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1st Post of 2009 & KiHae Opposites Attract [One Shot]

Wow It's really been a long time since last time I updated so I thought 'Hey it's time I update'.
OMG firstly I was at the train station Yesterday (yh was suposed to write this yesterday but damn internet is wat too slow and taking the piss). So anyways I was at the train station, then this dude comes and stand next to me, also waiting for the train to arrive. I looked at him - like any normal person does - and OMG he ws cuuuuuuute, totally what I go for slender a bit taller than me, Chinese(squeal^o^) and for a bonus totally cute-boy-innocent-face-with-the-glasses thing on, okay maybe the bonus was that he was chinese hehehe.

Then when we went to sit on the train I sat on the left side, while he came mintes later and sat right opposite from me on the right side, I was like djfdshfdfhdhfdh ^o^.
But the next thing that happened was totally weird. The dude I go for (sort of go for, I'm too complicated), took his laptop out and OMFG he had the exact same laptop as me I mean what's the chances of that 1+2=4 O~O.
I got of the train to Leicester and he carried on Damn, it was still fun. But what really ruined my day was Stupid Uni, first I was late handing in the work, then 1hour 30 mins later when I went to hand in the work no-one was there to hand it too so pissed I mean urgghhhh<_<.
So I came back to my room and stuffed myself with food and then listened to some Super Junior Album 3 yay. I have so much to say about this album, but because of uni and the busy time which is now over I'm going to comment about in a different post.
And now secondly I'm going to post a little story, so enjoy...oh and for any 'Love Triangles' Readers I have anyleft <.<, I post something very soon on that been to busy, but the break is here and so is me yay.


Title: Opposites Attract [One-shot]
Author: Ja_Ka_Sa
Rating: PG
Kibum has always been the quite and the calm one out of the Super Junior, so when he fell for the hyper, crazed-alien, loving fish donghae it struck him hard in his mind and heart.

Opposites Attract 


Tags: pairing: donghae/kibum

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