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Last Gift

Title: Last Gift (when fiction meets reality)
Author: ilabhae & hugfreehyukjae
Pairings: eunhyuk & key
Genre: angst, humor, comedy, drama
Rating: PG-13
A/N: this fiction is written by my friend and i. it's our first fiction and we admit that it's not good. so please be nice to us.^^


As the waves reach my feet, I glanced back to all the memories we had,
the fond moments we shared together.
Happy thoughts flood my mind as sadness fills my heart.
Sorry is the only word that my mind keeps on saying.
But my heart utters “I will love you forever.”
“Mianhe. My gift is too late. I hope I made you happy now.
Thank you for your gift. You are my heart now and will be a part of me forever.
I will take care of you and will make more happy memories with you.
I will be nothing without you.
Komapta… and mianhe.”

Chapter 1: Straberries and Jellies

At the international airport…
“Yah~ Lee Hyukjae! Here’s your coffee jelly!” Donghae yelled while enjoying his strawberries and cream frappe.
“Yah! Stop calling me that name! I told you to call me Eunhyuk…” Eunhyuk said and punched Donghae’s back.
“I will stop calling you Hyukjae when the day of my death came.” Donghae added while trying to protect himself.

Donghae and Eunhyuk had been friends for 7 years. They met when they were 15 years old, the day Donghae migrated with his family in America. Eunhyuk helped Donghae to adjust in their place and school. Since then they became close friends. Eunhyuk doesn’t want to be called by his real name because of the comedian that has the same name as his. Donghae is the only one he allows to call him that.

“Woooh… I’m so excited to go back in Korea. It’s been a long while since the last time I’ve seen it.” Donghae shouted cheerfully while jumping. He didn’t notice that his drink was about to drop.
“Yah! Lee Donghae… Are you sure about your decision?” Eunhyuk asked as he pulled the jumping donghae to sat down and talked sincerely.
“You know that I don’t want to hold our business. Jonghyun can handle it. And besides, I want to be an actor.” The latter said.
“Pwahahahahaha!!! YOU? An actor? How will you memorize the script? You can’t EVEN memorize a single line in our textbooks.” Eunhyuk laughed loudly.
“YAH! If I became famous, don’t even dare to ask for my autograph!” Donghae said in a confident voice.
“I’ll just give you a job in our company. A flyer distributor. You will be more popular by doing that and you will meet a lot of people. Kekekeke.” Eunhyuk stated as he walks towards to a nearest trash bin.
Eunhyuk and Donghae didn’t stop insulting each other while waiting for their flight. When a ground stewardess announced their flight, they were too eager to get in the plane that they forgot that they’re arguing.

When they arrived in Korea, you can see the excitement in their faces. Minho, Eunhyuk trusted assistant, fetched them at the airport. They brought Donghae first at his condo….

At the mall…
Key, along with his friend SeunGi, went to the mall to buy a gift for his boyfriend Onew…
“Seungi yah… which one is better? This one or this?” Key with a pouted lips asked SeunGi while showing two different kinds of bracelet.
“Yah! Kim Kibum! Are you happy with what you are doing? It looks like Onew is just using you.” SeunGi answered back while rolling his eyes.
“Do you think he’s just using me? Oh well... I don’t care and for what I see, I don’t think he does.” Key answered while he is still focused on choosing the bracelet.
“Actually, it’s not that obvious. You’re like a stone. Can’t you feel it? He’s just using you.” The latter said.
SeunGi and Key are friends ever since Key went to Seoul. Key tells everything and anything to SeunGi. Seungi always give his opinion when it comes to Key’s love life but Key is always against Seungi’s point of view.

The next day, Key set a date with Onew for their 3rd Anniversary. He didn’t receive anything but thank you and his happy with that. He knows that Onew is busy with his work and had no time to buy any kind of gift. He told Onew to wear the couple bracelet that symbolizes their love for each other. After a few days, Key noticed that Onew is not wearing their couple bracelet. The latter said that he lost it while swimming with his friend.

Key is on the register that day (Wednesday - 10:05am) when suddenly a girl ordered a coffee. He saw the same kind of bracelet on the girl’s wrist identical to what he gave to Onew. He told himself that it’s just only a coincidence for he only bought it at the mall.

It was Friday night around 11:06pm while Seungi was on his way home from work. He saw a guy who looks exactly like Onew holding hands with a girl. He decided to stalk them and he found out that it was indeed Onew. Seungi phoned Key to ask if they are together.
“Key… is Onew with you right now?” Seungi asked in a lowered voice.
“Nope, I’m home already and I think he is still at work. Why did you ask?” Key answered back in a questioning tone.
“Hmmm… I think I saw Onew right here at the subway.”
Key hanged up the phone and he immediately called Onew to ask where he is. Seungi saw Onew turned off his phone and took out the battery. And key called seungi…
“Maybe Onew is on a meeting right now that’s why he couldn’t answer my call.” Key said in a nervous tone. But he is still thinking, why onew didn’t answer his call.
“Yeah his at work, working with a girl right know.” Seungi spoke in a raising voice.
“How there you to treat Onew like that. I won’t believe you until I saw it with my own two eyes.” Key stated in an irritated tone. He’s thinking that Seungi is only making stories about his so called boy friend.
“Next Friday… come with me. And I’ll show you what you’re looking for.” Seungi said while still looking at onew.
“How sure are you that we will see them together? Stop it Seungi. Stop making stories.” Key stated as he was about to cry while talking to seungi.
“Just come with me, whether you like it or not.” Seungi hanged the phone. Then suddenly Seungi saw all the passengers are moving out of the train. Because too much stalking to Onew he didn’t noticed that he already passed the station where he supposed to go out.

After several attempt of stalking to Onew and his girl Seungi almost gave up. But one Friday, Their paths cross, They saw Onew and the girl holding hands going inside the station. Key and Seungi followed them.
“Onew ssi…” Key calmly said. Onew froze because he saw Key. “Key-ah… What are you doing here?” Onew spoke with tense tone.
“Obviously we’re going home. Why? Is there anything wrong riding a train?” Key answered with annoyed tone.
“Onew oppa… Who is that guy? Is he your brother?” The girl asked curiously.
“Oppa? Brother? Hahaha! Ohh.. so you found Onew’s bracelet that I gave to him.”
“Found? Onew oppa gave it to me as a present for our 100th day.” Chunmi answered with raising voice.
“A GIFT?! So she’s the one you replaced to me.” Key shouted angrily.
“Who are you? And why you are over reacting? Chunmi questioned as she pulled Onew closer to him.
“I’m onew’s real love. That bracelet you’re wearing was a gift from me.” Key said as he slowly walked towards chunmi and put his hand in his waist and raised his right eye brow.
“Key yah!!! Stop. You’re getting to my nerves. Wake up, your just dreaming.” Onew shouted back, as he pushed key away from Chunmi.
“Dreaming?! Why, are you ashamed of our relationship?” Key rolled his eyes.
“It’s just your illusion Key. Even though I’m with you all the times, it doesn’t mean that I’m your boy friend. I’m only using you.” Onew slowly grabbed chunmi’s arms and preparing to go.
“So it’s true? You two had a relation? I can’t take this.” Chumi shouted and walked away.
“Stop dreaming Key and don’t you ever try to contact me anymore!” Onew answered Key in a raising voice as he tried to seize Chunmi.
“YOU’RE SUCH A USELESS PERSON ONEW! GO TO HELL!” Seungi shouted loudly. And he didn’t notice Key left already.

Seungi accompanied Key the whole night. Key didn’t stop crying and drinking, drowning himself to alcohol. Key realized that Seungi was right. And he promised to himself that he will change and he wouldn’t shed a single tear anymore. Seungi helped key to move on and to forget the past.


Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/other, with: shinee

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