lee maki ♥ (teukie143) wrote in miracle______,
lee maki ♥

red dots [drabble]

title:red dots
genre:angst? [very opposite w/ the title huh? xD]
author:NOT me.the real author doesnt want to post her name here. 8D
summary:read :D at first you cant understand why this one is titled as red dots. but you'll see it at the end. lmao.
note:made because of her Gakuen-Alice addiction xD if you know Gakuen Alice, remember when Natsume Hyuuga saw Mikan Sakura's red dotted panties?? 8D well... just read!! and please do comment for my friends' sake. @_@ she made this for fun. LOL

monkey-looking piece of shit

*im very sleepy now. @_@. i tried to finish two fics but i just ended up to finish typing this one. @_@ *sigh* its because of watching Suju and DongBang's videos! D:* waaaaaaa!!! D:
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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