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The Chronicles of Jaechul, Part Se7en

Hiii, again! =D So, it's that time again. Here is part Se7en (yes, that's right. Part Se7en) of The Chronicles of Jaechul. We really have so much fun writing this, ya know? Anyways, back to formalities. Posting for aidenrose. Twins separated at birth, I tell ya. Haha.

Comments are appreciated! Suggestions are also appreciated! Please enjoy. =DD

Title: The Chronicles of Jaechul
Part: Se7en(Chapters 61-70)
Previous parts: Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four, Part five. Part six
Total length: 777 chapters de gozaimasu.
Rating: PG-13 (sex changes, pregnancy, minor violence, language, and general stupidity. Contains a lot of jokes meant to be read and appreciated by true fans of SM Town and other fandoms.)
Disclaimer: This is in no way meant to be offensive. It is intended to be taken as humor.
Frequency of Updates: Every day that is a multiple of seven.
Genre: Crack fan fiction. A.K.A, ridiculous parody-like nonsense. Humor.
Pairing: Jaejoong x Heechul
Synopsis: In order to get revenge against Lee Soo Man pushing him down a flght of stairs, Heechul gets the sex change he's always craved. Later he meets Jaejoong and it's love at first sight. This fic is about their daughter, Jaechul. Sort of.

HAPPY SE7EN DAY, WORLD! That's right. Today is 7/07. And not only that, but if you subtract 2 from 9 in 2009 you get SEVEN. It really is Se7en Day. Might want to send Se7en a special note on his homepage. Hokay, so, we credit our friend Bri for coming up with the idea of creating a special Se7en part (THANKS, YO! ♥). And here's the deal - this is not the last of the Se7en Interludes. If you didn't catch that the first time, there will be seven of them. And this part is dedicated to the dedication of Se7en and Park Han-byul. May they live long and enjoy many more spa outings.

So this time, it was really seriously born out of IM chats with tvxqsocks. We basically role-played this. For an example of the crazy, please visit our profile. Think of it as a deleted scene.

( Happy Se7en Day, bb! ) @ interrobangfics
Tags: pairing: heechul/jaejoong
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