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The Reason Why I Love You

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Title: The Reason Why I Love You [Reason Two]
Rating: Nc-17
Summary: Kangin and Siwon are best friends, both leaders of a mafia group. They become enemies, to fight over a man they both love - Kyuhyun.
Warnings: ... smex... :S

"Will you be staying longer, boss?"

Whispered a man neatly dress in a black suit to Kangin. Kangin stared at the figure laid motionlessly on his bed. He sighed - its been nearly a full day, yet no signs of waking up. He cursed silently and gave one nod. And he motioned for the other man to be sent away.

"What will I do with you..."

Kangin moved closer to Kyuhyun, kneeling down so he could see Kyuhyun's face leveled with his own. He traced the features with his eyes, memorizing every detail. He brushed away some hair that covered Kyuhyun's eyes, and kissed him gently on the forehead.  Kyuhyun was banned from Kangin's love, for he had been working against him - for Siwon. Not to mention the fact Siwon seemed to have fallen for this man. Kangin sighed, and left the room, and ordered one of his men to watch over Kyuhyun carefully.
Few weeks passed until then, and Kyuhyun was forced to teach shooting lessons to Kangin's men. Kyuhyun's skills to aim and shoot a simple gun was nearly perfect, and he always managed to fire straight for the target under pressured times. He was known as the best gun-man in the country, well... among the mafia, at least.

"Oi, whore! Come here for a moment"

Kangin's men were very harsh with Kyuhun, since he was from the other side - but they also knew about that night - a dreadful night it was. Kyuhyun often thought, maybe under different circumstances, he might have enjoyed making love with Kangin. The well built body, a soft low-toned voice... Snapping back to reality, Kyuhyun followed the man - men, of 4 - into a little shack of some kind. It was full of useless targets, rusted guns etc. , must have been a little storage area.

"I decided to see what your skills are like... actually we all want to know how you managed
to seduce our boss into letting you live."  Smirked one of the men, the others laughed along


Kyuhyun grunted, and walked towards the door. He was blocked off by 2 of the men - all of them taller and bigger them him - and was thrown back into the wall. Kyuhyun gasped, at the forceful push when a soft tongue entered his mouth. It slipped him a pill, pushing it through his throat. He felt a rush of esctasy come over onto him, the man chuckled as he kissed him deep. The tongue brushed through his mouth, tangling itself against his own will.

 "Isn't that a nice feeling..."

Cooed another voice, slowly unbuttoning Kyuhyun's pants. Kyuhyun tried to resist, yet they grabbed the leg pulling it apart. He felt the hardness of other men against his skin, he trembled in fear. He only wished for it to be soon over, when the storage door was busted open. The whole room seemed to shake, its air filled with some sort of harsh ire and frozen ice particles.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

A strong force knocked the man on him, and taking the chance, Kyuhyun gave the other men standing near him a good punch in the face. Then he grabbed one of the rusted gun- a rifle, striking it down on one of the scoundrel's thigh. Kyuhyun was nearly in tears now, rush of lust and rage over flowing out. He pushed out the words 'Next one will be one your fucking penis, you bastard', his voice shaking with anger. But before he could crush another blow, something got a held of his arm.

"Calm Down" The voice ordered, it hugged him tightly , then picked him up in his arms.
"Take care of the trash, Shindong"

Kangin spoke in a monotone, his voice laced with surpressed rage. He carried Kyuhyun up to his room, without saying a word; Kyuhyun wept, half moaned - his body heating up with the painful effect of the pill. Kangin tossed Kyuhyun on the the bed in his own room, and was getting ready to leave the his room. Then he stopped, his eyes carefully traced over Kyuhyun's flustered face. It was dusted with a light shade of pink, sprinkling his looks with an extra-delicious vibe. Kangin stepped close to Kyuhyun, observing. Soft moans were escaping through Kyuhyun's slightly parted mouth. Kangin bit his lip, coming to a realization.

"...they gave you something. Didn't they?"

Kyuhyun gave a little nod, wrapping his arms around Kangin's neck. He breathed onto Kangin's mouth, sucking little baby kisses on his lips. He teased Kangin's mouth with his tongue, making them part slowly. He tangled his tongue with Kangin's, slowly - his body wanted sex, and only sex , but would he regret this decision...? probably. He considered his options, he could always wait, masturbate if he needed to, wait until it passed... Then Kangin secured the back of Kyuhyun's head, fingers tangled in his hair - and Kangin was fully on him, deeply kissing an aggressive, rough kiss. Kangin knocked Kyuhyun back on his bed, his body intertwined together, sucking on his already swollen lips. He removed both their clothing; Kyuhyun only had somewhat of a shirt left, but Kangin undressed him anyway. Then Kangin moaned the words "Baby... I ... think... I ...I... and  slowly moved his mouth down Kyuhyun's body - plastering every visible skin with his kisses. 

Kyuhyun's eyes were damn too busy rolling at the back of his head, his senses all lost - all except touch - which he craved. Lust. And his feelings towards the man above him. He mixed his fantasy with the hot-figured, solid body of Kangin, and love. He had a little crush on Kangin, he'd admit - nothing too serious... but he heard the words loud and clear.

"I...I think.. I... love you..."

Tensed, Kyuhyun tried to meet eyes with Kangin, nuzzling against his collarbone. Kangin felt Kyuhyun tense under him, and looked straight at him in the eyes. He repeated clearer. 

"I think... I ... have a thing..for you. A huge thing. I can't stop thinking about you --- I ... think... I love you."

"I...umm... so do I."

Kyuhyun mummbled out, his lips swollen red, his face completely red from ecstasy, his eyes bewildered. It looked adorable - Kangin kissed him softly again on his lips, then reached over to a drawer by his bed. He rumbled through, still kissing Kyuhyun, and with feeling he found the tube he was looking for. He squeezed some lube onto his finger, coating his hand carefully. He pushed a finger in, looking for any signs of stress on Kyuhyun's expression. Kyuhyun frowned, his eyes shut - Kangin coaxed another finger in. Kyuhyun gave a surpressed moan, squeezing Kangin's finger tightly with his muscles.

"Relax... just relax. It's okay..."

Kyuhyun relaxed a little, and Kangin moved his fingers, slightly - stretching the entrance. He wanted badly to enter, but he restrained himself - he never wanted to see blood from Kyuhyun again. Kangin knew that Kyuhyun was new at this, sex - well at least with other males - so he forced himself to have more patience. When he thought that Kyuhyun was relaxed enough, he coated himself with lube.

"Are you ready..?"

Kyuhyun nodded, looking up at Kangin with large black puppy-like eyes,  mixed with excitement and terror. Kangin couldn't help but smile. He gave a little baby kiss and entered slowly. Kyuhyun half screamed, half moaned loudly - music to his ears. Kangin was aware of every sound and movement from Kyuhyun, being careful not to push him too fast over the edge. Kyuhyun's moans were the borderline of sounds of those a woman and a man - and the sound of a melodic song. Mixed in with the drug, Kyuhyun gave out exotic sounds, enough to make heaven come crashing down onto the earth. 

Kangin pulled out and pushed in as soft and slow as water flowing. Enough for Kyuhyun to catch onto the rhythm. He faught mentally to keep the same pace, but he was losing - he sped up. He let his instinct take over. Thrusted deeper, harder, faster into Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun gave shrills of screams and moans, his eyes shut tight, his hand grabbing on the bed sheets. Kangin kissed his forehead, sticky with sweet-scented sweat - and moved Kyuhyun's arms around his neck. He lifted Kyuhyun into a sitting position, and hugged strongly on Kyuhyun's waist. He kissed Kyuhyun on the neck, leaving a red kiss-mark. He penetrated deeper into Kyuhyun, listening his sweet cries and moans of his love.


Kyuhyun screamt aloud, his body jerking up, his fingers dug into Kangin's skin. All his muscles tightened, squeezing Kangin tightly. Kangin moaned breathlessly, it felt good, and he found it - Kyuhyun's sweet spot. Kyuhyun's moans aroused him, allured him to push the limit. He felt Kyuhyun's body shake with ecstasy, jerking upwards, then to comedown fast onto him due to gravity. He pulled out all the way, then slammed into Kyuhyun full length. Kyuhyun tightened around him, tensed, his breath getting uneven. Kangin pushed in for the last time, before letting himself go inside Kyuhyun.

Kangin nuzzled around Kyuhyun's neck, lulled him back down to earth- to reality- from the heavens. Kyuhyun cuddled next to him, lying quietly. Kyuhyun's face still rosy, he pouted.

" Its so unfair how I'm the girl-end of the relationship" He looked up at Kangin's face


" You know... I've slept with girls too... and its not like I'm helpless - I mean I am known
as the best shooter, and ...stuff like that..."

Normally, Kangin would have been pissed, at the very thought of himself being screwed, but looking down at Kyuhyun's face it just made him burst out in laughter. It was a cute, childish thing to say - with a face like Kyuhyun's - he adored it. He pulled Kyuhyun closer, by the waist, which fit perfectly into one arm. And hugged, nearly strangled the breath out of him - Kyuhyun fit in his shoulders. The more Kangin thought about it, the more Kyuhyun semmed like a child. Kangin kissed him on his forehead, his nose, his eyes, his lips over and over again, chuckling to himself.

"How old are you anyway, Cho Kyuhyun - the world famous hitman."

"I'm 23."

"25 - I'm your hyung."




Tags: pairing: kangin/kyuhyun, pairing: siwon/kyuhyun

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