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100 Fan Fiction Challenge

100 Super Junior Fan Fiction Challenge
Title: Freefall [001/100 ]
Characters/Pairings: Kangin:Leeteuk/ Kangteuk
Rating: R-16 {it might come
Disclaimer: I EFFING OWN THEM. I wish I do. ;)

Word Count: 1,409
Summary: Kangin didn't do exactly what Leeteuk wanted him to do. In that case, it wasn't good. What he needs to do is get his angel back.
Author:[info] doyouknowwhy

The lights were dim and he was alone. With the humid air blowing his hair, it was as soothing as another cocktail burning its way down with pleasure. His elbows rested on the very edge of the swimming pool and his gaze was nothing but sensual. No more, no less. Water dripped down his blonde streaks as the smell of chlorine stung his nostrils. Definitely, his fantastic white skin glowed like diamonds exposed to the bright light. No more fan girls, no more business for now but just a relaxing night of silence. He reached for the glass of martini by his side and put his luscious lips by the tip. Though, his pleasure was interrupted.

“Hyung! Why are you doing this without me?” someone shot a complaint.

By the time Leeteuk glared back, a smirk snuck its way on his lips.

“Kangin-sshi! What brings you here?” he questioned without setting eyes on the younger one.

The large dongsaeng came out the glassed door wearing a white Speedo underneath a robe with the hotel’s ensemble. So much for being demure, he smiled quirkily. Both his eyes were locked at the glowing beauty and there was no doubt that he couldn’t hide his desire. He came closer unable to stare away. Oh, the eye candy does it again!

“Do you care in any way? I came to look for my hyung,” he answered.

The droplets of water from his hair going down his gorgeous back struck Kangin’s sight as he once again, tried to pull away. How can you not have a hidden desire for this man?! Finally, the leader snapped his head back and revealed his godly handsome dimple.

“Stop lying, ass,” he shot.

Kangin very well knew that he should get his hyung, in his arms, freefalling in his love. He cannot hide it though. That steamy night after the Sorry Sorry shoot was definitely unforgettable but for Eeteuk, his satisfaction might not be fulfilled the way he wanted to. In this case, it wasn’t good. The young one made his brain do its wonders but nothing came. Being pretentious won’t do. Showing his body won’t do any good. Fuck. Being himself won’t do anything! Or maybe it would.

This might actually work.

Kangin snaked an arm behind the elder one and snatched his martini. The risk began just for the sake of feeding his desire.

“Ha! I have your martini. What are you going to do about it?!” he prattled.

This guy has two faces. One for the crowd and one for Kangin; and it weren’t appealing. A devilish but sexy grin met Kangin. He opened his mouth and said, “You’ll just have to get me another one.”

Upon hearing what his hyung said, his temper rose. No worries, he had it restrained, for now. The martini in his hands was monstrously consumed by him. It’s time for another monkey business.

The robe was his last resort and it better work. Hopefully it would. First, he needed the man’s attention, and then, the action should start then.

“Hyung, is the water cold?” he couldn’t think any longer.

What a cheesy line! Factually, his brain would practically be dead of all the thoughts he had after seeing Eeteuk’s eyes. A miracle practically happened as Eeteuk glared back and nodded. The plan is going smoothly. Slowly he faced his hyung and untied the white robe revealing his developing muscular body. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw Eeteuk staring with his mouth slightly open and probably drooling inside. Temptation and desire was lurking around but this trance was only to be felt by the secret lovers. Kangin knew he got him. He got him perfectly.

“I know what you want. You want me, don’t you?” Eeteuk purred as he walked up the pool steps nearing Kangin.

Kangin’s eyes burned with the sight of his hyung’s body scattered with droplets of water. His heart pounded relentlessly as he neared with eyes piercing as the dark sky. He almost stepped back but instead, Eeteuk wrapped his arms around his junior and brought him close with their bare skin flickering with delight.

Though their height has a 2 centimeter difference, no difficulty was shown as Eeteuk opened his mouth to give his dongsaeng a deep passionate kiss. Kangin ran his fingers across his partner’s wet hair and tilted his head and felt his hyung’s warm lips.

“Mmm…” a low moan escaped from Eeteuk’s busy lips.

The leader’s body was unable to move an inch because of the tight grip his little brother had. Their tongues played and tied as more moans escaped their lips.

“Hmm,” Kangin pulled away.

His hyung insisted and dug his nails on the other man’s back, “What’s wrong?”

Their lips were swollen but nothing can keep them apart. Hands were roaming around with their breath shaking with pleasure.

“Hyu-hyung! I control you now,” Kangin’s voice shook.

A wet kiss made its way on Eeteuk’s neck as he moaned with delight. His head snapped back when his dongsaeng licked his chest through his developing abs. He felt his Speedo’s getting tighter as his dongsaeng got erratically playful with his neck. Hands were everywhere and kisses appeared out of nowhere. Leeteuk opened his eyes to see Kangin cupping his cheeks.

“You taste so good,” he proposed as he shoved his lips down the elder’s throat.

A low moan escaped once again and little did they know, they were nearing the edge of the pool. Eeteuk tugged on his partner’s swimwear but his grip stopped him. The leader chuckled as he broke the kiss for breath.

“You bitch,” he cursed.

“I don’t want to get naked in pub—“ Kangin struggled while devouring his lips.

“Then will have to do it somewhere hidden.”

He pulled Kangin’s hair and attacked his neck like a hungry vampire. The lion growled with content and called out his hyung’s name. Finally they lost their balance and let the air carry them down. It was like a dream where the lovers kiss and make-out in public and then freefalls on something, like a bed of roses. Their lips never parted as the water gave a painful slap on Kangin’s back. He got what he wanted and at last, fed his hunger for his angel. They both parted with the water and took in some air.

Their breathing got harder as they stared with so much passion and delight. They laughed in unison.

“This is way better than we did before,” the angel whispered.

The monster inside the young one couldn’t be tamed anymore as he pinned his elder to the edge of the pool. Their make out session got steamier when the angel whispered dirty thoughts into the other’s ear. Just when they thought of finally getting naked, footsteps were heard from the other side of the area. Only Kangin heard the steps while his hyung was practically grinding his body against him and eating his face.

“Hyu-hyung, the-there’s s-someone coming,” his voice shook.

The angel grinned inside the kiss and commanded, “Take a deep breath.”

As a lover, he obeyed and they sank in the blue pool with Eeteuk pinned in the cold tiles. If only he could here, Leeteuk let out a groan when his dongsaeng nibbled on his ear. 30 seconds had passed and they couldn’t hold on. Kangin placed his arms gently around Leeteuk’s neck and gave a final deep kiss. A slight tilt and a little tongue flick was all that matters.

They surged up and gasped for breath. Both eyes were bloodshot as chlorine infested water went in. Eyes pointed to the stars and finally to each other. A smile crept up his hyung’s face as he turned around.

“Donghae-ah! How are you?” he walked up the steps and approached his dongsaeng.

In his hyung’s eyes, it seemed like nothing happened. He wasn’t satisfied at all.

“Hey! How long have you been out here?” Kangin asked Donghae.

He looked up to think with the stars and answered, “About 2 minutes ago. Hyung, are you sweating?”

Before Kangin could answer, the angel took his place and wrapped an arm around the other dongsaeng, “Hae, how could he sweat in the water? That’s pool water, not sweat.”

The angel smirked and stole the glass of wine away from Donghae. With a wink to Kangin, it was an invitation for another steamy session and an approval of success. Maybe it was sweat.

Phail~! ><
This is actually my first post and it's written for the fic challenge. I don't have a lot of friends and so why don't you recommend this if you liked it. please? Enjoy reading and comments are very much appreciated. <3


Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin

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