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Loving you ; Prologue

Title : Loving You
Author : cegaris
Pairings : Kisung (not yet), Yesung x ... (feel free to guess, i'm not revealing it yet), hanchul (minor), and hint of kyuwook
Ratings : ehmm.. I don't know how to rate
Genre : angst, romance
Disclaimer : I would love to have one.
Summary : Yesung never wants to be a whore but now he is one and he doesn't like the feeling at all but in the same time he can't stop being one.

Notes : Hi! I'm a newly LJ user and fanfic writer. I've watched this community for some times before i finally decide to join the fun. ^^ soo.. here i am.. be easy on me guys.. english isn't my first language and computer isn't a thing that want to coorperate well with me. I can't get LJ do what I want, excuse me for this 'maybe' confusing entry okay?

it's really hard to explain this, so it goes like this :
he / him in italic means the other man
while the other italic words just made to create the mood
do you get it? hope so..

Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: ryeowook/kyuhyun, pairing: yesung/kibum, pairing: yesung/unspecified
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