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Look Who's Talking 10

Title: Look Who’s Talking ~SJ style. [Chapter 10]

Pairing(s): Kangteuk, G-TOP, Kid Eunhae, Jaeho,

Fandom: Super Junior(main), DBSK, Big Bang… SHINee

Rating: Pg for parenting ideas that should never be conducted on actual live children.

Warning: Kid Super Junior AU, Fake parenting tips…

Genre: Comedy, a bit of angst, and some mild sap. 

Disclaimer: still don’t own them…

Summary: Kangteuk are the picture perfect couple, until Leeteuk gets them into a situation involving a few children who have minds of their own.

A/N : If you haven’t read the prologue or any of the previous chapters they can be found on my profile.


Leeteuk frowned as he cleaned the flour from inside Donghae’s ears. How did he manage that one was still a mystery.


Kangin was next to him scrubbing the flour from Eunhyuk, he had made the mistake of trying water only resulting in a very sticky child.


“What were you doing while they were playing in this stuff?”


“I was on my lap top doing some things research for work, I didn’t even notice until Kangin ran by our room and these two were in pursuit.”


“Couldn’t you use your laptop out in the living room or something?” Leeteuk sighed, somehow Donghae had gotten the flour up his shirt as well.


“I didn’t think they would be able to make this much of a mess, they had been so good.” Kangin groaned peeling a clump of glue like flour from his child. “I always seem to underestimate them.”


“That you do.” Leeteuk commented brushing flour from Donghae’s back. The new child, Yesung, stood watching in the corner. Kangin glanced at him and tried to reassure him by smiling.


“What happened?” He asked gesturing to him with his head. Leeteuk smiled sadly.


“Donghae, why don’t you go play with Yesung for a while, we’re going to have to clean Eunhyuk up a bit more.” The child nodded and went over to the boy whose eyes widened. Donghae smiled charmingly at him. “It’s alright Yesung, Donghae just wants to play with you.”


The child glanced at Leeteuk and nodded meekly. Donghae smiled and grabbed his hand dragging the child from the room, just as Leeteuk had anticipated. Eunhyuk squirmed a little bit in Kangin’s grip wanting to go play with his friend but Kangin held him steady.


“Not so fast, you still have flour all over you.”


“Actually Kangin it’s glue now, since you added water and everything.” Leeteuk chuckled and Kangin stuck his tongue out peeling another lump of the gluey solution off his child.


“So what’s Yesung’s story?” He asked flipping the child around trying to find any remaining glue.


Leeteuk frowned looking around to make sure Yesung was actually off playing with Donghae somewhere. “Eunhyuk you can go too.” Leeteuk placed a hand on his husband’s and Eunhyuk smiled before running off in the direction his friend had gone. Leeteuk sat down at one of the dining room chairs.


“Some people should never be parents.”


Kangin sat next to his husband and put a comforting hand on his knee. “She abused him Kangin, not physically, but mentally… All his life. He believes that he’s a freak, that no one will ever like him. She told him he was ugly and not worth anyone’s time, and he’s only three. He held every word. He’s afraid of every one; he was afraid of me.”


“He’s not with her anymore. We will love him, like you said he’s only three. We can fix it.” Leeteuk smiled somewhat sadly.


“I hope so.” Kangin moved his hand from Leeteuk’s knee to his shoulder, and leaned in to peck him on the forehead. He could never be mad at Leeteuk for taking yet another kid who needed their help. That was his problem.


“Let’s go check on him, shall we?” Leeteuk nodded and stood up following his husband off in the direction of Eunhyuk’s room. The door was ajar and four of the five children were inside. Leeteuk’s eyebrow raised as he saw Donghae looked up at him innocently as ever. Eunhyuk looked at him slightly guilty and Han Geng looked hopeless, confused, and sad. Yesung was in the middle of the boys and draped in a sheet. He had tears running down his face.


“What happened?” Leeteuk rushed towards the children and wrapped the crying Yesung in an embrace.


“Howse.” Eunhyuk mumbled using his toes to play with the carpet. Han Geng and Donghae nodded.


“You were playing house?” Leeteuk clarified. Donghae nodded his eyes darting to the child in Leeteuk’s arms and then back to Leeteuk. “Why is Yesung crying?”


The two trouble makers shrugged and Hankyung blinked. “What’s wrong Yesung?” He asked gently, playing with the child’s soft black hair. Yesung sniffled but didn’t say anything.


“Umma...?” Eunhyuk said sadly and Leeteuk understood. Donghae Eunhyuk and Han Geng had simply tried to play house. They had tried to make Yesung the mom, probably because he was very thin and feminine. They hadn’t actually meant any harm. How could they know Yesung had problems with his own mother? 


He wrapped Yesung into a tighter hug and tried to smile reassuringly at the other boys who were looking worried. “It’s okay, Yesung doesn’t like to play house, but you didn’t know that.” The children still looked confused so Leeteuk ruffled each boy’s hair in turn. “You aren’t in trouble, but Yesung is going to come with me for a while. Go ahead and play house if you still want to.” Leeteuk stood up with Yesung still cradled into his arms still sobbing gently into his shirt. He sighed and rubbed the child’s back in an attempt at comforting him. this was going to take some fixing.




Yesung didn’t move from his arms. He had stopped crying shortly after he was removed from the children, but he choose to stay with Leeteuk. The boy clutched to Leeteuk’s chest with a vice like grip for a good few hours. Kangin stayed with them watching his husband out of the corner of his eye. They didn’t do much just turned on the news and sat in the living room, not truly watching it. They were interrupted a little while later by their door bell. Kangin got up and answered surprised to find a beaming Yunho and a confused Tablo.


“Kangin! I drove Tablo home.”


Kangin blinked and so did Tablo. “Uhm, I don’t live here…” Tablo looked confused at his employer.


“I know that silly, but I herd it through the grape vine that there’s another kid in this house hold.” Yunho nudged him into the door before casually strolling in himself. “So where is he Kangin?”


“Who told you?” Kangin’s mouth was agape as he stared at the man now walking into his living room as if he owned the place.


“Ji Yong.” He replied flippantly. “Called as we were packing up the shop, gave me a good idea too. When was the last time you and Leeteuk had sex?”


Kangin blinked a little thrown by the question. “What.”


“Since you got all these kids you haven’t have had much I’d assume.”


“Yunho, There are kids in this house.” Leeteuk shrieked from the couch gently covering Yesung’s ears.


“They don’t know what sex is yet, and if they do I can’t imagine what kind of parents you and Kangin must be.” Yunho shivered.


“It’s inappropriate.” Kangin cut in rolling his eyes at the irony.


Yunho smiled. “You don’t want to answer because it’s embarrassing.”


Kangin had some decency to blush. Truth be told he and Leeteuk hadn’t since before Eunhyuk came along… which was a very long time ago.


“Why don’t you two rent a hotel tonight, and Jae and I’ll take care of the kids. In fact I’ll even pay!”


Leeteuk spluttered from his spot on the couch. “We couldn’t Yesung just came and he’s still fragile, and an entire night away…”


“I’m great with kids. Yesung will love me!” Yunho waved his hand. “At least grab some dinner or something.” Kangin glanced at the child now asleep in his husbands arms. Yunho was going to get his way, one method or another. He always did.


“Leeteuk, maybe a quick drink, we’ll be back in an hour or so, Yesung will most likely still be asleep.”


Leeteuk looked up in partial shock. “But…”


“It would be rude to turn down the offer.” he said trying to convince his husband and stay away from Yunho’s alternative method, whatever that may be.


Leeteuk frowned and nodded standing up the child still in his arms. “I’m just going to put him down in our room for now then, thank you.” He told Yunho managing a small smile.


Yunho returned the grin. “Any time.” He leaned in to Kangin and whispered into his ear. “My house is unlocked feel free to use it, or the store just ask Jae for the key, heck even in your own office man.” Kangin rolled his eyes and waited patiently for his husband to emerge effectively tuning out Yunho, who felt he was giving Kangin some very specific and useful pointers to love making. Hence the reason he tuned out almost instantly.


Leeteuk returned and they left fully intent on only getting a single drink, and possibly an appetizer from the closest bar. Neither of them were completely sure that this was a good idea.   




‘Yesung…Yesung… YESUNG!’ Donghae and Eunhyuk had snuck into Kangin and Leeteuk’s room unnoticed by there otherwise reoccupied baby sitter. Donghae had chosen to climb up onto the bed and try to wake up his new brother.


The sleeping child jerked and opened is eyes quickly looking around. He spotted Donghae next to him and tried to back away. ‘I’m sorry about earlier… I didn’t know you didn’t like house, but Monkey, Han Geng and I want to go play outside, and we wanted you to come too.’


‘Why?’ Donghae blinked thrown off guard.


‘Because more people is more fun, duh.’


‘But I’m not fun, I’m weird, and annoying, and bothersome, and…’


‘Everyone’s weird.’ Donghae smiled at him innocently.


‘But no one likes weird people.’


‘I do.’ Eunhyuk this time crawled onto the bed and smiled at Yesung who was confused at this point. ‘Come play with us… please?’


The child sat there silently for a moment, and then reluctantly nodded. Donghae clapped and Eunhyuk smiled. They flung themselves off the bed and then waited patiently for Yesung to get out too.


The three boys meet Han Geng outside of the room. ‘This is Han Geng, he doesn’t talk.’ Donghae pointed at the child who smiled, and then they all proceeded to the back door in the kitchen.


Yunho was busy sitting on Jaejoong’s lap whining about something into the other man’s ear. Far to busy for either of them to notice the beeping alarm system indicating one of the doors had been opened. The children stepped out of the back door and into the rain Donghae giggled and Eunhyuk opened his mouth trying to catch the water droplets.


‘What are you doing?’ Kyuhyun watched his siblings from the table inside the kitchen.


‘Playing. Play with us Kyu.’ Donghae spun in a circle to demonstrate.


‘No thanks, I’d rather stay dry.’


‘No fun.’ Donghae smirked and then grabbed Eunhyuk’s hand dragging him down the few steps and then into the mud. Once the child realized what he was standing on his smirk grew even larger. Donghae wiggled his bare feet in the squishy substance before bending down. Eunhyuk tilted his head Han Geng stepped back slightly and Yesung looked at the ground.


A handful of mud was directed right at Eunhyuk, and it hit him too, on the chest. The two year old was propelled backwards slightly into Han Geng who stopped him from falling. Donghae laughed and went to grab another handful, but Eunhyuk had recovered quickly enough to throw his own handful at his friend.


This escalated into a missive and short lived mud flinging fest. Donghae and Eunhyuk were the only participants Han Geng stood a little in front of Yesung to keep him from getting hit, but neither boy joined in the escapades. Thankfully it was short lived, and a few minutes later the boys stopped, covered in mud and panting, but with huge smiles.


‘I win monkey.’


‘How, but you have more mud on you than I  do.’


‘Exactly I win.’ Donghae pranced off towards the front yard followed by a grumbling Eunhyuk and the other two. Their bare feet made squelching noises in the mud which Donghae enjoyed a lot. He began hopping rather than walking towards the front. Eunhyuk imitated him after a moment.


Yesung blinked and looked at Han Geng who didn’t seem to notice the jumping. He looked back at the other two boys and took a tentative hop. Yesung managed to land on his feet but mud flung up and sprayed him. He shivered slightly at the cold and wetness and took a glance at Han Geng, who had stopped to watch him. He smiled and shook his head. Yesung nodded and stood up. Walking instead of hoping, Han Geng and Yesung made their way to the front yard where Eunhyuk and Donghae had stopped.


‘We have to do it!’ Donghae was jumping up and down staring at a huge mound of dirt in the lot across from theirs. Eunhyuk nodded in agreement and the two tore off across the thankfully desolate street.


Han Geng grabbed Yesung’s hand and practically pulled him across the street trying to keep the other two in eyesight. The other two stopped at the base of the mound a little ways away from the street and Han Geng came up not to far behind them shaking his head wildly. The other two didn’t seem to notice however as Donghae got on all fours to climb up the giant mound. Eunhyuk copied and together the two crawled a little ways up from the ground before looking back down.


‘Come on Han Geng, Yesung! It’s fun!’ Donghae turned around and began crawling again. Han Geng continued shaking his head but Yesung, who now had his hand freed glanced at the mound, torn. He looked up at the other boy who was still on the ground, he was frowning. Then he turned his attention towards the two on the mountain, Donghae had turned around and was looking at him now nodding. Yesung looked back at Han Geng who was still frowning. He sighed and walked a little towards the mountain. The other didn’t seem to notice so he began  crawling a little ways up.


He looked back to See Han Geng glance at him sadly. ‘Yesung! Yeah come on let’s climb to the top!’ He blinked and nodded following Donghae and Eunhyuk’s lead up the pile. It was almost as tall as their house so they were able to make it about halfway before stopping for some breath.


Donghae turned to Han Geng who was on the ground. ‘You look so tiny!’ he laughed and peeked at the remaining distance they were going to have to make. His eyes found Eunhyuk’s and he smiled challengingly. ‘Race you.’


Eunhyuk’s eyes sized up the top and he turned back smiling ‘Okay.’


‘Good, one, two, go!’ Donghae took off long before Eunhyuk could register. But he did and he ran after him.




Yesung watched in confusion as the two boys raced away. He glanced back down at the ground and saw Hankyung, but just barely. He shiver feeling alone, and scared. Yesung sat down where he had been standing and began to cry. He looked through foggy eyes at the ground and noticed something moving. He jumped at first but then he saw something slide across the mud.


‘Hello?’ The thing didn’t answer it just continued on it’s journey. He picked it up and saw it squirm in his fingers. It was not very big, but it tried to wiggle free from his hand. He chuckled slightly as it tried wriggling up his arm.  ‘You’re alone too aren’t you?’ Again the thing didn’t answer him but he smiled at it, letting it lose to crawl up his arm. He wiped his eyes with his other muddy hand and proceeded to watch the thing. It fell of a couple of times, but he just picked it back up and put it on his arm again.


He was disrupted by a scream. ‘we’re stuck!!!’ His eyes traveled up to see Donghae and Eunhyuk at the top of the hill. He looked back at the ground and saw Han Geng leaving. Yesung began to cry again. He didn’t know what to do. Acting purely on instinct he put his new friend on his shoulder and began crawling up the mountain towards the other two boys. He could barely see them through the rain and the tears but he crawled to the blurs of color among the brown background.


“DONGHAE, EUNHYUK, YESUNG!” The child stopped and turned around. It was that man Leeteuk had called his husband.


“WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE!?” Kangin yelled and began climbing the mound himself to regain his children. Han Geng stood nervously at the base watching as Kangin climbed up to where Yesung was. He would have been mad had he not noticed the tears mingling with rain on the child’s face. He scooped him up and slowly began to descend the mound.


Leeteuk had come over at this point and was on the edge of a panic attack standing next to Han Geng. Kangin slid down a good five feet to the bottom and stood up outstretching Yesung to his husband. “Take him back. I’m going to go get the other two, they’re all the way up there.”


Leeteuk squeezed Yesung tightly and nodded tears appearing on his face as well. A hand was extended to Han Geng and Leeteuk led the two boys back to the house tearfully.


Kangin groaned, he wasn’t mad at Yesung, but Donghae, and Eunhyuk. Well maybe just Donghae… He crawled back up as quickly as he could. Which wasn’t all to swift considering he was trying to avoid getting stuck himself. His clothes had been covered in mud, and he was grateful he hadn’t changed to for their date. Kangin reached the top and saw Eunhyuk looking guilty and Donghae smiling, as usual. “Why me?” He grumbled.


They were both sunk about thigh deep in the mud. He tried to steady himself as best as he could and grabbed a hold of Eunhyuk under the arms. He pulled and was easily able to get him out. Setting him down on his butt he turned to Donghae and tried to achieve the same ease he had with Eunhyuk. He didn’t have that success unfortunately. He tugged and tugged, but Donghae didn’t budge.


“COULD YOU USE SOME HELP?” Kangin glanced down to see someone climbing up the mound, he looked about Tablo’s age maybe older, and he was covering ground pretty quickly. He made it up in about a minute.


“Hi I’m you’re neighbor, and I heard some screaming so I wanted to see if I could help.”


“I can’t seem to get my kid unstuck.” Kangin admitted to the stranger with an demonstrative tug.


“You have to tilt him on an angle and wiggle him out, like this.” The neighbor took Kangin’s place under Donghae’s arms and began twisting the boy gently and pulling up at the same time. Sure enough the child was unearthed a moment later. “See?” The neighbor smiled and put Donghae under his arm. “I’ll take this one down, if you don’t mind.” Kangin shook his head and grabbed Eunhyuk. The mystery neighbor made it down first, but Kangin followed only about 30 seconds later.


“Are they okay?” Another man Kangin was unfamiliar with was at the base of the dirt pile looking worriedly at his neighbor.


“Yep, they just got stuck, so I helped him get them free.” The other man looked relieved. Donghae’s savior carried him towards Kangin’s house and he followed mutely noticing a very worried Leeteuk on the porch. He sped up slightly and was only followed by the other too.


“Are they okay?” He called running across the driveway to meet them.


“Yes Leeteuk, they’re fine. I was just having some difficulty getting Donghae lose, luckily our neighbor was able to help.”


Leeteuk’s eyes traveled to the man who had Donghae in his arms. “Thank you so much!” He was crying still and Kangin sighed handing Eunhyuk to his husband.


“Thank you for helping me with the kids, I’ll take him now.” Kangin offered. The man handed Donghae over with a smile.


“No problem. You have to expect things like that with kids right?”


“Depends on who you get.” Kangin admitted looking at Donghae who was still smiling innocently.


“Haha, that’s true too. Well we’ll see you guys later I suppose. We’re just next door if you ever need us.” The other man smiled putting his arm around Donghae’s rescuer.


“Wait I didn’t happen to catch your names.” Kangin  stopped them as they were about to descend the driveway.


“I’m Taemin.” The one who had rescued Donghae called back.


“And I’m Onew!” The other one said smiling, before returning to their house next door.


A/N: Sorry for this delay. Despite the end of the quarter pile up, I suffered a minor mental breakdown last night. The results just so happen to be the end of this chapter. I apologize for the bad writing, it is somewhat difficult to do during mental collapse, and I didn’t want to delay any longer.


~Special thanks to arimura_ichigo,  emi84

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