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[mod] Crossover Contest: Voting

Miracle's Crossover contest is now over, thank you to everyone who participated! And now it's on to the voting! We've got 10 awesome entries for you to choose from, and there are links to each fic so you can refresh your memory of them!

As for the voting itself, please rank your top 3 favourites by their letter. So your voting should look like this:
1 - H
2 - B
3 - F
(letters chosen randomly, and not any reflection of the fics themselves).

voting is now closed!

Please be as objective as you can, and you may not vote for your own entry.
All comments are screened. But if anyone has any questions, please just ask!

The Fics
A - Explanations
B - Untitled
C - The Power of Words
D - Gravity
E - Walking Backwards, You're Bound to Fall
F - We Just Weren't Meant to Know (I Was Meant to Be With You)
G - Seven Minutes
H - Untitled
I - Three Times the Charm... (Or Maybe Not)
J - Mending the Melody

good luck everyone!
Tags: contest: 2009 crossover
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