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100 Super Junior Fics Challenge ★38. "I want you to stay forever." (Eeteuk/Kibum)

Author: geniusproof
Title: Confession
Pairing: Eeteuk/Kibum
Prompt: 38. “I want you to stay forever.”
Challenges completed: 3/100
Rating: pg-13
Genre: Angst/fluff/humor (lol…)
Summary: In which Eeteuk thinks too much and Kibum…well…
Warning: Bad humor. :D

It takes some time to find his leader in the throng of people at the after party. Too many people stop him to talk, to ask about his injury or what solo activities he’s up to and he can only be polite and throw out his winning smile and make light conversation. But when he spots Eeteuk he limps as fast as he can towards him, ignoring anyone who looks at him.

“Eeteuk hyung,” Kibum puts a hand on his arm, stopping him. “Can I talk to you?” He asks. Eeteuk’s eyebrows rise with surprise.

“Kibummie! I didn’t know you were coming; why didn’t you say anything?” He asks, smiling and clasping his hand with his in greeting. Kibum’s grip is loose and his palms are damp. Eeteuk’s smile slowly disappears.

“I need to talk to you, hyung.” He says again. “Privately,” Kibum is visibly anxious and Eeteuk doesn’t like where he knows this is going.

“Ok, uh. . .the van’s waiting out back. It should be quiet there.” Kibum nods and looks grateful; he let’s Eeteuk guide him through the crowds.


Donghae approaches them, sidling past other people and he looks as happy as Eeteuk felt when he first saw Kibum. His smile also falls as quickly as his did because he too knows something is wrong. Eeteuk forces a smile and mouths ‘later’ to which Dongae hesitantly nods and throws out a half-hearted peace sign. He tries to catch Kibum’s eye but the younger man keeps his head low; the hat he wears shadows most of his face. Donghae follows them with his eyes until they disappear out of a door.

The night air is refreshing, cooler than the club but still humid. It’s quiet too and surprisingly devoid of lingering fans and drunks. Eeteuk opens the door and helps Kibum inside before climbing in and shutting the door.

“How’s your leg?” Eeteuk inquires, watching the younger man try to find a comfortable position and fail.

“It’s getting better.” He doesn’t look at him.

Eeteuk frowns, feeling anxious but bites his lip before he can push Kibum into saying anything. What Kibum has to say is about as difficult as having to wait for him to say it though. He knew this day would come, well before Kibum probably knew. Words scramble on the tip of his tongue and he clenches his teeth to keep them from escaping. Let him speak, he tells himself, and waits so intensely his back aches.

Finally, Kibum speaks. To his shirt. He’s ashamed or embarrassed—he’s always been a little reserved but never like this.

“I’ve put this off for a while now. . .I. . .it’s not something I know how to say without hurting anyone.”

Eeteuk wants to tell him that it’s not something anyone can let roll off their tongue so carelessly. But he keeps it to himself.

Kibum tightly grips the edge of his orange tank, muscles straining in his forearms, veins rising on the backs of his hands. “But I wanted you to be the first to know. You’ve always been understanding of me, of everyone.”

Right now, Eeteuk wishes he were a persistent, selfish bastard; it would be easier for him to grab Kibum by his shirt, slam him into the window and tell him in a voice he’s never used that he wants him to STAY GODDAMIT—forever, as long as Super Junior exists and thrives and he would tell him until he agreed or else.


He’s not that person.

“Hyung. . .I—”

Eeteuk looks away and waits for the blow to come and is prepared to accept it because who was he to hol—

“—’m gay.”

--d him ba—what?

For a moment, Eeteuk is so surprised that he can only whip his head around and stare at Kibum who is staring back at him, stiffly, with apprehension. The shock wears off quickly and is replaced by relief so great Eeteuk can’t help but cry. Loudly.

“H-hyung?” Kibum’s whisper is lost in Eeteuk’s sobs so he reaches out a tentative hand to get his attention and yelps when Eeteuk grabs him and pulls him to his chest in a rough, awkward hug that kind of reminds him of his mother. “Hyung, are you alright?” He says into his chest, alarmed.

“I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE GAY!” Eeteuk trails off into more sobs.

Kibum doesn’t understand Eeteuk’s rather emotional reaction to his coming out but he’s certainly relieved—mostly he’s perplexed.

He gets his answer after five minutes of being hugged breathless and having the top of his head used as a tear collector. Eeteuk lets him go and Kibum sits up, rubbing his sore back and stares at Eeteuk who’s wiping his face with his sleeve. When he’s done, he smiles and looks just as relieved as Kibum feels.

“What was that about, hyung?” Kibum asks and raises an eyebrow when Eeteuk blushes—hopefully out of embarrassment because Kibum is in no way attracted to him…Even though he kind of likes his dimples.

“You’re going to think I’m stupid.”


“Well. . .I kind of thought you were going to quit Super Junior.” He mumbles. Kibum laughs in disbelief and shakes his head at his hyung.

“I know I’ve been gone a lot but—does everyone think that?”

“No! no,” He blurts, waving his hands frantically. “It was just me being an idiot, that’s all. That’s what I get for eating cake before bed.” He sighs. Kibum laughs again and gives a comforting squeeze to his leader’s thigh.

“This must have been bothering you so I’m going to make it clear, alright? I’m not leaving Super Junior. I won’t leave as long as Super Junior exists.” His words are filled with conviction; it’s more than a promise or a reassurance. It’s simply the truth. Super Junior would remain whole and Eeteuk will have one less thing to fret over at night.

“Are you really okay with me being gay though?” Kibum asks, some hesitance returning to his expression.

“I wouldn’t care if you were secretly a woman and pregnant, Kibum, as long as you stay with us forever.”

Strangely enough, it’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to him.

-cough- well, that ended strangely, lol. I originally planned to have this be another one of those “Kibum quits SuJu” things but my fingers planned a coup against me and this popped out! :D Goodness, I fail at intentional humor but as long as you enjoyed it, I’m happy with it!
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kibum
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