shook his head a little.
"Never. I promise."



Title: "Can I sleep with you?"
Pairing: Leeteuk/Sungmin
Rating: G
Word Count: 505
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own these guys~ agirlcandreamthough
Summary: Power out in the dorms and Leeteuk gets a visitor in his room

Can I sleep With You?


Title: "Quiet Place"
Pairing: YeWook [Yesung//Ryeowook]
Rating: G
Word Count: 854
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own these guys~ agirlcandreamthough
Summary: Yesung can't handle his jealousy of the friendship between Ryeowook and Henry so tries to find somewhere to get away.

Quiet Place


Title: "Show Me You Love Me"
Pairing: TeukChul [Leeteuk//Heechul]
Rating: G
Word Count: 2089
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own these guys~ agirlcandreamthough
Summary: Leeteuk's jealousy shows after everyshow, he just needs reassurange [summary sucks] x:

Show Me You Love Me
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lulufecalulufeca on August 8th, 2009 07:17 pm (UTC)
sudden morning smut
수연: 희철 ✿Smilex_escapism_x on August 8th, 2009 07:21 pm (UTC)
XD thank you~
psychobarbiehaxpsychobarbiehax on August 8th, 2009 10:20 pm (UTC)
Kyuhun, what are you planning (he is evil)
Yesung has to protect his love ^_^
lovelysonatalovelysonata on August 9th, 2009 02:20 pm (UTC)
Yes, my lord. XDD
I'm watching Kuroshitsuji now. Just perfect timing.XD
수연x_escapism_x on August 9th, 2009 03:03 pm (UTC)
XD!!! I love that series~ ♥
g_myzo on August 10th, 2009 11:57 pm (UTC)
ryeowook standing up for his love! ^0^
they are sweet..