the occasion called for a pillow fight (shoveledwalkway) wrote in miracle______,
the occasion called for a pillow fight

Title: Stress in a Party Dress/The Thrill of it All
Pairings: Ryeowook-centered/KangTeuk
Word Count: 1,575
Summary: Two short unfinished fics, one dealing with Ryeowook trying to, I don't know, make his way in America except I didn't finish it so it doesn't make sense yet; the second one dealing with Eeteuk and Kangin being old and adopting their own kid and it was going somewhere before I just stopped writing due to time contraints.

Ryeowook gets up, feeds the bird, and jumps in the shower/Jungsu tries to make gaeran jim in the microwave for dinner
Tags: subject: ryeowook

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