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02 May 2009 @ 03:11 pm
The Princess and The Hero  
Title: The Princess and The Hero
Pairing: crossover - JaeChul with a twist~
Rating: NC-17 for sexual themes, language, and an explicit handjob.
Genre: romance, humor, smut
Word Count:
Summary: Heechul's beautiful. Jaejoong's beautiful. The princess doesn't see any reason why the two shouldn't have a little fun together.
Disclaimer: Sadly enough, I don't own SuJu or TVXQ :[ The boys belong to themselves and their respective lovers
Author's Note:
This was written for the Heechul Kissing Massacre. Unfortunately, my entry wasn't accepted because it was late due to a time difference between where the host lives and where I live :/ Still, I thought I'd share it with everyone.

(If everything was predestined, wouldn’t life be too boring? It’s pretty dull having to express my feelings in the same way every day.)
Current Mood: crushed
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