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Flavor of the month: Bittersweet Coffee

Title: Flavor of the month: Bittersweet Coffee
Author: waruiyume80  
Summary: Kibum is a playboy who changes his girlfriend every month who then met a senior on the very first day of the month.
Pairing: Kisung, Kibum / Yesung
Length: 1 / 6


Every time the first day of the month comes, the girls’ skirts would be shortened by two inches to flaunt their legs. It doesn’t matter if their thighs were stick thin or fat and flabby. It still happens, every single month.
The janitor would also become grumpier than usual on this day because the girls would flock to the ladies, fighting to use the mirror for the sole purposes of dolling up. Of course, there was nothing the janitor could do but grumble at the mess they left behind. Even if she could, she wouldn’t dare. It was honestly a scary place to be in, what with their dainty claws all primed up ready to scratch anyone’s faces if they were impeded. Some barely made it alive out of there.
So after the battle, they would go to the school cafeteria fluttering around one table that sat three of the most popular boys in the school, giggling and batting their eyelashes hoping to catch their attention.


“So what happened to that girl?” Shiwon, a tall and handsome boy asked him as he winked to a girl stirring up many high pitched squeals among them. Kibum turned away from the sight and shrugged lazily.
“Got bored with her. She was too clingy.” Kyuhyun who was a year younger than them chuckled beside him.
“They’re always like that to you hyung.”
“Well, at least I dump them straight up instead of stringing them along,” Kibum injected coolly, resulting in another chuckle.
“It’s not my fault that they keep coming back for more,” the boy replied and his mouth curved into a wolfish grin as he spotted a girl entering the cafeteria. Without so much as ‘bye’ he left the table much to the disappointment of the girls who had been hovering closely to him since he came that morning.
Shiwon quirked an eyebrow seeing Kyuhyun’s choice as he made a beeline towards a very flat chested girl wearing a pair of thick glasses.
“Did he change his taste or something?”
“That jerk, I pity the girl,” Kibum commented amused as he watched his young friend cornering the frightened girl.
“So you see a target yet?” Shiwon asked as his sharp eyes scanned the sea of faces around him. Kibum gave his surroundings a glance and stood up sighing bored.
“Okay, so we’re clearly not interested,” Shiwon said giving up his own search and he too stood up slinging an arm over his shoulders.
“Let’s prowl the hallways,” he continued and steered him out of the cafeteria, away from the whining girls.
Kibum soon got bored after a few moments of ‘prowling’ because none of the girls here were remotely appealing to him nor did they spare them a glance.
“I think we’re wasting our time Shiwon. None of them are even looking at us,” Kibum pointed out as they strolled through the corridors.
“They’re just shy. Besides, it’s even better if they’re not interested in us,” Shiwon replied and grinned to him. “Better to chase for. It gets boring when it’s attained easily.”
That was the last thing Kibum heard before he was knocked flat onto the cold cemented floor. He groaned feeling the pain of the fall throbbing into his skull. The weight on top of him shifted promptly and a pair of small hands grabbed his arms pulling him up.
“Sorry man, I wasn’t looking. Can’t really see with all the books actually,” the husky baritone voice said. Kibum looked at the scattered hardcover books lying carelessly on the floor. One of them must have hit his head as he felt a bump growing while Shiwon tried to hide his chuckle at the spectacle.
“Hmm… now I can’t tell you to watch where you’re going then,” Kibum muttered darkly casting him an irritated glance but stared instead as he took in the other boy’s appearance.
He was shorter than him. His dark hair gleamed in the sunlight that was pouring in from the tall windows. His eyes stared back at him with recognition and the soft lips curved into a smirk.
“So it’s you. I didn’t think that you would make it to school today,” he said to him and bent down to pick up the books. Kibum and Shiwon exchanged a confused look as they watched him.
“I’m surprised that you’re not having a hangover right now. You were totally wasted last night,” he said again and started to leave dodging the pupils straggling in the hallway.

Kibum couldn’t quite concentrate on his classes after that as he tried to recall what had actually happened the other night. So he had left his friends at lunch time in search of that boy. He knew that the boy wasn’t in their year because he had asked around the few chances he got in the various classes he had that morning.
He climbed up nonchalantly to the upper floor where the senior classes were, ignoring the questioning looks that casted his way. It was like an unspoken rule. None of the juniors are allowed up there. He didn’t know the reason. It had always been like that.
“Yah! What are you doing up here?” Someone called out and he felt the back of his collar being pulled roughly stopping his stride. Kibum sighed wearily and threw a punch, his fist connecting with hard jaws. What was his problem anyway as he stared down the buffoon that had so rudely manhandled him.
“Always causing trouble are you?” The voice that belonged to the boy spoke from behind him. He turned around watching him sipping on a can of coffee and a vague memory flashed in his mind.
“You were the one who brought me home last night,” Kibum said eyeing him from where he was standing, unsure for the first time of approaching someone.
“So you remembered. Did you remember nearly getting your ass kicked at the club? Or did you just simply remember me?” he said watching him with interest.
“What’s your name?” Kibum asked. The boy crushed the tin in his hand and tossed it into a bin.
“Kim Jongwoon,” he replied easily and Kibum found himself advancing forward stopping a mere inch from him.
“Are you interested?” Kibum asked him taking in the lips that once again curved into a smirk. He leaned forward tilting up to his ear.
“Not when it’s just a flavor of the month,” he said and pushed him away as the bell rang, slinking away into his class.


It was interesting watching him. Watching how he would pick up his girls, show them a little of affection leaving them craving for more thus clinging on to him in a vice like grip. Watching how he would get bored after a few weeks and the girls would always leave wailing what a bastard he was.
Yesung didn’t know if the name suited him or not. If only they were to include ‘cold’ and ‘heartless’ maybe he would agree. Why else would he be dumping girls left right and center?
It’s quite amusing really. He wondered what goes into that kid’s head. The only expression he ever lets on are the ones of nonchalance and mild irritation were the only other that grace that broody good looks.
He knew this because he was always watching him on the train to school. Yes, he really did wonder what goes on in his head but it’s not like he wanted to pick his brains. Who would have the time for that?
Well, maybe he was a bit interested since that afternoon. Yesung couldn’t help the amused chuckle leaving his lips. That kid had the gall to come up to their floor and actually hitting a senior. Who would have thought that Kim Kibum would come looking for him? The little playboy actually asked if he was interested.
A shiver ran down his spine remembering their close proximity and he let out a ragged breath. He understood why she left him for that brat. He sure had this sensual appeal going about him.
“What’s that all about?” Yesung turned towards the voice that had asked him the question. The older man smiled, his dimple winking in sight. His recently shorn off hair shone a dark purple under the ever changing neon lights of the club.
“Hey sangjanim,” Yesung grinned back to his step brother as he entered behind the counter of the bar.
“I told you to call me hyung,” he admonished, his hand swiping lightly at the back of his head. Yesung just shrugged and mixed him a drink. He knew that Leeteuk was waiting for an answer.
“So?” he asked expectantly. Yesung turned around leaning his back against the counter crossing his arms loosely.
“So what?” Leeteuk rolled his eyes and took a gulp of his drink letting out an ‘aahh’.
“Well, you sounded like someone just felt you up.”
“I did not,” Yesung said mortified as he wrinkled his nose to emphasize his answer.
“It’s him isn’t it? You’ve caught him in your trap,” he stated. Yesung raised an eyebrow at this. Trap? Was that what he was doing?
“Unintentionally,” Yesung replied. “I honestly didn’t plan it. It just happened.”
“What’s that supposed to mean? I would have kicked that brat’s ass long before this if anyone was to touch my property,” Leeteuk scoffed taking another gulp from the clear glass.
“Haneul isn’t a thing hyung,” Yesung said frowning at those words. “Besides, I’ve gotten over her.”
“So that’s it? You’re just gonna let it go?” A slow smile crept up Yesung’s lips.
“No. I think I’ll have a little bit of fun.”
“If that’s not revenge, I don’t know what to call it,” Leeteuk grinned and raised his glass finishing off his drink.
“Yesung ah,” he turned around to face the caller.
“What is it Kangin?” Yesung asked sliding the can of beer across the counter to him. He snapped the tab open taking a long swig from it.
“I’m off for my break but I saw that kid from last night,” the heavy set man said pointing a thumb over his shoulder. Both Yesung and Leeteuk looked over the general direction and found him swaggering coolly towards the bar.
“Watch out for him for me. I don’t want him to cause any trouble,” Kangin said eyeing the boy with menace as he perched onto the bar stool.
“Don’t worry, I don’t think he’s here for that,” Yesung assured him and Kangin sauntered off to the back room.
“Have fun kid,” Leeteuk whispered to him and followed suit disappearing to where Kangin had went to.
“Going to get wasted on a school night Kibum shii?” Yesung turned his attention to the boy who was simply dressed in a black sleeveless-t and dark denims. No answer, just those dark eyes gliding down his body.
Yesung smirked and leaned over the counter cupping his chin.
“Look at me when I’m talking to you boy,” Yesung said staring straight into his eyes.
“You’re beautiful you know,” Kibum told him after a few moments of silence. Yesung smirked and pulled away.
“Is that what you tell all those girls you’ve picked up? It might work on them but not on me.”
“So what does?” he asked leaning over the counter top, his hand sliding up the back of his neck pulling him back in from the lost position. Yesung closed his eyes briefly at the sensation in the pit of his abdomen as clever fingers played at the base of his neck.
“Surprise me,” Yesung purred enticingly. A small smile hitched up Kibum’s lips as he trailed his fingers with feathery touch to his chin, his lips drawing in closer and Yesung smirked, turning away at the last moment.
“What the hell Jongwoon,” Kibum hissed, his eyes narrowing displeased making him laughed.
“I like soft flesh Kibum shii, not hard planes,” Yesung said dragging a finger down his toned arms.
“I think you should go. That boy whom you stole his girlfriend from is headed this way,” he said again pointing to the menacing boy who was stalking through the gyrating bodies.
“Yah! Kim Kibum!” the boy shouted over the loud music and Kibum clenched his jaws.
“And don’t call me so casually Kibum shii, we’re not even friends,” Yesung said pulling away for the last time. Kibum regarded him with cool eyes before sliding off the stool to make his escape.
“I think he likes you little brother,” Leeteuk said from behind him. Yesung chuckled shaking his head.
“He doesn’t know me well enough to like me,” he answered as he watched him flee out of the club and turned back to his step brother.
“But he’s in love with me.”

Part 2

TBC ……
Hope you guys like it and leave a comment. ^__^
Tags: pairing: yesung/kibum

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