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Eternal Light - NC-17 - TeukChul

Title: Eternal Light
Author: seket_ninstuku
Pairing: TeukChul with mentions of ShiHan, KangTeuk, HanChul, and KiChul
Rating: NC-17 for Language and Sex
Genre: Romance, Smut
P.O.V.: 1st Person Heechul ♥
Summary: The dawn comes after the long night and as sun rises so do hearts in a chorus of love that buries itself deep within heart and soul.
ATTENTION!: While it is possible to read this fic on it's own, reading it after having read the first five parts of the arc will greatly clarify the situations and emotions present. This fic can be highly enjoyed without reading the other five if you just want the happy ending ^^ Thank you ♥

Special Thanks To: My Jungsoo-ah 10tookie24 ♥ I couldn't have written this without you.

1. In the Palm of My Hand - TeukChul - NC-17: Explicit Sex, Language - Heechul POV - Genre: Romance, Smut

2. The Morning After - TeukChul - PG-13: Some Language, Possible Mentions of Sex - Heechul POV - Genre: Angst, Romance

3. Burning Through You - HanChul - NC-17: Oral sex, cursing - Heechul POV - Genre: Romance, Smut

4. Late Night Walks - Kibum/Heechul, mentioned Shiwon/Hankyung and Kangin/Eeteuk(<-if you squint) - R: Language - Genre: Friendship, Romance, Light Angst

5. Happy Birthday Jungsoo-ah - Eeteuk/Heechul, mentioned Shiwon/Hankying, Eeteuk/Kangin, and Kibum/Heechul - R: Language, Sexual Situations, Sexual Implications - Genre: Romance, Angst

6. What you are about to read :3

Blinding light. Behind my eyes and before my face as he panted raggedly and sent chills through my body each time his hips crashed up against me. Each movement fierce but loving, all the fun of rough play and none of the coldness in his eyes or touch. Tremors ran down to my toes and up to my finger tips. I felt like I was going crazy but that was fine. His hips could send me over cliffs if they wanted and I would happily fall.

He was light, my blinding, beautiful angel and knowing he was mine sent more chills through me. Rocking my hips back against his own thrusts our moans met in the air, hot and heavy. They mixed together only to jump back down into our throats and wrap tightly around our hearts. My fingers gripped his golden shoulders as I choked on the love which somehow kept me breathing while taking my breath away.

Nothing about him made sense in these moments. Later I’d regain my clarity, know him as well as I knew my reflection, but in these moments he was an angel, a being that was entirely beyond my comprehension. Wings of light behind him from the dawn that peeked through our window made him blinding to look at. Dark skin gleamed with sweat and sin which slid off of him, because he was perfect, only to fall onto me because I was the demon and could take into myself all his lust and pain.

Teeth sank into my neck and I cried out, nails biting into his smooth skin on instinct and gripping a bit harder to make his cock twitch. I knew how to play his body now. Even after the first time I knew what he wanted. Always above me and sometimes behind me but constantly inside me. This was completion. Heat the likes of which hell could only imagine searing me and keeping me begging for more.

Confusion was an odd pleasurable pain that raced through us while we were twined as one being sharing an all consuming passion. He was burning like a phoenix so that he might be reborn before me. I gave him all the heat I had to stoke these flames within him, wanting to see him rise above me once more, a perfect angel. Wanting us to both understand through his rebirth.

The sheets were getting hot and they stuck to my back as each thrust rocked my body to and fro. Doing my best to hold on tight so that my angel wouldn’t buck me off the bed, I marveled at the force behind his hips, the knot in his brow. That little bundle between his clenched eyes showed me he was focused, searching within himself and this moment, within me, for an answer.

Being a highly benevolent soul I gave him his answer, clenching tightly around him and angling myself down so he could strike at my prostate which I’d been hiding from his ever prodding cock. Stars. I saw them clearly. Brightly burning little specks of light within a never ending pool of black behind my closed eyes. I’d found my answer but what was his? A sharp cry followed and made my voice crack. Maybe that was his answer.

Strong hands roamed over my body, tugging at the ribbon which wound around me and had pressed little patterns into my skin as I had slept. Soft fingers kneaded my arms, brushed over my neck and collar bone, twisted and toyed with nipples, lavishing attention on every inch of skin my body had to offer. Half lidded, my eyes watched him touch and tease. His own eyes were shut softly now as his hands danced this way and that across the contours of my body memorizing the feel since they already knew the sight quite well.

I didn’t fear losing him to the flame. Always he was within my heart and never again would he be far from me. If the flames took him they would take me as well and together we would burn, cleansed in the heat and become raw and pure and perfect. We were too closely bound now to not share the same fate.

His hands gripped me tightly, as though I was floating away from him. His touch worried not about my own leaving but about his impending transcendence as the flames began to burn blue about him. That would always be his color: blue. The eternal leader who always shone sapphire blue, heart as wide and vast as a pearl blue ocean. They would always see him as blue, tears in his eyes and heart on his sleeve. But to me he was white. A blinding beautiful white.

My toes curled and my body jerked closer to him. Soft hand had wound about my cock, taken me by surprise as it began to stroke. I would never be close enough to him. It was maddening and I whimpered and clutched tighter at his shoulders. Being in his heart was as close as I would come to being one with him and I could accept that in these moments where heat bound us together and forged our hearts into one beating breathing being.

Beside the fires of his passion I looked so ashen. Hopelessly lost and reaching, holding on tightly to the only thing that made sense as though a I were a pale wraith dancing around the blue flames of his lust. But Jungsoo never made sense. Always and never did Jungsoo make sense. I knew what he thought but not why he thought it. I knew why he hurt but not what it felt like. I wanted to be one with him and feel all he felt, take away his pain and his tears. But I was red and he was blue. The tears were his to keep and the smiles mine to give. I hoped that the smiles kept away the tears.

Always on opposite sides of the spectrum, occasionally we met in the center. We were either total opposites or exactly the same and yet we’d become comfortable with this. What was the same between us was more than enough to make the contrasts less stark. I laughed aloud, a warm blissful sound, and watched expectantly. He smiled like I knew he would and as he did I tugged him closer, nipping at his jaw and licking his dimple, “You’re so fucking cute~” I purred and he thrust into me so hard my head hit the wall. I laughed again.

The pace was vicious now. I had riled him and he intended to pay me back. Cackling wasn’t an appropriate sound during sex but I felt like it should’ve been in that moment. Drunk off the pleasure, lulled by his touch, drugged thanks to the love that coursed through my veins bound neatly to each molecule of oxygen, I let my nails rake up and down his back leaving angry red welts. He’d hiss and throb within me. Now I wasn’t so sure he wouldn’t leave bruises, but I was confident he’d kiss them after.

Many things about the man above me made me confident in both him and myself. We were alive again, loving and living. I had dearly missed feeling alive. The cold sting of solitude had worn off and I never wanted to let go, knew he would never let go. Jungsoo couldn’t let go or he’d fall. I knew that I would spend the rest of my life holding him up. He would stagger forward, then stride, then run and I’d chase after him catching up in time to keep him from stumbling. We wanted so much and I’d let him have it all, give him whatever he wished. My dreams were reflected in his eyes.

Control was well balanced. He led the way and I helped him walk. He set the boundaries and I tested them. He made the rules and I broke them. He was thrusting in and I was bucking back, gasping for breath and groaning for release as his hand worked over my cock with all the skill a man his age should have and then some.

I did my best to keep my eyes open, I want to see him reborn, but before he could die I had to die. My death would trigger his own and we’d tumble into oblivion together, one after the other. I could feel lubricant on my thighs from when he’d had me leaning over his desk. Now my ass was slick too and probably staining his sheets. The head of his cock teased my entrance before thrusting in quickly. He hadn’t wanted to play games for very long that morning.

Fearing I was still dreaming, each thrust was a reminder that I was not. Waking up beside him had been unreal but his touches, lingering kisses, gentle caresses, had all been very real. The side of him that could cry and break apart could also love deeply, cherish and hold close. I sat within his heart surrounded by his tears, slowly but steadily drying them all up.

Feeling it coming over me, the pleasure building and ready to burst, I tensed and all was silent for an instant. The scream ripped out of my throat and took all other words I might have known along with it, echoing off the walls and bouncing back to my ears almost loud enough to hurt them. His hand was slick with my cum, my stomach stained as well. Heaving chest tried to return oxygen to my system but it was difficult when my love for him weighed so heavily on my heart, a warm pleasant weight within me.

Tired eyes peered up to watch the transformation. My phoenix burst into flame with a roar. Snatching up my hips he held me close, sealing himself to me. He released fire within me that leaked down my back as he pulled out slowly and lowered me back to the sheets. I could hear his panting breaths, see his light fade as he became young once more, himself entirely.

Flames were gone and he was left my dimple cheeked dearest with a heart full of love and a mind full of worry. I pulled him to me gently, holding him close to my chest as I let my long fingers carefully rub his nail marked back. We were dirty, covered in the ash of rebirth, but neither of us seemed to care, enjoying the sight of the ash, the cum a reminder of what we had been only moments before and would always be deep down, he an angel and I a demon.

My body ached from the roots of my hair he’d roughly tugged while sucking my lips and fucking me into the desk down to my toes which had curled until they cracked when I came. I needed my medicine but I didn’t have it with me. I’d live. His finger tips danced past my scar like they had been all morning, his eyes boring into the wound. I watched him watch the healing scar and when he looked up he smiled. My heart melted.

“I love you,” was what he said but his eyes said I’ll protect you, his hands said I’ll cherish you, his dimples said I’ll laugh with you, and his words meant he’d never lie to me. I believed it all and gave him my heart humbly in return, “I love you too.” He took my heart into himself, placed it on a sacred isle at the center of his ocean of tears.

Resting my head on his strong chest I smiled to myself, blissful and at peace, “You better be here when I wake up,” I mused aloud, a threat laced with senseless worry.

The feeling of his fingers running through my hair was divine. His breathing was steady and voice relaxed as he spoke, “I can’t leave Chullie-ah. We’re going to the park this afternoon, remember?”

My smile widened and I let my eyes slide shut, “What if it rains?” I managed to ask before a yawn took over my mouth.

“Then we’ll bring an umbrella,” he replied warmly as he tugged the dry wine stained sheets up around us to tuck us in.

What more was there to say? I loved him and through his rebirth he’d come to realize that he loved me.
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/heechul

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