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2009 crossover contest: entry 2

Title: Be Careful What You Wish For
Pairing: Kyuhyun/JaeJoong

Sitting against the farthest corner wall, a white mocha in one hand and a fictional classic—falling apart—In the other. He wasn’t waiting for anyone, and nobody was waiting for him.

For the most part, that’s what Cho Kyuhyun decided. With every sip of coffee sliding into his system like a drag on a cigarette, he was reminded of what exactly was missing.

His book: interesting, and same was his life. He thought it was at least. Somewhat. No fame, no dragons slain or swords pulled from stone. He never killed anybody—and had no plans to—and he was no Nobel Peace Prize winner. But he supposes you could say his life was ‘interesting.’

It was one of those moments where he completely wished his life were as interesting as a book though. That somehow every breath was a cliffhanger, every step a page-turn. He secretly desired—as he poured over the damsel in distress and her savior—sipping that coffee, that he could simply fall into the book. Or any book for that matter.

He wished that the lounge chair he sat in would just open up and swallow him whole, taking him through time, space, and dimensions to fictional place.

A deep sigh reached his lips as he turned one more page, when suddenly the ground started to tremble.

The term ‘be careful what you wish for’ could have been used a good five minutes ago. But nothing mattered anymore, because when he suggested the chair should open up and swallow him whole, it did just that.


Kyuhyun clawed at the mass surrounding him, opening his eyes to see the thickest fog he’d ever been encased in. It stuck to his skin and made his hair damp with moisture. He coughed and eventually rose to his feet taking in the sight of a tall jagged mountain that reached for the sky, sunflower fields to his left and to the right an endless path that led off to nowhere. The fog remained around his knees and he curiously kicked at it to see the thick air swirl around in a pretty spiral until it calmed and recollected with more fog.

He couldn’t be sure, but somewhere off in the distance was the eager banging on piano keys. A powerful and almost sorrowful melody weaved through the wind and just over his head. No speakers were held in the skies though.

“Where on earth…” Kyuhyun bit his lip and twisted his head round and round to find some bit of this place that was familiar. It seemed like it’s own world. A new universe. A new story.

“I suppose I…should…walk?” He turned over his shoulder and saw pretty much nothing, so he headed off on the winding pathway that also led to nothing.

His feet padded lightly on the ground as he walked and watched hard dirt turn to cement, to asphalt, to brick, and then marble. The only way he knew where he was stepping was by watching his feet and kicking at the fog with each step. He occasionally looked up but every time he did, it got foggier. He could see less and less, only knowing he was on the right path because the marble was smooth under his shoes.

The light music in the air started to play faster, as if this were a cartoon and the main character was about to run into something. His heartbeat quickened and he must have been holding his breath when his foot hit something. Hard.

“Oh, dammit—“ He exclaimed and looked down to see another shoe. And a leg. And a torso. And a full grown man not much older than himself.

“You—wait. How…hello?” Kyuhyun bent over to swat the haze from the man’s face. He must have inhaled some fog there as he gasped slightly and coughed for ten seconds.

“S-sorry. Hello?”

The man on the floor stirred and when his eyes opened Kyuhyun was nearly frightened. His skin so pale, his hair so black, and yet his eyes were large and a fascinating shade of arcane indigo.

Kyuhyun would have held out a hand, had his gut not told him not to. He was usually one that went with his instincts.

The man on the floor slowly stood to his feet, but kept a cautious eye on Kyuhyun.

“Who are you?”

Kyuhyun shrugged. “I don’t know. I mean—I’m Kyuhyun.” Somehow, the question in his head was ‘where are we.’ He must have heard wrong.

“Six five oh three one.” The man said to him.

A very curious eyebrow rose on Kyuhyun’s face as he stared at the unusual person in front of him.

“I’m sorry?”

“Well that’s good.” He brushed himself off and ran a few fingers through his hair to straighten the already-perfect mess.

“You’re not an android.”

Kyu’s mouth opened and then closed when he realized he had nothing to say to that.

And he was further left without words, when the man who possibly just thought he was an android, suddenly embraced Kyuhyun in a hug like no other. He pressed them together and inhaled at the base of Kyuhyun’s neck, while Kyuhyun remained perfectly still.

Pulling away, he sighed. “I haven’t seen another human in days. I got here two earth-days ago, with this in my pocket,” He pulled out a small piece of paper that read: Androids. 65031.

“My name’s Jaejoong.” He brushed off his hand and clasped Kyuhyun’s holding it firmly.

They place they were in—the story they were a part of—had it’s own soundtrack. It became very clear, when the fog diminished the slightest bit and lyrics started to sing and weave through the air.

I tiptoed to your heart, it was colder than normal. Colder than mine would have been.
With the blood on your hands in your every reflection, every reflection a sin.

“Can you hear that?” Kyuhyun asked, referring to the clear music reverberating all around him. It was loud enough to hear, but not loud enough to cloud his thoughts.

“Hm?” Jaejoong tilted his head. “Oh, the music? Yes. I’ve heard it for two days straight. It gets kind of annoying. Mine’s been on ballads the whole time.”

Kyuhyun was confused beyond words, but he didn’t really know how to word the right question.

“I think it’s our own personal soundtrack. Like, the way we’re feeling, put into music. It makes sense right?”

Kyuhyun blinked at the pretty eyed man, wondering if this was all a joke.

“Right.” Kyu swallowed. “Excuse me asking, but how did you get here?”

Jaejoong thought for a second. “I was…” and then it hit him. “…I was gardening. In my yard. Then suddenly, POOF.” He made a wild gesture with his hands.


“I was…reading…at a café, and then, poof?”

“Incredible.” Jaejoong grinned. It was then, that Kyuhyun finally took in what he was wearing.

Kyuhyun was in the same outfit he wore while sitting at the café.

Jaejoong’s outfit was not one for gardening.

With a clean black shirt, over that and black jeans he sported a black blazer of some sort, with a prominent red stripe lining the collar and around the cuffs of his hand.

Not only that, but he looked clean. His hair was perfect, skin clear as porcelain. It didn’t make sense to Kyuhyun, but so far not much did.

Jaejoong looked at the watch on his hand and then glanced around nervously. “We should go. Dusk is almost here and it’s not good to be out. Come on,” He started walking through the light fog and Kyuhyun followed obediently.

“What exactly happens at dusk?” Kyu asked wearily.

“Well, the music changes depending on how you feel right? Imagine how eerie those violins would start to sound when you’re out in the middle of the fog and it’s pitch black, with nothing around you. Nearly drove me mad my first night.”

Kyuhyun nodded and kept up with the person next to him. He didn’t do it on purpose, but the more they walked, the more Kyuhyun slightly strayed away from Jaejoong.

He was looking ahead at the rocks and stone that soon were populated with tall, lush green trees and branches. But all of this remained miles away. The place they walked in gave the illusion of a desert, when everything seems close, but the more you walk to it the farther away it goes.

Jaejoong was now five or six feet away from him as they walked silently through the fog that gradually got thicker and thicker, until Kyuhyun could no longer see in front of him.

“Jaejoong?” He called out, because he couldn’t see him either.

“Kyuhyun. Where are you?”

“I’m…over here?” Kyu looked around. He would wave his arms about, but it would be pointless in the thick impenetrable mass he was surrounded by.

Like a gust of wind however, Jaejoong materialized in front of him, all dark eyes and a subtle smile.

“Thank God. I got scared there for a second.” He flashed his bright teeth and Kyuhyun knew it was just a smile, but something in the gaze he looked at felt sinister.

But he was clearly overreacting.

In fact, he knew he was overreacting because Jaejoong’s eyes got soft as he took a step closer, slipping his hand inside Kyuhyun’s.

“This way we won’t loose each other.”

Kyuhyun was silently stunned by the gesture. He was about to say, ‘we could just walk next to each other,’ but those cold fingers splayed against his until they were laced, and along the way he forgot what he was about to say.

“Sorry if my hand is cold,” Jaejoong laughed, breaking the silence.

“It’s okay.” Kyuhyun answered, staring into the fog as they walked.

Well it’s a marvelous night for a moondance…

“Are you kidding?” Kyuhyun looked up at the endless fog above towards the music that almost teased him.

Jaejoong looked over. “What?”

“Oh. Nothing.” Kyuhyun shook his head subtly and continued his stride.

And I’m trying to please to the calling of your heartstrings that play soft and low.

He made a ‘tsk’ noise and scoffed at the music. He might have felt heat rise to his cheeks, but surely he was imagining it.

All the nights magic seems to whisper and hush
And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush.

Kyuhyun desperately tried to put his mind on something other than their laced hands and worried more about his own safety.

“Are we looking for shelter?” He said, calming the quiver in his voice.

“Yes.” Jaejoong answered. “Just among those trees should be good. The Marble Dinsters don’t go in there.”

“The what?”

“Marble Dinsters. Weird creatures. Five legs, hairy faces, solid as a rock though so they’re difficult to kill—“

“Are you serious?”

“No, of course I’m not.” Jaejoong laughed.

But then the laughter ceased.

“I’m dead serious.”

And when you come my heart will be waiting to make sure that you’re never alone.
There and then all my dreams will come true dear, there and then I will make you my own.


Finally the fog cleared away and trees surrounded them. Tall palms, Sequoias, and massive weeping willows.

“Here should be good.” Jaejoong parted the thick branches of a willow and Kyuhyun hesitantly followed him inside. Outside of the large tree it was still dark and hazy, but on the inside of the weeping willow, the underside of the branches had a luminescent glow.

Jaejoong removed his black jacket and placed it on the soft, grassy ground. Kyuhyun watched and found himself useless since he wasn’t wearing a jacket.

“We can share.” Jaejoong suggested.

Kyuhyun was indeed growing tired, but the emptiness in his stomach was too prominent.

“Is there any…food around this…place?”

Jaejoong’s eyebrows rose and he nodded. “Yes! I can get you some. Now do you want something that will help you sleep, or something that will help you wake up, or something that will give you nice dreams, or—“

“—I meant food, not drugs.”

Jaejoong laughed. “Oh, I know. The food here is just very interesting, that’s all. Tons of unusual side-effects.”

“I’ll take…” He was at a loss with the decision. “Something to…make me full?”

“Good choice.” Jaejoong parted the branches and turned over his shoulder. “I’ll be right back.”

Now. IF when Kyuhyun was reading his fictional novel in the café he had some idea he’d be sucked into an unusual universe such as this, he certainly didn’t think things would end up like they have. It was now a science fiction novel—if he were to classify—yet it was a movie all the same. There was background music, dialogue, two main characters, the fight for survival, and…Marble Dinsters. The words ‘love story’ ran across his brain but he obviously thought nothing of it. He was clearly not in a love story.

“Here.” Jaejoong arrived with a small coconut. “This will fill you up.”

He pulled out a pocketknife and cut a hole for Kyuhyun to drink out of before sitting down in front of him. He handed it over and Kyuhyun brought the coconut to his mouth and started to drink when the taste overwhelmed him. It was not the juice of a coconut. The flavor was like a thousand wild berries. His face contorted at the sourness, but then he drank a few more sips until he was completely satiated.

The whole time, Jaejoong watched him.

The night is my companion and solitude my guide.
Would I spend forever here and not be satisfied…

Kyuhyun dropped the fruit in his hands and it fell to the floor, but did not spill.

His space was invaded as Jaejoong leaned forward and brought his face so close, blinking eyelashes against Kyuhyun’s cheek.

My body aches to breathe your breath; your words keep me alive…

Kyuhyun started to then, really consider if this was all a dream. More importantly, he worried that there was no one around to stop him from closing his eyes and falling victim to the magic slipping out of the man so close to him.

“Jaejoong,” Kyuhyun barely whispered.

Because nothing stands between us here and I won’t be denied…

But Jaejoong started to sing along to the song uncontrollably playing in Kyuhyun’s universe.

And I would be the one to hold you down, kiss you so hard; I’ll take your breath away.
And after I’d wipe away the tears…

His mouth swept against Kyuhyun’s cheek until their lips were touching and all Jaejoong had to do was incline.

…Just close your eyes, dear.


Kyuhyun was asleep. His head laid on the edge of Jaejoong’s sweater and he slept on his side.

Jaejoong was sitting up. His head faced Kyuhyun’s back and broad shoulders, and he stared with demonic intensity.

Six hours ago, Jaejoong had stolen the touch of Kyuhyun’s lips.

And he infected him, with an epidemic so powerful Kyuhyun would question his own sanity when he awoke.

Eventually, the sleeping one moved. Kyuhyun stirred and blinked at the still darkness. He partly wondered if when he opened his eyes, his life would be back to normal and he’d be warm in his bed at home. Such was not the case—he was sure—sitting up on the cold grass.

“Morning.” Jaejoong smiled.

It clearly was not morning, as Kyuhyun glanced through the willow branches and only saw more darkness.

“We should leave now.”

Kyuhyun didn’t bother asking why—partially because he didn’t want to know the answer—and instead just stood up. Jaejoong fluffed his jacket and slid his arms through before parting the branches.

“So where are we going?” Kyuhyun spoke up after walking pointlessly around trees that formed a dense forest.

“Hm. Somewhere.” Jaejoong nodded.

“This may be a silly question,” Curiosity burned either way. And besides, he had a test to take on Monday. “But…do you know how I could get home? I’ve really—“

“Of course I don’t. Do you think if I knew how to get home, I’d be here right now?”

Kyuhyun bit his tongue. It was a stupid question.

Jaejoong moved a step closer though, taking Kyuhyun’s hand for the second time. “We’ll find a way out somehow. Together.”

The pit of Kyu’s stomach seemed to rebel against that idea. He was generally a solitary person and kept to himself, going to himself for advice and answers. Well, himself or a book. If asked the question ‘who would you take to a deserted island’ he would answer ‘no one.’

Kyuhyun did not know why Jaejoong kissed him. Moreover, he did not know why he let him. But thinking back to it, Kyuhyun could feel nothing but the closeness. He heard nothing but encouraging music and if that music was his own, he must have secretly wanted to feel those lips deep down inside.

Though his conscience was disagreeing with this ‘together’ idea, Kyuhyun admitted he was falling into a trap. Because as they walked through this dark forest Kyuhyun looked over and realized he was attached; drawn to those dark eyes and mystical smile. If someone came up to him and tried to pry his hand away from Jaejoong, he didn’t think he’d be able to let go.

However, the calm classical piano spun throughout the trees and he followed the tune with his peace of mind. There was no reason to overreact. If the music was calm, he was calm.

The walk was quiet—only slight squishes of leaves under their shoes—when the pacifying music abruptly came to a halt and staccato violins crept fear down his spine. It was warning music. Plucked notes, telling him to run.

Kyuhyun stood still and Jaejoong froze with him.

“Do you hear that?”

Jaejoong made a confused face and looked around. “Depends. What do you hear?”

“Sharp violins. It doesn’t sound…good.”

Jaejoong nodded. “I’m hearing high keys on a piano, but eerie all the same.” He then stole a glance over Kyuhyun’s shoulder and his eyes went wide.


Kyuhyun didn’t run too much back at home, Earth, wherever. He mostly stuck to things like reading. But he did as he was told, silently thanking his long legs for carrying him quickly around trees and oaks, jumping over shrubbery and thickets.

It was nerve-wracking though, because the more he ran the more drums pounded around him and soon enough guitars were blaring; the noise sped his heart that much more.

He heard a blood-chilling growl behind him and didn’t have to look back to know whatever was after them was fast and very close behind.

“What is it!?” Kyuhyun shouted to Jaejoong who ran just the slightest bit quicker.

Jaejoong didn’t answer and only kept running. Kyuhyun followed.

Through all the trees and blaring amplifiers that echoed all around them, solace was found just ahead where the green broke apart and lead into a cave.

Kyuhyun didn’t know how he knew this place was solace, considering it was dark, wet, and a cave, but once they reached it the music cut off and slid into a decrescendo.

“Oh God,” Jaejoong sighed, hunching over. Kyuhyun was panting heavily and didn’t even bother turning around until he heard another roar behind him.

This beast was the size of Kyuhyun, but it stood on thick scaly legs making it reach the height of Kyu’s waist. The snout was a mix of an alligator and a hyena; its torso was that of a crocodile but the tail curved up, matching a scorpion’s stinger.

“What…is…that.” Kyuhyun backed away; thankful that for some reason the animal couldn’t touch the sand they were now standing on.

“I um,” Jaejoong breathed. “Haven’t found a name for it yet.”

The beast snarled at them furiously for a few seconds before kicking it’s large legs at the dirt and carrying off back into the woods.

“Through here.” Jaejoong tilted his head towards the pitch-black cave. “It’s not as bad as it looks. Most likely.”

Kyuhyun laughed but he found nothing funny. “Most likely.”

“Come on,” A hand grasped his forearm. “I hear waves crashing. Do you hear it?”

Kyuhyun listened for a moment. “I do.”

“So there must be an ocean on the other side.”

Complaining didn’t seem like the most mature thing to do, and plus, Kyuhyun didn’t really mind where Jaejoong took him as long as it was far away from that thing.

At some point it became impossible to see and Kyuhyun spoke up. “Do you have a flashlight or something?”

“A what?—Oh. No, I don’t. But I’m sure I could make a fire. Wait here for a minute, okay? Don’t move. Promise me.”

He saw no reason for promising anything. Where else would he go?

“I won’t leave.”

Jaejoong disappeared. Kyuhyun grew weary of the hard mud under his feet. He didn’t see any unusual bugs though—which was good—so he took a seat on a large rock against the cave wall.

Time—or what was considered time on Earth—crept by slowly until a glowing light illuminated the cave and lit the pale, ethereal complexion of Jaejoong’s face.

“Let’s go.” He suggested and Kyuhyun just about sprang to his feet to follow.

In the condensed space they traveled, with the soft tingle of background music following him, Kyuhyun once more felt at ease. He would occasionally look over and each time be met with an almost shy, comforting smile from his only companion in this fairytale world he accidentally entered.

I wonder, wonder, wonder. Why your eyes they wonder?
I wonder, wonder, wonder, about the spell that you are under…

Heat rose to Kyuhyun’s cheeks and this time, he couldn’t deny it.

“You can’t hear that can you?” He signaled to the hypnotizing beat that echoed against the rock walls.

Jaejoong seemed to be hiding a smirk, but he shook his head. “Nope. I mean, I hear music, but it’s not what you’re hearing.”

“Well what are you hearing?” This feeling that crept in through Kyu’s veins was unfamiliar and he partially thought he might be experiencing…embarrassment.

“Hmm.” Jaejoong looked forward and did not give an answer.

Kyuhyun ignored his own question and rubbed his hands together to get rid of the chill.

Tell me its some hocus pocus…

Usually, Kyuhyun is very down to earth. His life used to be boring and now it’s anything but that. Yet somewhere along the line, he started wondering what exactly mattered in this new place. There’s obviously wrong and right, and he was sure that surviving is important because that’s all there is.

But were his instincts still…correct? That was his question. When he felt he shouldn’t be walking so close to Jaejoong with their shoulders lightly brushing occasionally, was that because he was nervous? Or apprehensive? Or generally overreacting?

He didn’t know anymore.

The only conclusion he could make, was to follow and agree with the music. After all, that was the only way he would know how he was really feeling.

More importantly, Jaejoong’s nails lightly began to claw down the inside of Kyu’s forearm.

Made to lose your focus…

“I don’t seem to want to let go of you.”

The voice in Kyuhyun’s head was rationalizing that the music in Jaejoong’s ears was just playing something similar. He knew that had to be the case as the pair of them stopped walking and the burning torch in Jaejoong’s hand fell and began rolling along the ground by their feet.

His cheeks were brushed with cold fingertips and when Jaejoong’s glass lips crept closer he could only be sure of one thing; he wanted to be kissed.

I wonder why the cold kiss and you think I wouldn’t notice…

It frightened him, more than anything. How much the breath seeping from his parted lips burned and begged him to move closer. He obeyed without much further ado, leaning in to find his own satisfaction.

As their soft lips touched, the voices in Kyuhyun’s head started to scream.

It was as if his sensibility was at war with the music. Parts of his body ached to back away, but he forcefully ignored them when Jaejoong’s icy fingers met with his hair and trickled across his neck. He was indulging to the highest factor and he enjoyed the feeling of disobeying himself.

In that moment however, the music skipped.

Brief, but Kyuhyun heard it. A simple beat froze and stalled before continuing. Jaejoong didn’t seem to notice it and only turned his head slightly to capture more of Kyuhyun’s lips.

But in that split second, the whole of Kyuhyun’s universe shook; like the smallest quiver of an earthquake. He blinked his eyes open to see the pale skin of Jaejoong’s eyelids. Kyuhyun became slightly aware of what was going on, but he was still being kissed. And he was being kissed well. Jaejoong made it a show of raking his teeth along Kyuhyun’s bottom lip and breathing audibly, keeping the book-reader as far away from sanity as possible.

Kyuhyun realized he was no longer kissing back when the record flipped and the song switched dramatically.

This is entertainment, lies are entertainment.
You are down on your knees, begging me for more…

A hand was firmly pressed against his lower back and Kyuhyun acted on the surge of electricity it shot through his spine, across his shoulders and down to his feet. He brought his hands in and throughout Jaejoong’s soft hair, wanting to cry out at his own gust of mixed emotions.

I am the closest thing to God, so worship me and never stop…

He wasn’t paying attention. Well, not fully at least. All Kyuhyun’s attention was on the friction of lips, but he did still hear the music. He heard lyrics that were ultimately foreign to his ears and told him something he didn’t think he was feeling.

The wretched blood runs through my veins, I am the lie that you adore…

“Don’t stop,” Jaejoong whispered. His voice was heady and desperate and Kyuhyun was willing to give in.

But he did not.

Kyuhyun clasped Jaejoong’s wrists and pulled them away from his body.

The music skipped again.

After, it grew louder. The bass pulsed in his eardrums and tempted him to no end.

He knew something was not right though.

…And it skipped again.

Kyuhyun finally pulled away and broke contact with Jaejoong, feeling instant regret.

He was frightened now, and he had no idea why.

“This is not my music.” He said.

The sentence was simple, but the reality of it crept along Kyuhyun’s spine like a spider.

“Can you hear that?”

“Hm? Oh, the music? Yes. I’ve heard it for two days straight. It gets kind of annoying. Mine’s been on ballads the whole time.”

“I think it’s our own personal soundtrack. Like, the way we’re feeling, put into music. It makes sense right?”

No. It made no sense to Kyuhyun.

“How did you say you got here?” Kyu stared though the darkness at the pale skin and frightening eyes in front of him.

“I told you. I was…” Jaejoong hesitated. “I was gardening. Why?”

“And how long ago was that?”

“It was two days ago! I told you—“

Kyuhyun heard and felt the soundtrack shudder the cave walls and rattle the ground under his feet.

“You said that yesterday.”

Jaejoong laughed, “So I forgot to add today. Forgive me?” He finished off sarcastically.

“When that beast was after us. How did you know to run to this cave?”

Jaejoong scoffed. “It’s called instinct?”

“Who runs to a cave when they’re being chased by an animal like that!”

“Those animals can’t touch the sand!”

“And how did you know that?”

Jaejoong rolled his eyes, “I ran into one yesterday!”

“You were asleep yesterday.”

“Not the whole day—Kyuhyun, what exactly are you trying to get at here?”

His answers were not pleasing Kyuhyun.

“Where did you get that torch?” He nodded towards the stick by their feet.

“I saw the piece of wood on our way in. Kyuhyun,” Jaejoong took a step forward and innocence was etched into his delicate features. “Why are you questioning me?”

“What music are you hearing now.”

“Jesus, why would you—“

“Sing it.” Kyuhyun ordered.

Jaejoong stared daggers at the man in front of him and then started humming tunelessly. “Hmm, hmm. In your heart and in my head…”

“That’s the same song I heard when I met you.”

Jaejoong raised an eyebrow. “Coincidence?”

“Tell me, then, how you know the words to these songs when I’ve never heard them before.”

“I like music.” His answer was simple. Too simple.

“You’re lying.”

“I am—Excuse me?”

Kyuhyun’s stomach was dropping with every passing second.

“Last night, you sang along to the song I was hearing.

The blackness in Jaejoong’s eyes was growing darker.

“How did you know what I was hearing?”

Silence between them thickened until the fire by their feet was so dim, only a flickering light illuminated the venomous look in Jaejoong’s eye.

“So I lied.”

Where Kyuhyun could run, he had no idea. This cave contained them. It threw up walls and boundaries and for the first time, he really would give anything to be back in that café.

“I’m controlling the music you hear.” Jaejoong admitted with a smirk, as spine-chilling high keys of a piano played notes that made tears form behind Kyuhyun’s eyes. It was beautiful, but deceitful.

“Stop.” Kyuhyun shook his head from side to side. “I want to get out of here.”

“You don’t want to leave.” The music suddenly went soft, as Jaejoong stepped forward to stroke from Kyu’s wrist to his fingertips.

“Don’t touch me.”

The demure glow of innocence Jaejoong emitted was swallowed up faster than Kyuhyun could see it happen.

“If you leave, you’ll regret it.”

Kyuhyun doubted that. This story around him had surely outdone his imagination and if he were sure of anything, it was that he yearned to be out of this place—and more importantly, away from Jaejoong.

His life had been turned upside down and he wanted nothing to do with it any longer. He wanted to simply return to normality; reading books and indulging in the character’s danger and strife. He needed none of his own.

Though, he originally wished this upon himself. He wanted his life to be more interesting. To roam through the sort of adventures one encounters in a novel.

But he no longer wished that. Kyuhyun wished he could have his normal life back. He wanted it so bad, he would even sell his soul to the Devil just to be back in his lounge chair inside the warm café.

The term ‘be careful what you wish for’ could have been used a few moments ago. But nothing mattered anymore, because when Kyuhyun suggested selling his soul to the Devil just to be back at the café…he did just that.


After a few awkward blinks at his surroundings, Kyuhyun’s head twitched from left to right, hardly believing where he was.

Sitting against the farthest corner wall, a white mocha in one hand and a fictional classic—falling apart—in the other.

His heart was still beating rather quickly as he set the drink down and glanced at the first jumble of words on the page. They seemed rather familiar.

Being as quiet as he usually is, Cho Kyuhyun wouldn’t normally talk to himself. The moment seemed to be a special occasion.

“So that…didn’t…happen.” He glanced down and his pants were a bit dirtier, but that was probably just from earlier that day. It was still nighttime, so he obviously hadn’t gone anywhere. The people around him quietly sipped their drinks and minded their own business. They would be staring at him if he magically disappeared and then reappeared, right?

Dream, or no dream, Kyuhyun felt the greatest sense of relief wash over him. He inhaled and let out a breathy sigh, pulling the white mocha to his lips to take a deep sip. The drink was still warm, so that confirmed his queries.

However, as he set the drink down, Kyuhyun noticed a stranger enter the café. His hair was black, skin pale as porcelain, and when those dark eyes danced over to meet Kyuhyun’s, the words of his book were easily forgotten.

I tiptoed to your heart, it was colder than normal. Colder than mine would have been.
With the blood on your hands in your every reflection, every reflection a sin.

He watched with wide eyes as the familiar man in a black jacket with red lining the collar sauntered towards him, sitting himself down in the chair beside Kyuhyun to lean over and whisper subtle words with a sadistic smile.

“I believe we have a deal.”
Tags: contest: 2009 crossover, pairing: kyuhyun/other, with: dbsg

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  • Somewhere in the Jungle

    title: somewhere in the jungle author: skullchi pairing: changmin/victoria/kyuhyun length: words 2,338 rating: g summary: never let me go polyamory…

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