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Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Er, hello!
I'm new to this community and using LJ to post stories in general, so please don't eat my skin.


Title: Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Author: jjang 
Word Count: 1,180
Genre: romance, humor
Rating: PG15 for sexual themes, language, and sacrilege.
Summary: Siwon drags Heechul to a cathedral on their day out. Hijinks ensue.

Authors Notes: Yes, there are Catholic cathedrals in Korea. I checked. There's a famous one about an hour outside of Seoul called St. John's Cathedral. And yes, I know Siwon isn't Catholic, but it's not really that big of a stretch for him to want to visit a cathedral.
Thanks to my beta/best friend/wifey orangedcgirl  for reading this. I know it was such a sacrifice for you.
Onto the show!


            "Where the hell are we?”

            Siwon cringed slightly as the pair stepped over a low stone threshold into the cool interior of a stone cathedral. Mentally praying that God might overlook the curse (after all, it was used in the Bible over sixty-five times), the brunet ushered his shorter companion further into the church.

            “A cathedral, hyung.” Siwon smiled sheepishly as he gently tightened his grip on Heechul’s wrist, worried the currently-blond man might try to wiggle his way out of his grasp and escape from the building and surrounding area.

            “You brought me to a church? For our day out?”

            “What’s wrong with that?” Siwon pouted slightly, always slightly hurt when Heechul showed no interest in religion. “Besides, you said you’re not one for formal dates. If it were up to you, we’d just be back at your apartment—”

            “Having a nice mid-day fuck. That’s way more interesting than anything we could do here.”

            Siwon blushed brightly and clapped a hand over Heechul’s mouth, pulling him to one side, out of sight from the other church-goers. “We’re in a church! Have a little decency, hyung, even if it’s not that easy for you.”

           Frowning for a moment, his lips turned down below Siwon’s hand, Heechul’s expression quickly melted into a smirk. His tongue darted out to lick the younger man’s fingers, causing Siwon to draw his hand back with a startled yelp. Heechul simply giggled at his lover’s indignant pout, breaking from Siwon’s relaxed grip to skip away. The brunet sighed and shook his head, smiling softly to himself as he followed the blond.

            “What’s this?”

            Siwon raised a signature brow at Heechul as he stared down into a crystal bowl of water that stood on a stone pedestal in the middle of the floor.

            “Holy water,” the brunet replied as he dipped a finger into the clear liquid, his digit sending gentle ripples over the surface. “Like this.” Closing his eyes and touching the finger to his forehead, chest, and shoulders, he muttered “Father, Son, Holy Spirit,” under his breath. He was surprised to see Heechul reaching for the water when he opened his eyes, instantly suspicious of his intentions.

            “Ah, it burns!” The blond drew his hand from the bowl a second after his fingers touched the water, wiping it off on his pant leg before cradling the hand to his chest. “Oh dear God it burns!”

            Siwon rolled his eyes and stepped past the grinning singer, reaching back to grab hold of his shirtsleeve and tug him along. “Could you be a little more considerate? Or at least silent in your lack of respect?” the brunet hissed, his eyes darting side to side to see if anyone was glaring at them yet.

            “Lighten up, Siwonnie,” Heechul sighed with a roll of his dark eyes. “Isn’t religion about celebrating life or something like that?”

            Pausing a moment, Siwon smiled slightly. “I guess you could say that. Most people only use it in order to prepare for the afterlife, though.”

            The couple continued to wander through the spacious cathedral, Siwon admiring the murals and architecture while Heechul tried his hardest not to die of boredom by thinking of how to seek revenge upon his excessively religious lover. He was struck by inspiration at the appearance of a giant three sided box with two black curtains hanging in front of it.

            “Hey, what’s that thing?” he asked as he stepped closer, titling his blond head to one side.

            Siwon let himself be pulled closer, smiling at the thought that Heechul might actually be interested in something for once. “A confessional. A priest sits in one side and listens to the person on the other side confess his or her sins, then tells them how to fix things.”

            “If you confess something really bad, can they call the police?” Heechul ducked his head in one side, looking around the dark space before straightening and pulling aside the other curtain.

            “Well, the priest can’t see you, and I think they have to respect confidentiality. I don’t know, though, I’m not Catholic.”

            “I thought you knew everything, Siwonnie,” came Heechul’s muffled reply as he ducked inside the confessional with a laugh.

            “Nope, only close to everything.” Chuckling softly, Siwon leaned his back against the confessional, waiting for the blond to come out. After a few minutes of silence, the brunet furrowed his eyebrows as he poked his head through the dusty curtains, the old fabric tickling his cheeks. “Hyung?”

            Siwon felt fingers fist themselves in the front of his shirt a second before he was tugged forward into the darkness. Flinging his arms out in front of him to catch his fall, he found himself embracing Heechul’s thin frame as his knees crashed to the floor. Siwon fought to hold back a string of curses as pain blossomed in his legs, dragging himself up until he stood in front of a laughing Heechul.

            “Here, take my seat.”

            Raising a skeptical brow towards the black outline of his lover, Siwon was surprised to hear the rustle of denim and leather as the blond stood and pushed the taller man onto the bench in the back of the confessional. Siwon blushed lightly as he felt a hand on each knee, grimacing in pain as Heechul used his knees for leverage to kneel between the brunet’s legs.

            “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.”

            The blush on Siwon’s cheeks darkened as he realized the blond had known about confessionals all along. “Hyung, what—” He was cut off by lips crushing against his own, the warm pressure of Heechul’s hands slowly sliding up his legs from his knees to rest on his hips. Gasping as the smaller man broke the kiss, he barely had time to protest before he felt Heechul climbing onto his lap, each knee straddling his hips. Greedy lips once again found him in the dark, a skilled tongue darting out from the hot mouth pressed against his to silence any hint of disapproval. Siwon only seemed to regain his rationality when he felt cool hands pushing up his t-shirt around his chest.

            “Hyung! For God’s sake, we’re in a church!”

            Siwon could almost hear Heechul’s smirk as he pulled back just a few centimeters. “Well then, we’ll just have to tie in a little religion.”

            After some shifting of weight and the rustle of leather as Heechul dropped his jacket to the floor, Siwon felt soft lips kiss his forehead with a smile. “In the name of the Father.”

            Siwon gulped when the lips began to trail down his neck and chest, coming to rest just above the hem of his jeans before a hot tongue dipped into his navel. “And of the Son.”

            Heechul again glided his lips over Siwon’s chest, nipping and kissing his way to one shoulder then over to the other. “And of the Holy Spirit.”

            By now, Siwon had decided to give up on trying to deny his physical reactions, opting to join in his lover’s sick, sacrilegious fun and live a little for once.


Tags: pairing: heechul/siwon

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