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Heechul and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

 So I've finally come (partially) out of my SuJu-induced coma to write something that I consider at least halfway decent. First SuJu fic, first thing I've posted on LJ, killing two birds with one stone.

This was partially influenced by the making-of-Miracle vid, if you've seen that. I don't have the link. It's somewhere on YouTube. And also just the fact that Heechul seems to be one of those people who can get into those moods, you know?(Just go with it. Smile and nod)
Okay. Here goes. 

Title: Heechul and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (disclaimer: in no way affiliated with Judith Viorst's book of a similar name)
Author: orangedcgirl 
Pairing: mainly SiChul, smidges of others
Word Count: 1,653
Genre: romance, general
Rating: PG, surprisingly enough
Summary: Heechul's having one of those inexplicably awful days, and Siwon tries to help. 
Apologies: I think it's a bit bulky, if you know what I mean. The sentences are long. Usually they're not so... epic, I guess. But oh well. I think it's decent enough. 

Oh, and special thanks to nakaleteme for reading this first and giving suggestions, even though I didn't listen to most of them. And thanks for paying for most of my food. Just thought I should mention that.

And feedback is appreciated/encouraged/will earn you cookies


It was going to be one of those days. 

Heechul knew this because they always started the same way. They might not be exactly the same - this morning he had accidentally knocked his water glass onto himself whilst trying to turn off his alarm, and last time had begun with his alarm failing to go off in the first place, causing him to be late for his radio show - but the elements were all there. One wrong move set off a chain reaction of unfortunate events that left him feeling miserable and hating the world. And, for some reason, craving sweets. 

Hankyung noticed his seething aura when he came in for breakfast with the front of his pj's slightly damp, and simply nodded to the plate of rice at Heechul's place setting before continuing with his own. Irritated by the curt greeting, even though on some currently-suppressed level he knew that it was the least irritating thing Hankyung could have done, Heechul tightened his hands into fists as he rounded the table towards his seat. He shoved back the chair, making as loud of a screech as possible on the hardwood floor, stamped his feet as he sat down, and stared intensely at a very unlucky spot of table as he attempted to eat with his jaw clenched. 

Picking up both of their plates when Heechul was finished, Hankyung tried to ignore the glare that threatened to burn through the back of his shirt when he told Heechul to get dressed, which, reluctantly and with lots of huffing and stomping, he did. 

Hankyung wondered if he should warn the rest of the band, then shrugged and continued washing the dishes, knowing they would all find out soon enough. 

The rest of the band, as it turned out, was not as forgiving. They didn't understand that when Heechul bundled himself up in his parka and set his iPod volume on 'high' and sat at the back of the bus with a sullen look, he did not, in fact, want to know what Sungmin had seen on TV last night or particularly care to learn how many marshmallows Eunhyuk discovered he could fit in his mouth. But no amount of obvious ignoring or piercing glares would keep them away, which only served to worsen his mood, and he ended up snapping and taking his frustration out on poor innocent Kibum, who had leaned over the seat to quietly ask if Heechul had a pen. 

  "Wow, that was harsh," Yesung said in surprise at the sudden outburst, as Kibum sank back into his seat with a wide-eyed 'what did I do?' look. 

"Heechul-ah, that wasn't very nice!" Sungmin scolded, but was quickly tugged back and shushed by a worried Kangin before Heechul could cut into him as well. 

Siwon, who had chosen that exact moment to clamber onto the bus, frowned towards where Heechul was once again trying to meld into the shadows of the corner. He dropped his bag on the floor and sat down next to Heechul, who sulked and ignored him. Siwon could hear Renai Revolution 21 blasting from his headphones and wondered if he should even attempt to speak to the angry brunet. 

He caught Hankyung's eye from across the bus and raised a dark eyebrow in question. Hankyung gave a little shrug and rolled his eyes, indicating that he had no idea what was going on and Heechul was probably just being a drama queen again. 

Feeling a bit daring, like one of those adventurers who wrestles crocodiles for fun, Siwon turned back to Heechul and gently lifted one of the large, cushioned headphones from his head. "Hyung?" he asked tentatively, and was rewarded with a sharp glare. "You okay?"

"No," Heechul said shortly, wishing looks could kill. Or at least maim. Some people needed to learn a lesson or two about personal space, and he couldn't think of a better teaching utensil than something sharp and... maim-y. He huffed and turned back towards the window, settling the headphone back over his ear. "Go away." He wanted to wallow in his misery in peace. 

Pretending he wasn't hurt by the curt statement, Siwon tried to remind himself that he couldn't take anything personally when Heechul was in one of his moods. Frowning despite this thought, he gathered up his bag and, with a puppy-dog pout that Heechul struggled to ignore, went to sit next to Donghae instead. 

"Stupid," Heechul muttered under his breath, feeling sorry for himself for no real reason and refusing to feel bad for sending Siwon away. He unwrapped one of the several custard buns and assorted sweets he had stolen from the kitchen when Hankyung wasn't looking and bit into it with relish, resorting to taking his anger out on the doughy treat instead of on everyone else. It wasn't quite as satisfying, though, and he soon discovered that he'd cut himself on the wrapper. Fantastic. 

It took most of the day to get to where they were going, someplace Heechul hadn't caught the name of, since he'd been partially asleep at the time. He just knew it was a photoshoot for a calendar or something, but didn't really give it much thought beyond that. He was left alone for the entirety of the trip, none of the other members particularly wanting to have their heads bitten off by attempting to contact him. He only glanced up briefly when Leeteuk handed him his lunch in the form of a neatly wrapped sandwich before going back to sulking. 

It was getting dark when the bus finally stopped and they were allowed off, immediately after which they all tried to climb as fast as they could right back in, due to the fact that it was below freezing. 

"Cold! Too cold!" Sungmin said, rubbing his ears to warm them and pressing against Kangin for warmth. "There is no reason anything should ever be this cold!" The rest of the group voiced similar complaints, but was still barred from returning to the bus. 

"Let's just get this over with, and we can go back inside," Leeteuk tried to bargain, but the statement was diminished somewhat by the fact that his teeth were chattering as he spoke. Grudgingly they all gave in, and trudged over to where the photoshoot would be taking place, groaning when they remembered that it was going to be outside because some genius had the brilliant idea that the city lights in the distance would be a good backdrop. Obviously he wasn't one of the ones standing out in the freezing cold. 

Heechul stood by himself and shivered even in his thick parka, dreading his turn to shed the jacket and model his part. But it was inevitable, and soon enough, after Ryeowook had eagerly left the platform and tumbled into Yesung's waiting arms where Kyuhyun quickly wrapped him in his jacket, Heechul was called up. Still staring moodily at crew and band member alike, he closed his eyes to mentally prepare himself before letting the parka drop to the floor and stepping calmly up to his place. 

After a mind-numbingly cold four minutes that felt more like twenty, he was allowed to leave and couldn't get to his jacket fast enough. But even through the thick layers of down and faux fur he could still feel the chill seeping in, and he shivered miserably as he pulled up the fuzzy collar to try and warm his numb ears and nose. 

His eyes flew open in surprise when something jostled him suddenly, and he managed to discern the front of Siwon's dark jacket before he was hugged tightly against it. He was about to protest and shove the man away when he realized that he was now effectively blocked from the wind by a large red-checkered blanket that Siwon had draped around him, and he could just barely feel some body heat start to sink in. 

"Better?" Siwon asked with a smile, holding Heechul close. Heechul made a muffled, noncommittal noise, his face pressed against the front of Siwon's jacket, and grudgingly admitted to himself that it was indeed a bit warmer now. 

They stayed like that for the rest of the shoot, which only took about fifteen minutes because Kyuhyun's fingers started to turn blue and their manager finally decided that enough was enough. Practically cheering, they piled into the bus and turned the heat up as far as it could go, huddling down for the long drive back. 

Heechul pushed himself away from Siwon and resumed his seat in the far corner, but didn't look quite as angry as he had before. When Siwon tried to sit next to Hankyung, Heechul shot him a glare and looked pointedly down at the empty seat next to his, as if asking why Siwon would dare attempt to sit anywhere else. 

Unable to keep from smiling, Siwon settled into the seat and opened his mouth to say something about how glad he was that Heechul was in a better mood when the brunet stopped him with a sharp turn of his head and shoved a sweet bun at him, presumably to stuff in his mouth to stop him talking. 

"Shut up," he said shortly, putting his headphones back on and turning up the volume to somewhere around the noise level of a small jet plane. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the seat, and Siwon stared at him for a moment before shrugging and slowly unwrapping the pastry, figuring that Heechul was just being Heechul and anything was better than having him sulk. 

He knew for sure that everything was going to be okay when, a bit later on, Heechul discovered that Siwon's shoulder made a much more comfortable pillow and proceeded to steal his body heat for the rest of the trip. 

These bad days, after all, could only last for so long. 
Tags: pairing: heechul/siwon

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