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To Please Prince Hankyung

Title: To Please Prince Hankyung
Chapter: 2/?
Pairing: HanChul (ZhouRy friendship)
Summary: Prince Hankyung was always a hard person to please when it comes to girls. When his mother finally gives up on finding him the perfect woman, his brother decides to set him up with a man instead.
A/N: Short and confusing... Maybe :/
Disclaimer: Don't own HanChul *_________*

Hankyung admits, the princess standing in front of him was very pretty. But how was she any different from the other sixty three? I'll give her a chance since Henry set me up with her... "Hello, princess." Hankyung bowed deeply and when he rose up, the girl wasn't blushing or giggling, she was just staring at him with an expression of confusion. "Er..."

"Why are you bowing to me? It's not like I'm royalty or anything..." Heechul said, earning a slap on the butt from Zhou Mi. Remembering that he was supposed to act as a princess, Heechul curtsied, "pleasure to meet you-- er, Prince?"

HEECHUL, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!! Henry telepathicly sent the message to his hyung and was surprised when Heechul pulled his dress in fustration, "I'M TRYING HENRY, DON'T PUSH ME!!"

Hankyung gave his younger brother a glance, and Henry just gave him a cheeky smile in return. "Bye hyungs-- erm... Hyung's date and hyung!" Henry quickly grabbed Zhou Mi and dragged the older to his room.

"So... You have um... a nice house... I mean kingdom... I mean castle thing... Excuse my lack of knowledge?" Heechul played with his gloves before looking at Hankyung.

The prince just smiled. She was definately different from the others. She wasn't afraid to be herself and she could just treat him as a normal guy. "Do you want to walk around the gardens?"

"Um... Sure?" Heechul decided to just do everything the prince wanted... Except jump off bridges or take off his clothes, like the last guy that...

Hankyung held out his hand waiting for Heechul to take it, but the princess never took it.

"Are we supposed to hold hands? I mean, that's what couples do, and we just met so..." Heechul kept his hands to himself, and thought he saw Hankyung have a look of disappointment on his face.

"Yeah... My apologies..."

Heechul stared at the prince's fallen face and hesitantly laced their fingers together, "but, if that's what you do here, then I'd be honored to hold your hand."

Hankyung blushed and smiled softly at the princess. All of a sudden, why do I feel like the princess? There's something about her...

The walk through the gardens was quiet, the sun had already come out, the birds were chirping and the water from the fountain could be heard. Hankyung saw the rose section and bent down to pick one, presenting it to the princess, earning a smile from her and causing him to blush.

Heechul giggled and poked the prince's red cheeks, making them turn redder. "You're so cute, prince."

Hankyung smiled shyly, "and you're really pretty."

"Thank you," Heechul returned the smile and sat down on one of the benches by the fountain, patting the seat beside him for Hankyung to sit too.

Once the prince was seated, Heechul decided to get to know him more, "so... How old are you?"

"Um... Eighteen..."

"Really?! I'm a year older than you!!" Heechul jumped up and then started laughing, "that's interesting."

"I guess so..." Hankyung blushed and stood up too, then enveloped the princess in a hug. "Let's eat lunch~"

It was Heechul's turn to blush at the sudden body contact. But then he remembered... The prince didn't like him for him, he liked him because he thought he was a princess a.k.a, a girl. Unconciously, Heechul sighed earning a worried look from the prince.

"Are you alright princess?"

"Heechul's fine," the older put on a fake smile and skipped off to the castle. "Let's play in here!!"

Hankyung followed the princess and when he caught up to her, she turned around and gave him a kiss on the cheek. The prince's cheek burned from where the soft lips were previously on, and he looked at her in confusion.

"Let's play a game."

"What kind of game?"

"Hide and Seek."

"That's so... Childish and--"

"Fun," Heechul grinned and ran down the hall, "count to twenty!"

Hankyung sighed and turned around to face the wall, counting slowly.

Heechul stopped running and entered through another huge door with the word 'Kings' engraved into it, revealing a long hall. Closing the door quietly behind him, the fake princess silently sauntered down the hallway observing the paintings and pictures on the wall. The first picture he saw was of a man staring right at him. Under the picture was the writing: Sir Kim Jongwoon, the first son of King Kim Kangin and Queen Park Leeteuk, married to Kim Ryeowook. Poisoned when he became King: King for 123 days.

Heechul was hit with the last sentence like a speeding carriage. Poisoned when he was King? Heechul moved onto the next one, which was of a another man. Caption said: Sir Lee Sungmin, the last son of King Lee Hyukjae and Queen Lee Donghae, married to Cho Kyuhyun. Shot when he became King: King for 348 days.

Again Heechul was hit with the speeding carriage. To try and clear his suspicion, he read another one. Sir Kim Junsu, only son of King Jung Yunho and Queen Kim JaeJoong, married to Park Yoochun. Hung when he became King: King for 779 days.

Heechul felt like screaming. All the previous kings in this castle ended up dead in some murderous way. There were many more pictures and portraits, probably all of those captions had something to do with when and how the other Kings died. If Hankyung was going to become King if he married a princess only to be dead, Heechul didn't want him to marry anything!!

"Princess? Heechul!" Hankyung called out and stared at the huge 'Kings' door and shook his head. "I really like her... I'll never show her that room until I know she loves me..."

When Hankyung ran past the door and up the stairs, Heechul emerged from the room noiselessly and closed the door, letting out a breath he didn't even know he was holding. "To be King... means death?" Heechul ran up the stairs to find Henry's room.

Henry's room wasn't hard to find, considering his room had a little sign on it that said 'Henry'. "Henry!"

"Hyung?" the mochi gazed at his hyung and got up from his chair. "What's up?"

"There's a room... Down the stairs and the hall, then to the left... A huge door with the word 'Kings' on it... In there are portraits of old Kings and they all died in a very... Unpleasant way. What's that about?"

Henry froze when Heechul mentioned the Kings room. That room was forbidden to any guest, servants and even his mom. Henry gulped and played with the hem of his shirt, "listen, hyung. You weren't supposed to go in there, and my parents would have a fit if they knew that you went in there. I suggest you don't tell anyone about that until my brother shows you it."

"But Henry, it's--"

"Don't talk about it, hyung. Please."

Heechul nodded. "Okay."

"Heechul?" Zhou Mi raised an eyebrow at the 'princess'.

"I was just leaving. You two have your fun." Heechul winked at his dongsaengs and left the room to go find the prince. I really like him... But would marrying him make anything any better? How do I know that I'm not like the other princesses he's dated? Am I good enough?

DON'T WORRY, THERE'S NO ANGST!! >,< (meaning Hankyung doesn't die, Heechul doesn't die, Henry doesn't die, and Zhou Mi doesn't die. In other words, NOBODY DIES >__________________<

Earth Hour at 8:30, make sure you participate ^^

and sorry for any grammar mistakes or errors :/
Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng

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