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Title: Nosebleeds
Author: hyuukie
Pairings: Kyuwook, minor HanChul
Genre: Humor, Crack (because that's my genre xD unlike SOME people bffimagine)
Summary: Kyuhyun is getting nosebleeds a lot lately, and Ryeowook wants to know what's causing them.
A/N: I was soooooo high (because I was listening to Dancing Out by SuJu, and if you read my seizure posts on my journal, you'll know what I'm saying xD)
Disclaimer: Don't own Kyuwook

Ryeowook stared in horror and the blood from his nose just kept coming. And coming. And coming. And coming. The eternal magnae was about to believe that he was going to die of blood loss. "Kyu!! Your nose is... is...!"

Ryeowook helped the younger boy to the bathroom where he put tissue to his nose.

"Why are you having a nosebleed?"

"It's..." Kyuhyun thought back to when Ryeowook was dancing Don't Don on stage... Pelvic thrusts... "It's probably just the heat from dancing on stage so much and the body heat from everybody else."

Ryeowook nodded, "When I was a kid, I used to get nosebleeds a lot because of the heat. So will you be okay if I leave you here?"

Yes!! Please!! This is so embarrassing!! "Yeah, I'll be fine."

"Kay. I'm in the dressing room if you need anything."

"Thanks hyung." But I take it back because of this stupid nosebleed!!

Ryeowook's eye twitched when the blood suddenly started squirting out of Kyuhyun's nose, almost like a stream or river of blood. "Again Kyu?!" the older boy held tissue up to his dongsaeng's nose. "What's the cause of it this time?"

"Erm... Donghae accidentally hit me in the face with a ball. It hurt. A lot. It led to blood."

"And when did Donghae hit you with the ball?"

"Um... ten minutes ago?"

"Okay... If you need anything, I'm in my room."

Kyuhyun sighed when his hyung left, thinking back ten minutes ago when Ryeowook was eating a popsicle. God... He has no idea what he's doing, does he?

"Stop!" Ryeowook screamed and threw the last tissue box at Kyuhyun. "Stop with all these nosebleeds!! What happened this time?!"

Kyuhyun ripped the box open and took a tissue, "I blew my nose too much because it felt like something was in there, but I think I busted a vessel."

Ryeowook slipped on his shoes and opened the door, "I'm at the store buying tissue if you need me."

The younger boy discarded the used tissues in the garbage, replaying his hyung on all fours on the ground, searching for the pen he dropped. I'm going to die of blood loss... I just know it... And if I don't, hyung will beat me up for killing trees.

"You're giving me money for every tissue box I have to buy," Ryeowook tossed the nearest tissue box to Kyuhyun.

"Thanks hyung... And... Sure..." My god, for every tissue box?! I'll go broke!!

"So what was it this time? Did you pick your nose too much?" Ryeowook said sarcastically, but he didn't expect the younger boy to nod.

Even though it was an embarrassing answer, Kyuhyun nodded, "Sure." he gulped when Ryeowook gave him a look of digust, but he let it go when the older stood up.

"I'm downstairs if you need me." Kyuhyun swore that Ryeowook said 'need' in a seductive way. Thoughts flooded the magnae's mind of when he walked in on his hyung in the bathroom, only a towel around his waist. He instantly rushed out of the bathroom, Ryeowook dressed and ran after him, and then the blood came.

"Hey, Kyu, I heard from Wookie you're having a lot of nosebleeds." Heechul sat down next to his dongsaeng and watched as he threw away old tissues and placed new ones to his nose.

"Yeah... I don't know why though..." Kyuhyun lied, wiping his nose one last time, making sure the blood stopped.

Heechul scoffed, "Liar. Everybody knows why you would get massive nosebleeds, so massive you could donate it to a hospital and save three hundred people, but nobody would want blood from your nose."

Kyuhyun hit his hyung on the shoulder, only to be bitch-slapped on the face, causing his nose to bleed again. "GOD HYUNG!! DON'T YOU KNOW I'M PAYING FOR EVERY TISSUE BOX I USE?!" the magnae took the last tissue from the box and hoped it could last through his bleeding, "And you slap like a girl."

Heechul smirked, "I am a girl." and with that he left the room, leaving Kyuhyun to his business.

"Then that makes you and Han hyung HETEROSEXUAL!!"

Heechul came back in a blink of an eye and slapped Kyuhyun again, "DON'T EVER SAY THAT WORD IN THIS HOUSE AGAIN!!" then dashed up the stairs.

"You owe me three dollars for that tissue box," Ryeowook picked up the empty box and recycled it.

"Hyung, I need to tell you something."


"My nosebleeds stop now."

"Okay... So what do you want me to do about it?"

"Go up to HanChul's bedroom and lay down on it." Kyuhyun dragged Ryeowook up the stairs and pushed the older boy onto their hyungs' bed.

"Kyuhyun..." Ryeowook whimpered, knowing what was in store for him.

"Shh..." Kyuhyun climbed on top of Ryeowook and...


Hankyung ran over to his lover to see what he was screaming about, "Chulie?"


Hankyung stared at his and Heechul's bed, "I think they look cute... They--" then the chinese saw what the older boy meant.

The room was a mess, the sheets thrown on the floor, red and white liquid on the bed.

"The white--"

"You know what that is." Heechul covered the two boys with a blanket so their naked forms wouldn't be visible.

"The red--"

"Kyuhyun's nosebleeds... He's been having them a lot lately."
Tags: pairing: ryeowook/kyuhyun

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