vic_sim (vic_sim) wrote in miracle______,

Fic: Searching for... ... - Chapter 3

Title: Searching for... ...

Author: vic_sim

Characters: Super Junior + Henry, Zhou Mi, DBSK (will appear I think in the next Chapter)

Category: General

Rating: PG-13

Summary: AU Fic. It's set when they are in university, all doing a variety of courses. Most of them are friends beforehand, having grown up together. Life seems perfect. Life seems to be going well and they are all heading towards their own future. But something is missing. None of them really knows what is missing. They will all have to search for the missing piece in them. And that is what life is about - searching for the thing to make yourself whole.

(Don't put too much faith in the summary cos I have a feeling it may not turn out to be what people have in mind when they read the summary.)

Part A: Zhou Mi, what's going on? 
Part B: How do you know that tune?
Part C: I want to know my past.
Tags: subject: super junior, with: dbsg

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