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Title: Another Sleepless Night
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Kangin-Kibum
Genre: Angst/Friendship
A/N: They both want sleep, and so does everyone else.

Another Sleepless Night



A/N:Please don't hurt me for this, I know my writing isn't the best and I know I checked this a million times but as soon as I post I know I will find an error (and I'll be too lazy to fix it =3='')

Kibum wakes up with a jolt, the nightmares just won’t go away and now would be the right time for some sleeping pills. He grunts with frustration as he quietly gets out of his bed and makes his way into the bathroom and into the medicine cabinet. He shifts through the medications, Hello Kitty band-aid boxes, extra large condoms and god knows what else before he finally finds what he’s looking for.

“What are you doing up?” Came a hoarse voice.

“Huh?” Kibum turns around to see Kangin standing half asleep with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders.

Kangin yawns and snatches the Tylenol pm box from Kibum, obviously wondering what the hell his Bummie was doing.

“You need these? For what, are you sick?” Kangin starts to ask him harshly making Kibum feel as if he’s in an interrogation room.

“Hey, no need to get upset hyung. Look, I’m tired and I really just want a goodnight sleep.” Kibum whines and snatches the box back and gets himself a cup of water.

Kangin just stares at him and then sighs, “Well, don’t- just don’t take too many. It’s already three a.m.”

Kangin turns and walks back to his room.

Kibum is left wide-awake with his beloved pills in his hands, the blue pills looking up at him as guilt sets in. He can vaguely remember when he was in America, how things like this weren’t a big deal when he was younger, but here Kangin is fawning over him. Kibum rolls his eyes feeling embarrassed and ashamed for making Kangin worry and takes the two pills in his hands and puts them in his pocket, but drinks the water anyway.

He walks out into the living room and makes himself comfortable on the couch feeling slightly dizzy, his eyes still adjusting to the dark living room since shutting off the bright light from the bathroom.

“You’re still awake?” Kangin asks as he shuffles his way over to Kibum and sits beside him.

“Yeh.” Kibum takes a pillow and hugs it, allowing himself to rest his chin on it.

They sit in the dark for a minute or so before Kangin breaks the silence.

“Did you take the medicine? Is it kicking in?”

Kibum turns to Kangin and stares.

“No I did not. Why? Did you switch the medicine with poison or something? Why are you so nervous?” Kibum asks but while noticing Kangin shaking and in the moonlight his skin giving off a pale color. Kibum sighs and tosses him a blanket.

“You have to be careful with any medicine.” Kangin grunts out and lays back into the couch, closing his eyes and clutching the blanket just thrown to him.

“That’s it? I already knew that hyung.” Kibum sighs and looks out the window, bored but contemplating on going back to bed or staying out in the living room.

“You should try and get some shut eye.” Kangin whispers.

“You’re still not sleeping?”

“Well how can I when you’re still awake!”

“I didn’t ask you to come out here!”

“Yea? Well you shouldn’t take medicine without telling someone!”

“I take medicine all the time, I’m not a child Kangin!”


Kangin and Kibum snap their head toward the hall to find Eeteuk, Donghae and several others still half asleep peaking out of their rooms.

“It’s four in the morning, shut up and go to bed, we have a very busy schedule tomorrow.” Eeteuk demands, his grumpy side diminishing quickly as he slowly makes his way back into his room while everyone was already back in bed.

Kibum continues to glare at Kangin.

“See what you did?” Kangin asks in a whisper then stands back up.

“Huh, where are you going?”

“To bed, want to come?”

Kibum stares at him for a moment then smiles.

“Yeh, thanks hyung.”

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