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what happened to always and forever?

a YeHan fic

TITLE: their undying love for each other

PAIRING: YEHAN (Yesung&Hankyung)

DISCLAIMERS: I wish I did own these hot guys but I don’t

SUMMARY: Yesung think’s the person he likes is in love with his best friend.

WRITTEN FOR : plastikxteukie

Note: just because plastikxteukie wanted a YeHan fic I wrote this! I hope there are some YeHan fans out there!!





I never understood him really. Blah blah blah was all I heard when he spoke to me, but then again I didn’t mind because he ACTUALLY spoke to me. His Hangul isn’t all that great but he’s trying and maybe that’s what makes everyone like him so much. Even when his green card doesn’t allow him to come to certain performances with us he just smiles and wishes us luck. “super junior fighting!” he’ll shout at us when we leave him alone in the dorms. I never understood how much it hurts him when we leave him alone. I mean I was always left out of most of the schedules but at least I was allow to attend all the performances.

“hey what are you thinking about?”

“oh hey Hyung”

“why are you here all alone?”

“how did you get in hyung?”

“door was unlock, so you don’t have a schedule today?”

“no not on Wednesdays and you?”

Hankyung shakes his head giving Yesung a bittersweet smile.

“don’t worry hyung we get to perform at the music bank tomorrow you’ll get to be there too”

Hankyung ruffles Yesung’s hair and smiles.

“YAH! Hankyung ah!”

Both boys turned to see Heechul at the door.

“oh hey chullie! Your back early”

“yes well I missed you, now would you hurry up and go with me I forgot the key to our dorm”

“oh yea okay, bye Sungie!”

“bye hyungs”

Yesung sighs, why does watching HanChul interact with each other always bothered him so much? Shaking the thought out his head he gets up from the couch and walks to his shared room with his best friend Ryeowook. Taking a nap sound pretty good to him right now as he laid down on his bed and instantly fell asleep.


“what chullie?”

“OMG don’t tell me you didn’t tell him yet?”

“I don’t know Heechullie I think him and Ryeowook have a thing for each other I don’t want to ruin it for him, besides I think he was thinking about Ryeowook when I went over”

“and how do you know he was thinking about wookie?”

“when he thinks about ryeowook he has this serious look on his face”

“oh goshy” Heechul said as he waited for Hankyung to unlock their dorm door.

Heechul sighed “I can see we still have a lot to talk about”


“look Hankyung I did not ‘beg’ manager hyung to clear your schedule for today for nothing! Now you go back to that dorm and you tell Yesung what you really want to tell him! Or I will!! Got it!” Heechul shouted at Hankyung, hands on his hip.

“GOT IT!!!!”

“ye-yes Heechullie”

“NOW MARCH!!!!! Or I do I have to drag you down there?”

“n-no I got it!” Hankyung yelp as he ran for the elevator, heading back to the other dorm.

Hankyung decided he didn’t want to knock, if he knocked and the other took his time to open the door then all the courage he had gather up in the elevator would disappear on him. So he burst through the door knowing Yesung probably forgot to lock it again.

“YESUNG I ….” he was about to confess his undying love or the man when he realized that the affection of his undying love was no where in sight. He huffed, mad that he had the courage to actually shout to the man he loved him but he wasn’t even there. Just then the door opens.

“oh Hankyung HYUNG!” Ryeowook shouted, excited because he hasn’t seen the man all day long. “what brings you over?”

“uh…” ‘okay if I don’t say it now Heechul hyung will embarrass me tell the whole world about me liking Yesung and Yesung would be the last person to know and it would be bad because then it would not only embarrass me but him too’ Hankyung thought as he smiled at Ryeowook “uh I came to talk to Yesung”

“what did you want to talk about?” Yesung said as he came from the halls, Ryeowook’s shouts had woken him up from his nap.


“hi Yesung hyung!”

“haha hey wookie ah, back so soon?”

“yea” Ryeowok smiled “I think I’m going to take a shower looks like Hankyung hyung wanted to talk to you alone” Yesung looked at Hankyung and then to Ryeowook who smiled and head towards their room, seconds later he came out with his towel and some clothing and head for the bathroom.

Yesung then walked towards the balcony sliding doors. “come on Hyung lets sit on the balcony the stars are really bright tonight” Hankyung smiled and followed Yesung out the sliding door. Sitting on the side on the balcony with their legs dangling in the air they were silent as both were in their own little world.

‘I wonder what Hankyung wanted to say? Why isn’t he saying anything?’ Yesung thought as the breeze picked up blowing it Yesung’s way ‘vanilla, I love that smell on him’ Yesung thought as a smile appeared on his face.

‘wow it’s so breezy out here thank goodness I used the vanilla soap this morning’ Hankyung thought as he try to say something but the courage he had gather up was slowly slipping away every silent minute that he was with Yesung.

“um Hyung?”


“didn’t you want to say something to me?”

“um well” Hankyung rub the back of his neck “What uh.. What do you think of Ryeowook?”

‘okay why is hyung asking me this does he like Ryeowook?’ thinking that it made Yesung sad. ‘of course who wouldn’t like wookie, he’s adorable’ Yesung then pouted as he turned his gaze away from Hankyung and stared into nothingness.

“Yesung ah?”

“there’s nothing between me and Wookie hyung if you like him…….then confess”

And with enough said Yesung got up and left. How could stay when it was breaking his heart that the older man was in love with Ryeowook and not him.

After processing what Yesung just said Hankyung got up and ran after Yesung who had locked his bedroom door. Ryeowook then came out of the rest room.

“here hyung” he said as he hand Hankyung the key to the locked door.

“I kind of knew this might happen so I grabbed the keys before I went to take my shower”

Hankyung was confused, he cutely tilt his head to the left confused “hahah don’t worry hyung everyone knows” Ryeowook whispered “we just didn’t want to say anything because it seem like you didn’t want anyone to know about it” Hankyung nod his head in shock, Heechul really couldn’t keep a secret could he? “Hyung fighting!” Ryeowook whispered as he slipped on his shoes and head to the upstairs dorm to report to the other suju members who were patiently waiting with Heechul.

After Ryeowook left Hankyung took a deep breath “jai yao!” he shouted quietly to himself in Chinese before he unlocked the door.

Yesung was sprawled out on his bed. Hankyung noticed the noise coming from Yesung’s pillow. ’was he crying?’ Hankyung inched closer towards Yesung’s bed. He sat next to the sobbing man.

“Ye-Yesung ah”

“go away, I thought I locked the door”

“Wookie gave me a key”

“go away hyung! If you want Ryeowook then I wont stand in your way”

Hankyung was silent he didn’t know where to begin. He then observed Yesung’s room, he had never actually been in Yesung’s room before, he wonder why till now, his eyes then travel to every corner in the room. His eyes stopped at a picture on Yesung’s night stand. A picture of him and Yesung laughing together at the new years party they had celebrated with DBSK two years ago.

“well if you don’t mind, I’m a bit tired and the other members are all at the upstairs dorm so I’m going to take a nap here.”

And without warning, he snuggled up to Yesung’s back, sighing happily as he took in Yesung’s sweet lavender smell, buried his face in Yesung’s silky hair and ‘pretended’ to be asleep.

“yah hyung” Yesung said nervously “wh-what are you doing? Hyung? Hankyung hyung?”

No answer, Hankyung smiled, he didn’t want to ruin the moment so he didn’t move a bit.

“YAH HYUNG! I’m serious”

Sighing Hankyung moved to Yesung’s ears.

“babo ah, if I wanted Ryeowook would I be here?”

Yesung stiffen, ‘is hyung playing with me?’ Yesung thought as his breathing became more shallow. Hankyung then turned Yesung around.

“no Kim Joonwoon I’m not playing with you, I’m serious” and he laid a harsh yet passionate wanting kiss on Yesung’s lips.


Hankyung broke the kiss and quickly stood up leaving a very shocked out of his mind Yesung laying on the bed.

All the other members filed into YeWook’s shared room laughing and clapping their hands.

“Yah Yesungie Hyung whats wrong with you?” Wookie asked he held his stomach from the craps he was getting frm laughing at Yesung’s shocked expression.

“aww my Sungie and my Hannie are finally together! Kangin ah arent you happy for them?”

“haha yea took you long enough Hankyung” Kangin said as Leeteuk smacked him in the arms.

“what? It did take him long enough”

Everytone shook their head at Kangin and then all held onto their lovers, each having one except for Shindong who looked disgusted “uh teukie omma can I go back to eating now?”

“ahah lets all go and leave YeHan to have their own private time.

When Teukie said that Yesung’s face turned red. Everyone was now gone and EunHae had taken the liberty of shutting the door for them.

“so you know my feelings now how about you tell me yours?”

Hankyung said as he sat next to Yesung.

Yesung couldn’t move, how could he, his heart felt like it was about to burst. But instead of telling Hankyung about HIS undying love for the Chinese man he roughly yanked Hankyung’s t-shirt towards him and kissed him senseless. Smirking into the kiss Hankyung pushed Yesung onto the bed and they had their own little wrestling match for the night.

“so why cant we go back to our dorm?” Eunhyuk asked as he sleepily leaned his head onto Donghae’s shoulders.

“because we all know what YeHan’s doing and besides don’t you want to spend time with Donghae hyukie?” Teukie omma said as he hand them a blanket. Eunhyuk smiled and snuggled closer into his lover’s arms.

“night hyukie my love”

“night fishy”

“OH CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!” Heechul shouted running out his bedroom.

“whats wrong Heechul ah?”

“YEHAN that’s what’s wrong!!!”

And Teukie omma smiled forgetting that Yesung’s room were just above Heechul’s room.


Not the best YeHan fic but I think I’ll be writing more fics on them from now on.


plastikxteukie ENJOY! I hope you like it!!!
Tags: pairing: hangeng/yesung

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