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2009 crossover contest: entry 7

Title: Seven Minutes

Pairing: Kibum/Changmin

Summary: Kibum comes home from a long day of filming and discovers a party in his dorm. Great… just what he needs when all he feels like doing is sleeping: loud obnoxious music and giggles from drunken band mates. Aish; it was going to be a long night.

Kibum watched the numbers on top of the elevator door light up as the elevator climbed upwards. ‘3’ … ‘4’ … ‘5’ … Was it him, or was the elevator moving slower than usual? … It was probably just him, he decided. He took his gaze away from the yellow ‘6’ and rolled his shoulders hoping to relieve some of the tension in his neck. It didn’t work. He sighed. What he needed was sleep. He wanted to crawl into bed and crash the moment he got back to the dorm. … If the elevator ever got to the eleventh floor, that is; at the rate it was going, it was questionable.

He glanced sideways at Heechul. His hyung hadn’t spoken since they got out of the car earlier. Heechul’s silence was a true testament to just how tired he really was. The elevator finally managed to reach the eleventh floor and let out a dull ping before the doors slide open.

Kibum wanted to groan when they got to their dorm and heard music softly spilling from it. What was Hangeng still doing up? And why was he listening to music so late at night?! Aish. It didn't matter; Hangeng could do what he pleased; Kibum was just going straight to his room and sleeping.

Kibum leaned against the door and watched Heechul fumble for a moment with getting the key into the lock. He really did groan when Heechul tried to open the door only to find that something was jamming the way. What the heck?! Why was there something put in the way? Didn't their dorm mates know how tired they were?! Arg. Kibum took over trying to open the door; (because Heechul half asleep on his feet really wasn't going to do much.) He managed to slide the door open a few inches before someone inside yelled 'wait'. Kibum did what the voice asked and stopped pushing the door. He was glaring at it by the time Siwon's smiling face appeared in the small space he had made. He hadn't quite registered that the 'soft' music had gotten a good deal louder since cracking open the door.

"Kibum, Heechul, hi!" The dimpled man greeted, either unaware of the glare Kibum was mentally drilling into his skull or ignoring it.

"Siwon," Heechul said between his teeth. "Open the door... or prepare to die a slow painful death."

Siwon's smile brightened at that. (What the Hell?) But he did back up to let them in. After a few shuffling sounds the door was finally swung open and Kibum and Heechul were blasted with what they had thought to be earlier the 'soft' playing music. What was going on?

Siwon waved for them to come in quickly. They stepped inside and watched as Siwon shut the door and began pushing rolled up towels against the bottom. Oh.

The music volume mystery now solved, Kibum began taking his shoes off. He could hear laughter and voices from other members in the living room, meaning that other people were there. Other people, music... a party? Great. Kibum mentally groaned. Just what he did not need.

Heechul clearly thought otherwise as he had already taken his tie off and was working at undoing the top two buttons on his shirt. All previous signs he was tired were now gone, replaced with a 'ready to party' atmosphere.

Kibum shook his head, amused at his hyung's quick attitude change. "I'm going to bed. Goodnight hyungs."

Siwon blinked at him. "But you'll miss the party."

Yeah, that was kind of the idea. “. . . Goodnight hyungs,” he repeated, turning away from Siwon’s confused facial expression.

Siwon didn’t reply to that because Heechul chose that moment to command that Siwon take him to the beer. Kibum smiled a bit when he heard Siwon respond with a ‘hyung, don’t you think beer is a bad idea at this time? You have an early schedule tomorrow…’ Kibum couldn’t hear Heechul’s answer to that but he was pretty sure he picked up the word ‘idiot’.

He hesitated for the briefest of moments right before he passed by the living room. This could be slightly problematic. And by ‘slightly problematic’, he meant ‘very problematic’. The chance of him passing by the ‘party room’ without someone seeing and stopping him was highly unlikely. Oh well; the sooner he started, the sooner he would be on the other side of the hallway, where he could get to his room and sleep.

This thought strengthened his resolve and he started walking quickly past the noisy ‘party’ room. He was right to know that someone would see him though. He hadn’t even taken three steps when-


Kibum groaned inwardly when the man appeared seemingly from out of nowhere, (no, seriously, where the Hell had he come from?), and an arm was flung around his neck. “Donghae,” he sighed and shrugged out from under the other’s arm.

Donghae didn’t seem to be offended by this; he was still smiling brightly anyhow. At least, he was until Kibum turned away and continued on to his room. “Hey, Kibum where are you going?”

Kibum could hear Donghae follow after him. “Bed.”

“But you’ll miss the party!” Judging by the other’s tone, that was the most unheard of thing he had heard of. “You can’t miss the party!”

Kibum really did groan then before turning around and facing his hyung. “Donghae, I’m really tired. I just want to go to bed.” Kibum didn’t even understand why they were having a party in the first place. Okay, sure, it was a Friday night. But most of them had schedules and training the next morning; or in Kibum’s case filming. And if they had to have a party why on earth were they having it in this dorm instead of in the much more spacious dorm three floors down? “I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

“Yeah but,” Donghae’s forehead crinkled in a puzzled frown. “But didn’t anyone tell you?” Kibum wondered at that. Tell him what? Donghae sighed and Kibum caught the faint scent of beer from his friend’s mouth. “I mean, why would you want to miss-?”


Donghae looked over at Eunhyuk, who was in the kitchen waving him over. “Um…” Donghae turned back to Kibum. “One second. . . . I’ll be right back, so don’t move,” he added as an afterthought before jogging over to Eunhyuk and asking what he wanted.

Kibum took this opportunity when Donghae was distracted to not listen to his hyung and continued on to his room. He made it three steps before Kangin was in front of him holding out a cold bottle of beer. Kibum shook his head. “No thanks hyung,” he politely declined.

Kangin shrugged and brought the drink to his own lips. “You’re not going to drink tonight?”

Kibum shook his head again. “I’m going to bed,” he said for what felt like the umpteenth time since he had walked in the door five minutes ago.

Kangin looked at him like he had just said that he going to let a monkey perform brain surgery on him in the morning… blindfolded. “Why?!”

Kibum wanted to yell in frustration. “I’m tired.” Why else?!

“Oh… Okay… But it’s your loss,” Kangin told him without much care as he turned to find the person fiddling with the music, because the song they had just put on sucked.

Kibum was glad that Kangin didn’t push the issue. He was also glad that Donghae was still in the kitchen and hadn’t come back out to try and get him to stay and party with the rest of them. He sighed and let his shoulders relax when he was finally just ten feet from his door. Ah, blessed sleep; it was so close he could almost feel it. Just five more feet and he’d be safe; in his room and able to slumber in piece for the few precious hours allowed him before his alarm went off in the morning. Just one more foot and-


Aish! What was with everyone?! Did it really matter if Kibum didn’t join them in partying this one time?! What was so wrong with wanting to sleep?! And furthermore… Wait. He knew that voice. That voice… did not belong to one of his band members. It sounded a lot like…

Kibum let go of the handle his hand had been holding and turned around slowly to see a tall man smirking at him. He smiled. “Changmin. When did you…? What are you doing here?” He finally managed to get out. Arg. Damn his tired mind.

“Party,” Changmin chuckled as if that were obvious. “Lee Teuk and Kangin decided to throw us a ‘welcome back to Korea’ celebration.”

Kibum nodded. At least now he knew why they were having a party, though he still wasn’t sure why it wasn’t being held in the other dorm. Especially, if Dong Bang Shin Ki were here he would think they would want to us the dorm with more space… Oh well.

Kibum smiled, unsure of what to say. He hadn’t seen his friend in at least a couple of months, what with his busy schedule and Changmin being in Japan with his own group. Changmin was one of his best friends and it was great to see him again but, for some reason he wasn’t quite sure of, he felt a bit nervous. No… nervous wasn’t really the right word; he wasn’t sure how to describe it. Fidgety? No, that didn’t seem quite right either. Aish; maybe it was just because he was so exhausted? Yeah, that seemed reasonable. “When did you guys get back from Japan?”

“Earlier today.”

“You must be tired.”

“A little, but I wanted to see you and the other guys.” Changmin’s smirk made another appearance. “You weren’t going to bed by any chance, were you?”

Kibum shook his head, suddenly not as tired as he was a minute ago. “No, I can stay up for another hour or two.”

“Good,” Changmin replied. “If you had said otherwise I would have had to kick your ass.”

Kibum scoffed playfully. “Like you could.” When Changmin raised an eyebrow in mock challenge, Kibum rolled his eyes. “I’m going to change into some jeans; I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

“Alright,” Changmin smiled before turning away. “But if you’re not out here in ten minutes I’m going to come in and drag you out.”

Kibum laughed. “Yeah, yeah… I got it. See you a bit.”

Kibum poked his head into the kitchen and sighed silently when he didn’t see Changmin. The man had apparently become a ninja since the last time they had met. Arg. He was getting slightly frustrated. He had officially been wandering around the party for the past forty minutes or so and has not, yet, had a chance to speak with Changmin again. Add the facts that he was still tired and that talking to Changmin was the only reason he was willing to be at the party and not in his nice comfortable bed to begin with and, yeah, you can see where the frustration came from.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen Changmin since their brief discussion earlier in the hall. This dorm was not exactly large so the man could only be in so many places. Of course he had seen the man; he just hasn’t spoken to him. Why? Partly because everyone else seemed to be Hell bent on speaking to Kibum and partly because Changmin had apparently become a fucking ninja!!

Every time Kibum spotted the man through the others in the room and began making his way over someone, be it a member of his band or Dong Bang Shin Ki, decided to intercept his approach and begin talking his ear off. Kibum would listen and talk and all in all be in the conversation while trying to end it as soon and politely as possible. The moment he would actually manage to end it and turn back to where Changmin had been, the man was gone. Every freaking time! … Stupid ninja.

On the bright side, Kibum did find out why the party was in his dorm instead of the main dorm below. Apparently, according to Sungmin, that dorm was having a slight plumbing problem. Someone was scheduled to come by and fix it in the morning but until then… Well, let’s just say that a working toilet was better than more space.

Kibum entered the kitchen despite the fact that Changmin wasn’t in the room and headed toward the fridge for a beer. He noticed Heechul and Zhou Mi were in the room as well. Zhou Mi looked slightly confused about something. Heechul was smirking, which was nothing new. Lee Teuk and Kangin entered the room and shared a look, which Kibum found odd, before they headed over to where Heechul and Zhou Mi were.

Kibum had begun to look for the bottle opener when he heard Lee Teuk tell Zhou Mi that Henry and Sungmin were looking for him in the other room. He glanced over in time to see a smiling Zhou Mi leave. He couldn’t be sure if Zhou Mi was smiling because he got to leave or smiling because he was simply happy; the man was never really not smiling…

Oh right, he needed to find a bottle opener. Why wasn’t the bottle opener in the drawer like it was normally? Aish.

Lee Teuk and Kangin stayed to talk with Heechul. Kibum wasn’t eavesdropping, really. He just… happened to be able to hear everything they were saying in his quest for the bottle opener. Was it his fault that they were talking a mere four feet away? No.

“Heechul,” Lee Teuk sighed. “Stop trying to corrupt Zhou Mi.” Kibum groaned silently at that; Heechul trying to corrupt someone was not a good thing. He hadn’t even realized that Heechul was trying to corrupt the smiley member. Zhou Mi was, in his opinion, doomed.

“Where’s the fun in not corrupting him?” Heechul smirked. Yep, Kibum thought, doomed.

Kangin laughed. “I still say that Zhou Mi isn’t capable of being corrupted. I think you have met your match.”

“That just makes it all the more fun; I love a challenge.”

Lee Teuk groaned. “Don’t say that in such a creepy way.”

Yes! Kibum had found the damn bottle opener. He opened his beer quickly and left the kitchen before he could hear more. Because really, he didn’t want to hear more. Now… Where was Changmin?

Arg! Thirty minutes later and Kibum had still not spoken with his ‘ninja’ best friend. He sat down on the couch and sighed. He twisted the once cold beer bottle in his hands as he looked around; he was still slowly nursing his first one of the evening. He turned his head and saw Changmin across the room talking with Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun. He was about to stand up when high pitched giggling caught his attention and he turned his head the other way.

Ryeowook was drunk. Yesung was standing close by in case the man fell, which had been known to happen suddenly and without warning. Henry, one of the few people not drinking at this party, looked very amused by his hyung’s drunken state; apparently he had yet to see Ryeowook drunk. Kibum couldn’t really blame the kid for being amused; Ryeowook was an odd drunk. He seemed perfectly sober aside from the fact that he would randomly burst out into fits of hysterical giggles. Oh, and the whole falling thing…

Kibum smiled slightly as he stood up and turned towards where Changmin, Eunhyuk, and Kyuhyun were standing. He frowned. Correction: towards where Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun were standing. Changmin seemed to have disappeared. Again. Damn his newly acquired ninja-ness!!

Ten more minutes and Kibum was seriously contemplating whether or not he should just go to bed. He had been at the party for an hour and twenty minutes, give or take a few, and he hadn’t spoken to Changmin once. He had spoken to every other member of Dong Bang Shin Ki, at least two times each. But Changmin? No. Because his best friend had apparently decided no avoid him with his ninja skill. Okay, maybe the man wasn’t avoiding him… though it kind of felt like that.

Maybe he should go to bed? He was tired anyhow… But- No. He refused to go to bed until he got to speak with Changmin!


Kibum turned his head and blinked. Whoa. Speak of the ninja. That was kind of creepy… “Hi,” he smiled. His heart was trying to calm down from Changmin’s sudden appearance. Was the guy trying to give him a heart attack?

“Where have you been all evening?”

‘Trying to find you'. That wasn’t something he would say out loud though. “Around.”

Changmin smiled. “What have you been up to?”

Kibum opened his mouth to reply when the music abruptly cut off and Heechul’s shrill shout interrupted whatever it was he was going to say. “Alright, everybody listen up!!”

Kibum may have been glaring; he wasn’t sure. He was sure that somebody somewhere clearly hated him and did not want him to spend more than thirty seconds with Changmin! At least Changmin hadn’t disappeared again.

“Yah! Heechul, turn the music back on,” Kangin shouted.

Heechul ignored him. “We’re going to play a game,” he proclaimed.

“Yes!” Donghae pumped his fist into the air. “… What game?”

Kibum groaned silently. He had a bad feeling about this; anything Heechul wanted them to play couldn’t be good.

Heechul smirked. “Seven Minutes in Heaven!”

What the fuck?! Kibum blinked. Had they traveled back in time to Middle School? Apparently so, if the giggling around him meant anything. It seemed that a few beers and the other guys’ mindsets turned into that of giggling prepubescent teenagers.

“How do you play that?” Hangeng asked.

Heechul smiled. “I’m glad you asked. The game goes like this: names are written down and thrown into a hat,” he began. “Typically, the guys’ names are thrown into one hat and the girls’ names into another.”

“But there are no girls here,” Eunhyuk pointed out.

“That’s good,” Heechul remarked. “Because I only found one hat.” A few people laughed as he showed them the grey baseball cap already filled with names.

“Hey, isn’t that mine?” Donghae asked.

“Maybe; I’m not really sure.”

“Oh… okay then.”

“Anyhow! Names are thrown into the hat. Then someone is chosen to be ‘God’.”

“I refuse to play if Heechul is ‘God’,” Kangin deadpanned.

“Shut up Kangin.”

“Can’t we call the person something else?” Siwon asked. “Like ‘Chooser’? Calling them God is kind of sacrilegious.”

“No,” Heechul smirked.


“Siwon should be ‘God’,” Eunhyuk decided. “Because,” he tried to reason in his tipsy state, “he is very religious so it… won’t be as insulting to God?”

“What?” Siwon’s eyes widened. “No, I don’t want to be ‘God’! And you didn’t make any sense!”

“I like that idea,” Junsu seconded, ignoring Siwon’s refusal. “Siwon’s honest so he won’t cheat like some people.” He looked pointedly at Heechul who sighed.

“Fine,” Heechul grumbled. “Siwon is ‘God’.”

“But I don’t want to be ‘God’!”

“Tough, it’s already been decided.” Siwon glared at Heechul for a second before the other man continued. “As I was explaining… Someone is chosen to be ‘God’. Their job is to pick two people from the hat. The two people chosen are thrown into a closet together for seven minutes. During this time,” Heechul smirked greasily. “Anything can happen.”

“OOHHHH~!!!!!!” A good forty percent singsonged. Kibum saw some eyebrow waggling and nudging as well. Somewhere in the room, Ryeowook giggled. Seriously, when did everyone turn into twelve year olds?

Kibum rolled his eyes. He was not about to play some preteen kissing game. Especially not with a group of half drunk guys. “I’m not playing,” he announced.

Nobody paid any attention to his announcement but he wasn’t really worried. What could they do about his decision to not play? Shove him in the damn closet? He didn’t think so. Not if they knew what was good for them anyhow.

“Let’s start!” Someone shouted. Kibum wasn’t sure but it sounded oddly like Shindong.

Heechul all but shoved the hat into Siwon’s chest. “Pick the first two victims, God.”

“Yah, Heechul! At least, don’t call me God.”

Heechul rolled his eyes. “Whatever~, just pick already!”

“Wait!” Everyone turned to look at Hangeng. “What closet are we using?”

. . .

“The hall closet,” Heechul decided on the spot. Everyone turned to look at the closed door of said closet.

“Do we have a stop watch?” Yoochun asked.

. . .

“Ah~ my watch has a timer on it,” Yunho realized.

“Okay, now that we have that taken care of…” Heechul turned towards Siwon with a falsely sweet expression on his face. “Pick two names.”

Siwon sighed, stuck his hand into the grey hat, and pulled out a strip of white paper. “Sungmin,” he read aloud. Another chorus of ‘oh~’s swept through the room as Kyuhyun pushed Sungmin to his feet. Kibum rolled his eyes. Were they actually going to play Seven Minutes in Heaven? He really didn’t want to stick around for this. But… he didn’t really want to leave the room when he and Changmin were finally in the same spot!! Arg. Life was cruel.

Speaking of Changmin… Kibum glanced over at his friend to find the man chuckling silently. He smiled. He supposed that in a way the situation was kind of funny… Like how Ryeowook kept giggling randomly, or how Heechul was poking Siwon’s cheek and calling him ‘God’ to annoy the Hell out of him.

“Heechul,” Siwon snapped. “Will you stop it?!”

“Pick another name then.”

“I will once you stop poking me!”

“I thought God would be more patient and forgiving.”

“For the last time: I am not God!”

“Pick a name~!”

“FINE!” Siwon grabbed another strip of paper from the hat. “You are very annoying when you drink by the way.”

“He’s very annoying when he’s sober too,” Kangin put in playfully. Then he had to duck to avoid Heechul hitting the back of his head.

“You’re on my list...” Heechul told him before turning back to Siwon. “Who is it?”

Siwon looked confused. Was he… blushing? “This can’t be right; I think I have to pick again.”

Who is it?”

. . .

“Oh for crying out loud!” Heechul took the paper from Siwon’s hand. A slow (evil) smirk started forming as he read the name. “Siwon.”

“But, I can’t go into the closet,” Siwon sputtered, using his free hand to try and help win his argument. “I’m the chooser! The chooser isn’t supposed to go into the closet! He… chooses!!”

“Sorry, Siwon,” Heechul said as he took the hat from Siwon’s hand and gave it to Hangeng. “You’re going in the closet.”


“No buts.”

And that was how Siwon (with much sputtering and Heechul shoving him) and Sungmin (who went in willingly enough with a half smirk on his face) wound up being the first pair in the closet.


“No talking to the people outside of the closet Siwon,” Heechul said as a snickering JaeJoong brought a chair in from the kitchen and propped it under the closet door knob. “Yunho, is the timer ready?” Yunho nodded. “Okay…” Heechul smirked. “Your seven minutes starts… NOW!”

Instantly, most all the guys outside of the closet started whistling and cat calling. Changmin was still chuckling. Kibum simply smiled; he kind of felt bad for the two in the closet. Or at least, he felt bad for Siwon; Sungmin hadn’t looked like he cared that much.

He turned towards Changmin once the cat calls and giggling had died down a little. Changmin was smiling at him. “Poor Siwon.”

Kibum smiled back. “Yeah.”

“What do you think will happen?”

“What do you mean? I don’t think anything will happen… Do you?”

Changmin chuckled. “I don’t know… Did you see Sungmin’s face when Siwon’s name was called?” Kibum shook his head. He had been paying attention to Siwon rather than Sungmin. “He looked like Christmas had come early.”

“Really?” Kibum raised an eyebrow. “Huh…” That was strange…

“Changmin,” Yoochun called from across the room. “Come here for a second!”

“Uh, yeah, coming hyung!” He smiled at Kibum one more time before making his way over to where Yoochun and Shindong were talking.

Kibum frowned at Yoochun. He was actually starting to enjoy the party, he finally got to talk to Changmin, and what happens? Yoochun called Changmin away. Great. If Kibum was Heechul, Yoochun would be on his list. Yeah, Heechul had a list… odd? Yes, but that’s Heechul for you.

“Six minutes!” Someone shouted.

Kibum groaned as the second round of cat calls began. He brought his beer bottle to his lips and finished the remaining warm liquid inside. Something told him that he should turn in. But, for some stupid reason, he didn’t. Instead, he sat down next to Yesung and a still (sometimes) giggling Ryeowook and waited until Changmin and Yoochun were done talking. Maybe he’d be able to get in a few more words before he went to bed. Yeah… He could stay up a little longer.

A few minutes later, the others were counting down and Kibum was trying not to go deaf. Why wasn’t Lee Teuk ‘shh’ing everyone? Surely the neighbors would complain soon if they kept up this noise.

“Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! … One!” Yunho’s watch beeped and JaeJoong removed the chair while Heechul grabbed the handle and threw the door open.

Sungmin smiled at them as he stepped nimbly from the closet. His clothes were all in place, hair wasn’t out of order; he looked perfectly cool and collected. If not for the fact that Siwon came out after him blushing madly and unable to meet anyone’s eye, Kibum might have thought that nothing happened.

The others clearly thought something happened. The whistling grew louder anyhow. Heechul nudged Siwon in the ribs and waggled his eyebrows. “So what happened?”

Siwon’s blush deepened. “Wha-? Um… Uh… Where’s the hat?” He walked over to Hangeng and took the grey cap back into his possession. The others ‘Ooh~’ed teasingly. This time Kibum did watch Sungmin as the smirk spread over his face. … One word: creepy. Since when did Sungmin turn into Heechul?

Speaking of Heechul, he wasn’t going to let the matter drop so quickly. “Come on, tell us! Did you guys… kiss?” Kangin snickered loudly when Siwon lowered his head and began fumbling for a piece of paper. “Alright; I’m going to take your silence as a ‘yes’.” More whistling ensued. Someone said ‘you dog’ in English. Wait… that didn’t sound like English… It was probably Yoochun then. Kibum half sighed, half chuckled. Seriously these guys were back to being thirteen. “Was he a good kisser?”

Siwon finally managed to grip a single piece of paper (something one would think an easy task but which was apparently not so when one was flustered). He ignored Heechul’s last question and read. “Kibum.”

Kibum blinked. “What?” No. No, no, no, no, no. He wasn’t playing. He had said earlier that he wasn’t playing. All he wanted to do was talk to Changmin for another five minutes or so and then go to sleep; he was not going to waste seven minutes in a closet with someone! No! And he was going to tell them all of this to. Until-


Kibum blinked again. What did Siwon just say? His eyes found Changmin’s across the room. He… supposed that he could let himself be shoved into a closet with Changmin. They were best friends so nothing untoward was going to happen. It was actually kind of perfect; he had wanted to talk to the man for a few more minutes before turning in anyhow. And Changmin didn’t seem to be rebelling against the idea as he laughingly let Yoochun and Junsu push him forward. What difference did it make if they spoke in a well lit room or a dark closet? As long as they spoke, Kibum would be happy.

He hadn’t even realized that Yesung had pushed him over to the closet until just before he was shoved in. Ah~! He quickly lost his footing and stumbled on top of the rain boots and other paraphernalia on the floor. Just when he had found his footing, Changmin was shoved in and the door was securely closed. “Ah~ that’s my foot!”

“Sorry, sorry…”

“That’s my other foot.”

“Oops. Aish; I can’t see.”

“Neither can I.”

They barely heard the others cat calling as they shifted trying to find standing space in the small closet. Changmin finally kicked aside one of the poorly abused boots. Kibum sighed when his friend was no longer crushing his toes. Changmin laughed softly and Kibum felt his breath against his forehead. He would have jumped if he was able to move his feet at all; he had not realized they were so close. Well, that was probably because he couldn’t see anything…

For some reason, knowing that Changmin was standing so close to him, Kibum began to get nervous. Aish; what was he nervous for? This was Changmin. Changmin for crying out loud! There was nothing to be nervous about, he told himself.

“Are you okay?” Changmin whispered huskily.

“Ye-yeah,” Kibum stuttered. What the heck? He does not stutter! And what was up with his stupid heart all of a sudden?! Was he running a marathon? No! So there should be no reason for it to be going so quickly! Maybe he was more tired than he thought? Yeah… that had to be it.

Changmin moved forward, and Kibum really did jump this time. Unfortunately, as his feet were still stuck in some kind of ‘shoe trap’ his jump turned into a flail, which turned into his back hitting the closet wall. All the while his feet remained buried. He was in a very awkward half bridge/lean position. And his shoulders hurt. “Ow…” He could hear the guys whistling on the other side of the closet. No doubt they heard the loud thump and attributed it to something else.

“Are you okay?” Changmin reached blindly for his friend’s shoulders and helped Kibum into a standing position once he located him. “That sounded painful.”

“Yeah well…” Kibum rolled his shoulders. “It was.”

Changmin laughed softly and moved forward again. Kibum managed not to jump this time. Or more accurately, he managed not to jump physically. His insides jumped about a foot though. What was Changmin doing?! And why was his heart going faster?! What was wrong with him tonight? Changmin moved some more and Kibum’s breath caught silently as their chests brushed. Changmin seemed to be looking for something. Kibum swallowed. “What are you doing?” He whispered.

Changmin pressed forward more before answering. “I’m looking for the light. There has to be one in here somewhere…” Somewhere outside someone called ‘six minutes’; probably Heechul.

“Ah… Right.” That was a perfectly rational thing to do. And it was normal to be looking for a light in a dark place… So why was Kibum’s mouth suddenly dry? Maybe it was the darkness as well as exhaustion. Not being able to see was clearly messing with his already tired mind. He hoped Changmin found the light soon.

“Ah, I think I found it…” Kibum blinked at that. Then he blinked for a whole different reason as his eyes were suddenly flooded with a dull yellow glow. Aish; too bright. He blinked some more before finally looking up into his friend’s smiling face. “Found it.”

Kibum laughed. “Yeah, you did.” Changmin’s smile was almost as blinding as the damn bulb. It was a beat before he realized that Changmin was still pressed against him. He swallowed. What was the big deal? They had hugged before; it wasn’t like they had never had contact with each other. Still, something seemed… different.

Changmin seemed to realize that they were pressed together around the same time he did. He looked down and chuckled before shuffling back a few inches to where they had been originally. “Oops,” he smiled.

Kibum smiled back, though he really did not see how their situation was amusing in any way. And the small space Changmin had put between them didn’t really feel like it was enough. Then again, there wasn’t anything they could really do about that with the junk around their feet and the coats pushing against their sides; the closet wasn’t all that big to begin with. Two men + one closet = no personal space.

“How have you been?”

“Huh?” Kibum shook his head to clear it. Changmin raised an eyebrow. “Oh. Uh… good.” Aish. He needed to get it together. “You?”

“I’ve been great. I’ve missed home a lot. But Japan is fun and I’m always really busy there so…” He smiled. There was silence for a beat. “I wonder how long we have?”

“Five minutes!” Heechul shouted.

They both looked at the door before turning back to each other and laughing. “I guess that answers my question.”


Changmin started laughing again. “Sorry,” he apologized between laughs.


“It’s nothing…”

Nothing his foot. “What?!”

“You’re doing that thing.”

What thing? “Huh?”

“That thing you do.”

He did a thing? “Thing?”

“The thing where you only speak in monosyllables.”

… “Oh.” Changmin started laughing again. It took Kibum a second to realize that ‘oh’ was also a monosyllable. He smiled. “Sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry.”


“Do you do this on purpose?”

Kibum raised his eyebrows in surprise. “No,” he said honestly.

Changmin laughed again. “Do you wow the ladies with this debonair speech of yours?”

“Maybe,” he smirked.

Changmin rolled his eyes as someone called out that they had four minutes. “Aish… I think my foot is falling asleep.”

Kibum scoffed. “Like mine aren’t?”

“You spoke more than one word,” Changmin gasped in mock shock.

It was Kibum’s turn to roll his eyes. “It has been known to happen.”

“Mm… I’m still shocked.”

“My ass.”

“I don’t think I can see your ass from here,” Changmin joked.

Kibum sputtered. “What?” This of course made Changmin laugh. Kibum lowered his head to hide his embarrassment. It was his own fault; he had set himself up for that one. Still… why was he feeling embarrassed at all? This was Changmin! They’ve joked about far worse, cruder, things before. But for some reason… Maybe it was the fact that they were squished into such a small space. … Maybe not. He hoped it was the former because he didn’t know how to handle the latter.

He should probably say something. … He couldn’t think of anything. Crap. Maybe if he just looked up again? Nope; bad idea. Were they really this close before? And what the fuck was up with him? Why was he reacting so weirdly? Maybe it was the beer? He ignored the annoying little voice that scoffed and reminded him that he had only had one beer and that he was far from drunk. Who the Hell gave Heechul permission to be in his head anyhow?

“Um…” Oh, brilliant Sherlock. ‘Um’ was really intelligent.

Changmin smiled. “Back to monosyllables already?”

Kibum smiled, simply because when Changmin smiled he couldn’t help but smile back. Aish; seriously, what was wrong with him? This wasn’t- He couldn’t- … He needed to go to bed.

“Three minutes!”

Kibum jumped. He had almost forgotten that they were in the closet.

“Whoa,” Changmin steadied him before he could fall against the wall again. “Careful.”

Kibum swallowed the lump in his throat and laughed nervously. “Yeah… careful,” he repeated.

. . .

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah; I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“No I just mean… You got really quiet all of a sudden.”

“Oh… well…” He shrugged.

“Tired?” Changmin guessed.

Yeah… let’s go with that… “Yeah.”

“I guess I shouldn’t have made you stay up…”

“No, it’s fine,” Kibum assured him. “I’m glad you did. I missed talking to you. You know, without a phone held up to my ear and Japanese in the background.”

There was that lopsided grin he liked so much. “I missed talking to you too.”

Why were his cheeks tingling? Oh no. Tell him he wasn’t blushing. He did not blush. Not ever! Aish; this wasn’t happening… maybe it was still dark enough that Changmin wouldn’t notice.

“Are you blushing?”

Crap. Okay, plan B: taking a leaf from Heechul’s book, Kibum lied. “No.”

Changmin smirked. “Are you sure~?”

“I said no, didn’t I?”

His friend chuckled. “Sorry… You are just so much fun to tease.”

Kibum glared. “Says the one who sleeps with a picture of his dog under his pillow. Because that’s not weird at all.” Changmin stopped laughing. Kibum smiled. And the score was even.

. . .

“Two minutes!”

Aiya! Did Heechul have to be so loud?!

“Two minutes,” Changmin repeated quieter.

Something about the way he said it made Kibum’s heart begin its stupid marathon again. Something about his whispering in such a small enclosed space sent a shiver down Kibum’s spine. He wasn’t cold though. If anything it was beginning to get a little too hot…

“What are you thinking?”

He was thinking that Changmin had nice lips. Wait. What? No. He was not just thinking that. … Okay, yes he was; but Changmin didn’t need to know that. They were best friends; that was it. He told the small Heechul voice in the back of his mind to shut up. “Just thinking… my feet might go numb before they open the door,” he joked.

Changmin smiled. “Mine too.”

Was Changmin’s hair always that soft looking? . . . No. Bad path to have his thoughts wandering down. Um… “How long are you going to be staying in Korea?”

“I think we’re staying for a couple weeks.”

Kibum nodded. “Do you have a schedule tomorrow?”

“Not tomorrow. We get a day off… You have filming?”

“Yeah… but I get off early… or not so early actually, but earlier than normal. Around nine.”

“Do you want to meet up when you’re done? Or… you’d probably rather sleep huh?”

“No,” he shook his head. “Who needs sleep?”

Changmin chuckled. “Okay then, call me when you’re done filming?”

Kibum nodded.

“One minute!”

One minute. Kibum couldn’t help but look at Changmin’s lips again. They were so close to his own, hardly more than a few inches. He cleared his throat and forced himself to look back into his friend’s eyes. . . . That wasn’t really helping him much either. Aish; he needed Heechul to open the damn door already!


Why did the man have to have such a nice whisper? “Yeah?”

“What are you thinking about?”

Hadn’t Changmin asked him this once before? He couldn’t read the look in Changmin’s eyes. Crap. Did Changmin know what he had been thinking of? Had he become psychic as he was acquiring those new ninja skills of his? “Um…” He licked his lips nervously. There was no way that Changmin could know what he had been thinking about. … Was there? “I was just thinking that…” He was just thinking about kissing his best friend. Crap. “Um.” Why couldn’t he get out a stupid sentence?! And did Changmin get closer? Hm… probably his imagination. “I was thinking…” Kibum sighed. “Oh fuck it.”

He leaned forward those last two inches until his lips were barely brushing against Changmin’s. Then he paused. He waited for Changmin to pull back; to push him back. Waited for, what he hoped, sense to come back to him; for him to realize that he was kissing Changmin here! The man was practically his brother! He should stop. Now.

Only… Changmin’s lips, they were really soft. And Changmin wasn’t pushing him away, or pulling back. And this definitely didn’t feel like he was kissing his brother.

Changmin got over his shock pretty quickly and began moving his lips against Kibum’s slowly. Kibum’s eyes slid closed as he responded. Wow. Changmin was a really good kisser. Why hadn’t they done this before?

The kiss didn’t last long; both were aware of the small time they had before someone would fling open the door on them. But it still managed to leave Kibum breathless. “Wow.”

Changmin’s soft laugh echoed next to his ears. “Back to monosyllables I see.”

“Mmm…” That didn’t even deserve a real word. Changmin’s laughter grew louder. They heard the ten second counts down start and pulled away from each other as much as they could. They were still in a closet so there wasn’t much space they could put between them.

“Seven! … Six!”

“Don’t forget to call me tomorrow.”

“Four! … Three!”

Kibum smiled. “I won’t forget.”


Kibum covered his ears when the door was thrown open and the others started wolf whistling and howling. Aish. Great.

He stepped out of the closet after Changmin only to be pulled to the side by Kangin. “So… How was it?” Insert eyebrow waggle here.

“How was what?” He asked nonchalantly while his heart started panicking. ‘They know,’ his mind supplied in the least helpful way imaginable.

“You know,” Heechul smirked. “How was… the closet?”

“Yeah,” Sungmin joined them. “Tell us what happened.”

“What happened?” Kibum repeated nervously. ‘They know!’ He needed his brain to stop saying that.

“And don’t lie and tell us ‘nothing’ Donghae commanded. We know something had to happen.”


“You’re right,” Changmin suddenly spoke up. Kibum looked at him in panic. What was Changmin doing?! “Something happened.” The others instantly quieted down to hear. Changmin took a deep breath. “We had sex,” he sighed. “You caught us. How can we ever live with the shame?”

“What?” Junsu laughed. “You are so full of crap.”

“No really,” Changmin continued the lie. “Whew, let me tell you. He’s an animal.”

Kibum was laughing by this point.

“Alright, we get it,” Yoochun shook his head. “Nothing happened. You two are so boring.”

“What do you mean nothing happened?” Changmin looked insulted. “I just told you, we had sex. Didn’t we Kibum?”

Oh, now he was dragging Kibum into this? Kibum seemed to stop laughing enough to say his part. “Oh yeah. Best I’ve ever had in a closet.”

Heechul groaned and pushed the laughing Changmin away from him. “Go away. You two are too boring to live. The next people in the closet had better do something!” He commanded as the others lost interest in the ‘boring’ pair and waited for Siwon to pick the next names.

Kibum met Changmin’s eyes and smiled. Changmin’s lopsided grin answered his own.

It was odd; he had just kissed Changmin, been kissed by Changmin in return in fact, and he had expected… He really didn’t know what he had expected. He thought that it would be weird. Or Changmin would hate him. But Changmin was still Changmin and he seemed to still be himself; even though his heard was still going a mile a minute against his rib cage.

He thinks that they may have started something in that closet, in those seven minutes. He isn’t exactly clear on what it is, but he’s excited and nervous about it all the same.

His attention was brought back to the others by a collection of groans and one very enthusiastic ‘YES!’ Heechul smirked as he led a very confused Zhou Mi towards the closet and shut the door himself. The others were still staring at the closed door in shock.

“This cannot end well,” Yunho observed. Lee Teuk shook his head, too shocked to do anything else.

“Poor Zhou Mi,” Henry whispered.

Siwon looked up at the ceiling in confusion. “Why? I know you must have a good reason… but why?!”

Yesung snapped out of the daze first. “Crap! We have to start the timer! Who knows what Heechul will do in there? Zhou Mi shouldn’t be forced to suffer anymore than he has to.”

“Right!” JaeJoong grabbed Yunho’s wrist and started the timer himself. “SEVEN MINUTES!!” It sounded as both a warning and a supportive ‘don’t worry Zhou Mi you can make it’ cry at the same time.

Kibum decided that he really didn’t want to see how this ended. “I’m going to bed.” He threw Changmin one last smile before making his way to his room and finally stumbling under the covers.

He had got what he wanted tonight, he thought before drifting off. He hadn’t even known it himself, but it seemed that all he really wanted was seven minutes.

The End
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  • Every Mistake

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