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I wrote a fic! Yeyy!!

OMG, is that a fic I see?

Yes, yes it is! *is bricked*

Okay, enough with me and my phail attempt at being funny. Ha ha ha.

But I really have written a fic this time!

And even though it's short and probably full of phail, I hope you'll read it and maybe possibly like it anyway?

Title: The Very Last
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG *for boy-x-boy
Pairing: Shiwon + Yesung
Summary: He falls asleep before he can hear him say “I love you” and when he wakes up, he’s alone in his bed, tears that aren’t his wet on his cheeks.

A/N: For all those Yewon fangirls out there :DDD

The floor is warm beneath his fingers )

Tags: pairing: yesung/siwon

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