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A YeHan Fic?

TITLE: Siwon’s hidden card

Author: SandX

Pairing: a bit of YeHan

Genre: comedy

Disclaimer: I don’t own super junior no matter how much I wish I did…TT^TT

Summary: Hankyung’s thinking about how SEXY Yesung has gotten over the year

NOTE: I really like this paring now!! LOL!! But then again where has their ever been a pairing with Yesung that I didn’t like? LOL!!!! Even though I’m hopelessly in love with KyuSung and YeHae, I have decided to push them to the side for a bit and write some YeHan one shots!! LOL!!! I hope there are YeHan FANS out there!!!!




“so your going to look at me eventually right?”

But he couldn’t, why? Because if Hankyung did look at Yesung he wont be able to tear his eyes away from the guy. The reason for him staring? Well lets just say that over the year when Hankyung was in China promoting Super Junior M, Yesung had turned into a totally hot sexy stud. “it’s a sin to star at someone and having dirty thoughts about them Hyung” Siwon had said to him that night they got back and all Hankyung could do was stare at Yesung with drool sliding down the tip of his lips. Siwon had to “accidentally” spill his drink onto Hankyung’s lap to get the older man to stop staring.

“uh sorry I uh gotta…gotta go I hear Teukie omma calling” and he leaps off the couch he was sitting comfortably on watching cooking shows when Yesung had showed up flaunting his gorgeous, no scratch that, SEXY body in front of him, and poor Hannie had to force his eyes to look elsewhere. But before he could get away Yesung had pinned him back down onto the couch.

“I don’t hear anything Hannie Hyung” and Yesung closed the gap between them.

“now are you going to tell me why you wont look at me since you got back? Or do I have to force it out of you?”

This wasn’t something Hankyung was trained for, he was trained to sing, to act to dance and to be a gentlemen. And if Siwon knew about the dirty thoughts that are running through his head right now while he stared at Yesung’s slender waist he was sure Siwon would drag him to church and MAKE him confess these embarrassing sin. Plus he wasn’t going to suffer CHOI SIWON’S raft again, the ice cold soda down his pant’s two nights ago was enough scolding from Siwon in one week.

“god is always watching Hannie Hyung” Siwon had said that morning before he left to go work out with Kangin and the rest.

“come on Hankyung Hyung, are you going to spill it or not? Or do you WANT me to make you tell me what’s going on?” and that was it. If he didn’t get away now who knows what he’ll do and what Siwon would walk in on. His title as the ‘nice Hyung’ would be dethrone and he would be known as the ‘perverted horny Chinese man.’ NO, he wouldn’t want that so with much effort he grabbed Yesung, pushed him to the side and sprinted for the door.

“whew, that was close!” Hankyung panted as he sat down in the stair case in their dorm building.

But back at the dorm Siwon was thanking his hidden card for helping him clines any dirty and sexual thought out of Hankyung’s head and keep their innocent Hyung a clean man.

“anytime Siwon ah” Yesung said as he got up and head for the kitchen. Siwon’s eye brow flew up as he smirked “oh Yesung hyung!! How would you like to help me keep Kyuhyun and Ryeowook innocent?”



Boy that Choi Siwon is too nice isn’t he?

Ahahaha I don’t know if that was actually a YeHan but hey Hankyung certainly thought it was!!! LOL!!! I hope you all liked it!!!



Tags: pairing: hangeng/yesung

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