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08 May 2009 @ 12:11 am
multi-pairing drabbles  
--untitled, pg, kangin/leeteuk, yunho/leeteuk, 264wc--
a hug so tight it's as though he would- )

--three overused words, pg, kangin/leeteuk, 43wc--
that could mean so many things and- )

--sex, r, kibum/donghae, 67wc--
clawing his back just before he- )

--inexistent, pg, leeteuk/sungmin, 22wc--
sinks and disappears into- )

--flying is not meant to be done like that, pg, 30wc--
defies all sense of- )

--pretty hot perfect, pg, kangin/leeteuk, 112wc--
body turns still forev- )

--potential, pg, hankyung/heechul, 30wc--
something beautif- )

all here.