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New in here.. And, I'm bringin my friends FF(Yeah.. not mine T.T).. Its her first, and second (?!) FF.. so, please give some comment ^^.

Title : Waking Up Early
Author: Michele (No, its not me.. its my friend)
Pairing: HanChul aka Hankyung/Heechul
Rating: PG
Summary : Heechul don't have enough sleep and... mostly its about Heechul and and a fight(?!) between Hankyung and his beautiness. (Seriously, I'm not good at making summary.. Just read it and you'll understand..)

Not a very good sleep.

I rub my eyes, and try to see a clock that has been placed not too ar from my bed for comfortability. 05.30 a.m, and I’ve never been so early. My God, I need my beautiful sleep! I just slept for a nice 7 hours! A magazine said to become more beautiful, you must get enough sleep, and enough in Kim Heechul’s (me, for you to know) dictionary for “sleep description” is 10 hours, that’s the minimal limit!! Worser, it’s really hard for me to just sleep again after I woke up. Nice, really nice.

I shift my gaze from the clock to the person that is laying beside me. Well, it’s not really bad, though. It’s a rare chance to see his sleeping face, because he always have a good sleep after I deep in my dream, and wake up before I open my eyes. He looks cute, with some strands of hair cover his face. He’s breathing softly, so calm. I remove the strands off his face, and kiss his cheek lightly, not wanting to wake him up. He’s tired, and I want to become a nice boyfriend that always give him a good sleep.

I stand up and stretch my body. Well, I guess I have to do anything possible to spend my time. I’m hungry, so maybe I’ll cook something first. A simple one, maybe. A toast with smoke beef, and a roasted egg won’t hurt, right? I can’t cook so well. He’s the only one in this house (well, it’s just me and him that live here but forget the details!) who can cook really well, especially his fried rice. Can’t get enough of it.

Finish eating, I decide to play some music with my piano. Just a soft tune, to fill the silence in this house. I love my piano, really comfortable to play with. My best friend.

I lift the cover up and press one key. A clear tune come out, and I smile. Perfect. I play some simple songs, and then some tunes that I made up myself. I’m good at making songs, in fact I have a lot of songs that I compose myself. He loves to hear it, and that encourage me. I never said it to him though, but all of my songs inspired by him. By my love for him. But well, I have a huge ego, so I just simply said, “I just feel like it.” If he asked me why I always compose songs all the time. My love for him is so unbearable, and that made me always tried to find some activities to spill it. He’s a pain, really.

“New song?” A voice asks. I stop playing and turn my head. He’s standing not too far from me. He cross his arm, and a warm smile is on his face. “Yeah… you like it?” I ask. “I love all the songs you make, Chullie…” He say, walkin towards me and hug me from the back. “You know, Hannie… you smell.” I say, but kiss him anyway. He chuckle and give a soft peck on my cheek.

“You’re early today.” Haankyung say to me as he walk to the kitchen and grab a glass, fill it with water and drink it. “Why? I can’t wake up early? Who are you so that you can tell me what to do?” I joke. “You speak like a girl, Heechul.” He say. I give him a pout. “Well, I can’t help it. I’m the girl in this relationship, remember?”

“Yeah, yeah… I know. So, what do you want to eat, princess?” He ask. “Well, I’ve already eaten… but I still have a spot for fried rice in my stomach.” I say with a wide smile. “Again? We ate that yesterday!” He look at me with questioning look all over his face. “I like it, so… as a nice boyfriend, can you make that for me?”

He shooks his head in disbelieve, but make it anyway. I smirk with victory and walking back to my piano. If I knew wake up early could be this sweet, I would like to do it everyday.

But, better think of it, I still need my beauty.


Title: Pendant
Author: Michele (No, its not me.. its my friend)
Pairing: Yunho/Heechul
Rating: PG
Summary : Heechul being stubborn and YunHo being romantic


“Hyung… please…”

“ No, Yunho!”

Yunho pouts. Heechul just lift his eyebrow and give him a “Don’t-bring-it-again” look. He pouts even more. He just asks Heechul to give him a long break tonight. Not really long, though. Just 2 hours. The shop is gonna be alright without him for the time.

“But, hyung… I really need it. Just for tonight, okay? Please, hyung… Cinderella, pretty Cinderella…” Yunho tries to please Heechul. “Nu-uh, not gonna work this time, Yunnie. Just do your work. You know how cruel I can be.” Says Heechul. He gives a smirk and turn his body, and walk towards his office, to check the mirror. His face on the mirror.

“Meanie. Tyranny. Horrible.” Murmurs Yunho. “I HEARD THAT, JUNG YUNHO!!” Shouts Heechul from inside his office. Yunho sighs. Heechul hears everything. His boss slash bestfriend is just too… unpredictable. Not giving any mercy eventhough Yunho is his friend. Real bestfriend. Yunho wonders, how in the world can he like that mean guy. For a good five years. Love is too blind…

“Why did you insist to have 2 hours break anyway? You know Heechul won’t give a damn about it.” Asks Leeteuk, his co-worker. “I have a really important things to do.. Really important. For him.” Says Yunho. “What is it?” Asks Leeteuk again. Yunho whipers something to him, and Leeteuk’s eyes get wider and wider for each word Yunho says. “Wow, bro. You’re good… it’s a nice one. Go with it. I will handle Heechul. He’ll be very grateful, though.” Leeteuk says with his cute smile.

“Really? Thanks, hyung!!” Yunho says and run out of the shop. 2 hours… he hopes he will get it. Love of his life depends on it!!”

“I wish Kangin can be like him…” Says Leeteuk, glancing at his lover which is eating his third plate of ramyun. “What?” Asks Kangin with his mouth full. “Nothing. Do your work, Racoon!! Don’t just fighting with that ramyun of yours! You’re getting bigger and bigger…” Scolds the angel to his lover. “But, Teukie…” Whines Kangin. “No but, Kim Young Woon. Go to work, replace Yunho. NOW! Or no kiss for a month.” Threatens Leeteuk, make Kangin immediately jump up and dive himself into some piles of clothes.

“Where is Yunho?” Heechul steps out of his office and can’t find Yunho anywhere. “Oh, he just left. He said he will be back.” Leeteuk says calmly. “Who gives you permission to do that??!” Heechul shouts with all his might. Since when do Yunho can disobey him? Not that he’s being bossy, he’s just…

“Chullie, just give it. He has his own reason. Besides, it’s 10 p.m already, the shop is gonna close soon. There will be no customer.” Leeteuk says. “It’s not like that. I just…” Heechul stops. “Just?” Leeteuk lifts his eyebrows. “Afraidthathisimportantthingismeetingupwithgirl.” Heechul says with incredible speed. “Pardon?” “Afraid that his important thing is meeting up with girl.” Says Kangin. Leeteuk just stares at his lover with “How-in-the-world-you-catch-that?” looks, but Kangin just shrug it off.

“You love Yunho?” Asks Leeteuk to his friend. “Ever since I met him. He captivated me, and I don’t know why…” Heechul leans to the wall. Leeteuk smiles as he looks at Heechul’s gaze. So full of love.

“Well, good luck.” That’s all Leeteuk can say. He wants to tease his friend for a little bit. “What’s that suppose to mean?” Heechul gives him a questioning look. “Just saying something. Don’t be too paranoid.”


2 hours later…

“Well, gotta go now. Bye! See you tomorrow, Chullie.” Leeteuk waves to his friend. Kangin holds his hand and the couple chatting happily. Heechul can’t stop looking at his watch, waiting for Yunho to come back.

Then, he hears a sound of opening door, follows by step sound. He sees Yunho, who grins happily. That boy dancing randomly while singing “I got it~ I got it~”with the tune that Heechul believe just been made by the boy.

“Yunho…?” He calls. Yunho stop dancing and slowly turns his head, ad catch a sight of Heechul. Angry Heechul. “Hyung…”

“You better tell me the reason why you left without permission, so I can consider about forgiving you. Spill it. Now. “ Heechul says with a dangerous tone. Yunho gulps, and slowly walking toward the older man. “Well, hyung… I’ve got something to tell you.” He starts. “Continue…” Heechul says impatiently.

“I left to get this.” Yunho shows a necklace, with a cross pendant. He gives it to Heechul. “What is it?” Asks the older man. “Look at the back.” Yunho says with a nervous smile. Heechul flips the pendant and his eyes widen.

“YunChul” is written on that silver pendant, and being a smart man as always, Heechul absolutely understand what is that word mean. “I love you, hyung…” Confesses Yunho. Heechul can’t hold back his tears, making Yunho surprise. It’s not everyday you can see the great Kim Heechul cries. “Hyung… why are you crying?” Asks Yunho.

“You idiot.” Murmurs Heechul. He hugs the other man and whispers softly, “I love you too.” Yunho smiles and give Heechul a deep kiss. “Where did you learn to kiss like that?” Asks Heechul between the kiss. “Natural talent.” Answers Yunho simply, make Heechul chuckles.

“Hey, put that pendant on my neck, Yunnie.”


“Oooh… aren’t they cute?” Leeteuk squeaks in excitement. “Not as cute as us.” Says Kangin, giving Leeteuk a peck. “Pfft… don’t be too confident.” Says Leeteuk, attempt to hide his blushing face.

Kangin, of course, can’t resist that cute face of his lover, and pulls him into a kiss.


Like I said before.. its here first and second FF.. she made it in 1 day~ please comment ^^

Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: heechul/yunho

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