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Title: ....there isnt one? 

Pairing: WonKyu

Genre: Naughty? Is that a genre? 

Rating: NC17

Warning: It's NC17? Pretty much shameless porn. We were asked for more, and here we are. Giving you more.

Disclaimer:  Clearly, we dont own anything.

This is the sequel to a WonKyu fic  Jess66six and I did a few weeks back....the first part can be found here at our WonKyu love page

Here we have part one to our shameless porns 

It was the last day of school, in the last class, and the students were talking amongst themselves in excitement over the upcoming summer. Kyuhyun sat at the side of the teacher’s desk instead. Most of the student body was curious about the sudden teacher/student friendship, and occasionally Kyuhyun would even see one talking to Professor Siwon about it. Mostly girls who has crushed on him-finding anything they could use to talk to him about. Kyuhyun looked back to see one of them staring longingly at their teacher; he grinned.

“What the hell are you so happy about?” Siwon mumbled to him, bringing his attention back.

“Nothing.” Kyuhyun eyed the crutches leaning against the wall behind them. “So what are those for?”

“Miss Park ran over my foot with her car yesterday in the parking lot.” Kyuhyun gave him a curious look with a hint of amusement. “It’s not too bad-she’s paying the bills.” He gave a laugh and the younger just smiled at him. Since the two months they had been seeing one another, Kyuhyun had found himself constantly fighting the urge to kiss Siwon in class. He fought that urge now.

Siwon smirked. After being with the boy for a while he found himself able to read his thoughts without question. "You smug little bastard."

Kyuhyun tilted his head in question, setting his face in the palms of his hands and raising an eyebrow.

"Sassy. What are you doing after school today? It’s the start of summer break, you've got a big gap between now and when college starts."

"Like you don’t know what I'm going to do. You practically begged me to come over."

"I did not beg. I merely asked."

"Yeah, live seventeen times."

Siwon shot him a glare that only proved to make Kyuhyun grin, face still in his palms. "So you are going to be coming over then?"

"Ugh, I guess. I mean, you with your lame leg. Probably going to need some help...seeing as you will never walk again..."

"Over dramatics, my dear, dear student. I can hobble my sad little self over to my car and painfully drive myself home..."

"Aw...living life is so hard for you..."

The two smiled at each other, love and admiration showing on both of their faces. Siwon loved it when they bickered, it was all play and teasing that led up to far more fun things later on. Fun things that, if fate permitted, would happen that night.

Siwon had invited/begged Kyuhyun over for the evening not only because he loved watching the boy walk around his home like he belonged there-because in Siwon’s eyes he did-but it was their anniversary. Two months ago on that day they had started their little affair. On the same desk they were both leaning on, no less. The thought made Siwon snicker.

Kyuhyun gathered what little of his things he had with him as class ended. Everyone rushed from the room leaving him and Siwon alone just as they had been two months ago. He threw the strap of his bag over his shoulder and watched as his now, and officially ex-teacher settled himself on his crutches.

Siwon was definitely not allowed to drive, and the prospect of driving his fancy and expensive sports car was exciting to Kyuhyun. He could clearly see the worry on the others face as he sat behind the wheel.

The boy could only grin at his nervousness, “So do we have any plans once we get to your house?”

“You’ll see,” Siwon placed a hand on his thigh and gave a rough rub along the fabric. Kyuhyun looked over with a sly grin.

“Oh? You plan on ravishing me with a crippled leg?” He laughed and changed gears on the car, still glancing over at the older for a response.

“Shut up and watch the road.” He took his hand from the boy’s thigh.

Kyuhyun let out another small crackle of laughter. “We’re almost there, it‘s fine.” He turned the corner into the neighborhood.

Sweat lingered on his brow even as Siwon climbed out of the car. Kyuhyun driving his car-where as seeing him in it was sexier than it should have been-seeing him behind the wheel and actually driving the thing may have taken ten years off of his life.

"Do I scare you that much, Professor?" Kyuhyun asked with an innocent face, pout to match.

Siwon bit his lip and forced himself not to jump the boy right here in the driveway.

Kyuhyun smirked victoriously, going to unlock the door for his recently handicapped ex teacher. He threw his bag down in front of the door, kicked his shoes off, and walked to the refrigerator, grabbing two drinks out.

Siwon watched at the door smiling.

"What are you staring at?" Kyuhyun sneered, handing Siwon the drink he took out for him.

"Oh nothing. Just how domesticated you are."

The boy choked on his drink, causing Siwon to laugh. A flare of retaliation struck up in Kyuhyun's eyes, but Siwon struck it down before it got anywhere by pulling him forward by the scruff of his shirt and planting a chaste kiss on his lips, a mwuah sound following.

Kyuhyun made a face, causing Siwon to laugh more before lifting his face up gently for a proper kiss, letting himself relax against the door, feeling the boy rest fully against him.

He set the drinks onto the nearest table, not wanting to drop them on the floor. His arms wrapped around Siwon’s neck and he pressed his body into him with a grin planted on his lips. He playfully sucked at his lower lip before Siwon gently pushed him away.

“Well let’s not let the drinks go to waste.” The taller man grabbed his drink from the table and handed the other to Kyuhyun. He tapped the glasses together. “Cheers.”

Kyuhyun took the liquid into his mouth in one swig; only a drop of it escaped past his lips and down his chin. Siwon pulled him closer again and licked the line of drink clean from his face. The boy couldn’t resist the urge to turn his head and take his ex teacher into a passionate kiss. It was quickly broken though, and Siwon laughed at his eagerness.

“Impatient?” Kyuhyun cut him a sharp look , but watched intently as he sipped the last bit of his drink down.

"Calm down, baby, we will have plenty of time for all of that later. Come on, I wanna make you dinner."

"You? Cook? This, I feel I NEED to see."

"And see you will. Don’t give me sass either, you need to remember I am going to be making your dinner." He grinned, stroking his fingers along the boys neck.

"Mmmm and you're going to drug me then have your way with me?"

"I was going to say poison, but that sounds better."

"Well you could poison me and have your way with me, but my body would only stay warm for so long."

Siwon gave him a look. "Could we not talk about necrophilia right now? You weirdo?"

Kyuhyun giggled and backed away, taking Siwon’s empty drink to put in the sink.

Siwon limped himself into the kitchen, getting ready to start dinner.

"You want me to help you, Siwon ah?"

"Do you want to help?"

"Not really..."

"Well then no." Siwon laughed, watching the boy run over to the computer to play his games. About half of a month after they got together Kyuhyun had downloaded at least five different games on Siwon’s once high speed computer.

The smells of food soon caught the boys attention, turning to see Siwon in an apron, eyes deep in concentration.

It smelled delicious, and it was slightly confusing; Kyuhyun never pegged Siwon as a man who could cook well. He rose from his chair after saving the progress on his game and walked up behind him. A fillet of salmon simmered in the pan, and not only did it have an intoxicating fragrance, but it was quite attractive as well.

Siwon turned his head slightly, just enough to catch eye contact with him. “It’ll be ready in a moment, Kyuhyun ah.”

Kyuhyun rested his hands on his shoulders, but quickly released them as his old professor took the salmon off the pan and placed it skillfully onto a platter set to the side. He cut it smoothly in half and separated the pieces onto two plates.

“Is there anything you can’t do?” He asked in awe as Siwon finished garnishing the plates. The other man grinned at him, plates now in hand, and planted a quick kiss on his lips.

“Will you get the silverware for me, babe?” He walked off into the adjacent room and Kyuhyun pulled out what they needed from the drawers he navigated expertly by now. He strutted into the dinning room and handed over the silverware in his hands. The other pulled his chair out for him.

“Who says chivalry is dead?” Kyuhyun snickered.

Candles were lit around the dinning room, and a lone rose was in a vase at the center of the table.

Kyuhyun quirked an eyebrow, Siwon only smiled.

"What? I can't treat my boyfriend to a nice meal? I would have taken you out, but what would people say?"

"We would be the talk of the town. They would hand out pamphlets."

The two laughed and began to eat, a comfortable silence falling over them. A while later, Kyuhyun slumped back in his chair with a look of pure misery on his face.

"That bad, huh?"

"No, I'm painfully full. You cook too well, and you gave me too much..."

"Did you eat all of it?" Siwon bit the inside of his mouth to keep from laughing. Kyuhyun nodded, looking down at his bare plate. "You fattie!"

Kyuhyun gawked and threw his napkin at his laughing boyfriend, who simply batted it away. He got up and gathered the plates, blowing out some of the candles on the way to the kitchen. Kyuhyun just sat and watched, rubbing his swollen stomach and making small noises of suffering.

"The world is so hard for Kyuhyun."

"Shut up! This is your fault. I feel you need to apologize."

"Apologize? I cooked for you, its not my fault you're fat, babe." Siwon grinned, leaning down to plant a kiss on his suffering lover’s lips.

Kyuhyun broke away from the kiss this time, still with a pout on his face. He went for pity, which always worked with Siwon.

“You know,” Siwon started as he leaned against the chair. “The doctor told me I’m not supposed to shower or take a bath on my own. I could injure my leg further, he said.” He glanced down at Kyuhyun who grinned ear to ear.

“You couldn’t possibly be suggesting you want me to help you take a bath, could you?” Kyuhyun asked as he rose from his seat, forgetting completely about the small, nagging pain of his full stomach.

“If you don’t then who will?” He kissed him on the cheek before walking back into the kitchen. Kyuhyun watched as he started running the water for the dishes before walking upstairs to possibly the largest bathroom he had ever stepped foot into. He had been in it before, but every time it was breath taking-the bathtub comfortably fit two, maybe even three people.

He fished around under the sink to find bubble solution that he new Siwon would have, and sure enough he did. He started the flow of water and almost immediately began pouring the solution in. He grinned mindlessly while he watched the bottle start to empty itself and the bubbles rise to ridiculous heights off the water. Some spilled over the side and began to fall on the floor; Kyuhyun rushed to shut the water off and some of the bubbles attached themselves to the side of his face.

“What the hell are you doing?” Siwon stood in the doorway with a look of shock and amusement.

Kyuhyun stood with his trademark cheesy grin firmly in place, causing Siwon to just laugh and shake his head. He should have known letting him do this by himself was a bad idea. The boy was far more mischievous than he let on.

"Thank you for your help, Kyuhyun ah. I fear that without it, I would surely parish."

"That’s right, you appreciate me." Kyuhyun grinned smugly, strutting over to his boyfriend.

Button by button revealed the man to him, Kyuhyun bit the inside of his mouth to keep focused. Siwon smiled down at him, his breath hitching when the boy deliberately stroked his chest while pushing his shirt off of his shoulders.

He let his crutches fall to the wall and his shirt to the floor. Kyuhyun trailed his hands back down the mans chest, fingers lightly tracing the lines of muscle before him. His hands hit the top of his pants, not hesitating to undo the belt, button and zipper, yanking the offending clothing away.

Siwon let out the smallest of gasps when Kyuhyun became more aggressive, dropping to his knees to pull all of his clothing off. The fact he had been pulling his clothes off had started to effect him, but when he dropped down, he's only human.

"You have got to be kidding me." Kyuhyun chided, cutting his eyes up at Siwon and his 'little problem'.

“Your fault.” He looked at Kyuhyun and followed him as he rose from the ground. “Sexy.” He added and received a smirk from the boy.

“Get your ass in the tub.” Kyuhyun said as he grabbed a hold of his arm and an aid to help him in. Siwon settled into the bathtub, swatting bubbles away. His boyfriend chuckled at his struggles.

Kyuhyun grabbed a handful of suds and placed them oh so gently on top of Siwon’s head with a giggle.

“You are so full of spunk right now.” He said as Kyuhyun fashioned a pair of devil horns with the bubbles.

“Where’s your shampoo, Siwon si?” He asked abruptly, smoothing the bubbles before swiping them away completely.

“The shower, on the left side.” With that Kyuhyun jumped up from the side of the bathtub and grabbed the bottle from the side of shower. He was already pouring a heavy amount into his hand before he sat back down. “You know…that’s more than enough.”

Kyuhyun only grinned and leaned over the tub, gently massaging the shampoo into Siwon’s hair.

"Never enough for you..." he grinned cheekily, making sure no soap ran down into Siwon’s eyes.

"Mmmm you are far too good to me."

"I know."

The two giggled, Siwon letting his head fall back at the pure and total bliss that was Kyuhyun’s hands rubbing soft, comforting circles into his scalp.

He was lulled out of his sleep like state when a pair of full lips found their way to his, light deliberate brushing making him let out a small satisfied sigh.

"I think I might miss it," Kyuhyun started, lips still pressed lightly to Siwon’s. "I might miss school with you, waiting all day to sit in your class and stare at you for an hour...stay after class...getting detention..."

"You can do all of that stuff here...except the sitting in my class part. But you can stare at me for an hour, and I'll give you detention." He grinned, feeling the lips against his do the same.

"I think I may miss it too, though, baby. Sitting at that desk all day, doing the same thing over and over, waiting for you to grace my classroom...sit there in that desk and just drive me crazy..."

Kyuhyun couldn't contain the small laugh he let out, pulling back a bit to look at the other man, eyes still closed in bliss.

He cupped water in his hand and poured it over Siwon’s head, slowly washing out the shampoo. Kyuhyun bit down on his lip as he watered out the last of it, feeling the smooth wet hair of his old professor. “Drove you crazy, huh?”

Siwon finally opened his eyes to look at him. A smile graced his face. “Of course, it’s those lips.” He rose a hand from the hot water and grazed a thumb over his bottom lip. A drip of water ran down Kyuhyun’s chin as he caught Siwon’s hand with his own. He caressed the skin before leaning down and pressing his lips to the older man.

He opened his mouth a little wider to take more of him in licked along his mouth slowly. Siwon’s wet hand found the back of his head and forced his lips on him harder causing a small moan from Kyuhyun. His hands ran across the soaking muscled torso before him as he was little by little being pulled closer in.

Kyuhyun rose a leg to rest on the side of the tub as he pushed his tongue against the others forcefully. Siwon grabbed the front of his shirt and gave a tug, causing his leg to slip in. He quickly decided it would be easier to maneuver himself with both of his legs inside the bathtub. The hot water felt wonderful, especially when Siwon pulled him in slipped his tongue back into his mouth. Kyuhyun sat on his lap now, feeling the others lingering erection just below him.

He smiled and began to unbuttoned the pants that were soaked tight to his body by now.

Siwon smiled and started to undo the boys shirt. "Knew somehow I could get in you in the tub with me..." he purred, leaning up to nip at Kyuhyun’s ear.

"Mmm you're so persuasive, how could I resist?"

Once Kyuhyun’s pants and boxers were tossed in a wet heap on the floor, he settled onto Siwon’s lap, keeping a little bit of distance to let his hands roam over his lovers torso with soap and bubbles.

"Why haven’t we done this before?" Siwon sighed, letting his head fall back. Kyuhyun giggled and leaned over him to bring their lips together again.

His hands continued to lather and massage, pulling happy moans and sighs out of the man beneath him more and more.

Siwon brought his hands up to rub Kyuhyun’s body, giving rougher than he was receiving. His hands rubbed across his chest, stroking his nipples at a maddening pace. Kyuhyun’s head fell back and a deep moan escaped his lip, his hips bucking forward to grind their erections together.

Kyuhyun exhaled air sharply and Siwon leaned forward to suck the skin of his neck. His hand grabbed the back of the others head roughly as he gently nibbled the skin in his mouth. His breaths came faster and harder as Siwon began licking, sucking, and biting all over the newly exposed skin of his chest. The older finally unbuttoned the last two remaining buttons, but let the soaking wet shirt hang on his shoulders.

Siwon lifted his head and brought their lips together again, and their tongues together again. Kyuhyun felt his hip start to act on their own and he gripped the others shoulder for support as their arousal made contact again. He gave a moan and rough gasp before wrapping his mouth around the skin of Siwon’s jaw line. He rubbed the soapy water up and down his chest as their mouths reconnected in a rhythmic motion that caused a chain reaction with their hips.

He moaned into his mouth with a stroke up his chest, teasing the flesh with pinching hands. Siwon let a hand run down his torso, rubbing over the boy’s hardness causing him to bite down on his lip.

Siwon slowly stroked the withering boy over him, relishing every gasp and moan that escaped that sinful mouth. His other hand slowly traced down his back, letting it rest on the small of his back, assisting in his thrusting, pulling him forward.

The thrusting started to get faster, so Siwon slowed his hand down, swallowing a groan of protest from his lovers mouth. He pulled back and looked into the boys smoldering eyes bringing a shiver up his spine. Those eyes would be his undoing and he knew it.

Without warning, he pushed his finger into the boys entrance, watching the shudder ripple through the younger mans body.

"Siwon..." He gasped as he felt the finger move inside him and the hand on his arousal speeding up again. "My God, Siwon..."

The man leaned forward to suck on the boys neck, every intention of leaving a mark that would last for the days to come. Another finger was added and Kyuhyun moaned loudly, wiggling to adjust yet trying to get more.

He tried to thrust as hard as he could without loosing complete control of his senses. He bit his lower and swollen lip and the older man underneath him sucked painfully hard on his flesh. He grabbed a fistful of his hair as they continued their raw thrusting motions. Kyuhyun tried holding back the whines and whimpers that would spew past his lips, but they were inevitable.

His sweet spot was hit and a loud moan rolled from his mouth which was quickly devoured by the man under him. Siwon continued to push his fingers into him until he could barley stand it anymore. His breaths were falling hard and his exhales always came with a rough texture as he came close. Siwon took a playful bite at his lower lip as he released a loud moan that made him shake to his very core. He rested his head against Siwon’s shoulder to catch his breath.

He felt the other kiss the side of his head. “You’re not done already, are you?” Siwon asked as he stroked through his slightly damp hair.

Kyuhyun could only laugh. “Have I ever given up that easy?”

"Oh youth." Siwon purred as he kissed and sucked along the side of Kyuhyun’s neck, fingers that had still been inside of him beginning to move again.

Kyuhyun let out a loud moan as his spot was attacked again, his recent orgasm making him extra sensitive. He clutched Siwon like he was a life line, bringing his head to the crook of his neck.

"You ready, baby?" Siwon asked in such a calm and soothing voice it made Kyuhyun hold onto him even tighter, his head nodding and body moving to where they both needed.

Siwon moved his hands to the boys waist and brought him slowly down onto himself. Both of their breaths hitched, Kyuhyun’s hands grasping tightly at Siwon’s back, and Siwon used every ounce of willpower not to move.

After a moment of heavy panting on Kyuhyun’s part and lots of affectionate rubbing and kissing from Siwon, the younger did an experimental lift up and sink back down, watching as Siwon’s head fell back a little and a moan ripped from his throat.

Kyuhyun gave a rough bite to his own lip before hoisting himself back up again, then pushing down and making them both moan. He licked over his sore lips and Siwon leaned forward to kiss them as the boy pulled away again. He gave a rougher thrust downward as the older still had his mouth on his lips.

A wet hand wrapped itself around the back of his head and forced them into a more intimate kiss; Siwon let his tongue slip into the others mouth while their hips began to act on their own. Kyuhyun let his little pleasure moans out while his tongue was running over Siwon’s.

“Kyuhyun ah…”His ex teacher mumbled against his mouth while gently stroking the back of his head with one hand and slowly moving to grasp his hips with the other. His firm hand caught the younger’s hip and assisted with the thrusting motions. Siwon moved his mouth from the boy’s lips and placed it over his collar bone, making more intentional bruises over the skin.

The water sloshed over the side but neither seemed to care. Siwon was lost in the sensation of his once student slamming down onto him and moaning the beautiful music that Siwon loved so much.

His hand was deep in his hair, lightly tugging his head to give him better access to the neck he viciously sucked on. He knew there would be marks, he knew there would be questions, but he didn’t care. He needed to mark the boy as his, and now that they no longer had the student teacher relationship, he was going to do it as often as he could.

He was feeling possessive. The boy was his. He began to thrust upwards, meeting Kyuhyun halfway. The boy arched his back and moaned loudly, fingers raking across Siwon’s back.

The knowledge of what was to come, and the constant reminder of Siwon rubbing a most sensitive spot inside of him was enough to put a smug grin on his face. He grabbed his ex professor by his wet hair, removing his mouth from his skin and replacing it with his lips. He let his tongue back in along with a moan as their hips met again with the hardening thrusts.

Kyuhyun was barely able to keep his breath between the now fast paced motions of their thrusts and the deep kiss he and the other were sharing. His tongue slipped over the others mouth sloppily out of carelessness at this point. His fingers dug into Siwon’s hair and his back, making long fingernail marks.

The other sucked over his bottom lip, falling clumsily to the chin and then meeting his mouth again. Siwon thrust upward and hit deeper; a loud yell tore from his throat and he scratched his nails across his back once more. He hit the spot again and Kyuhyun ferociously bit onto his lip feeling for sure that soon it would bleed.

Siwon could feel Kyuhyun reaching his limit, his own not too far away. He removed his hand from the boys waist and grabbed the panting boys arousal, stroking in time with their now erratic thrusts.

Kyuhyun was letting out moans and mewls, face falling to the crook of Siwon’s neck as he felt his orgasm begin to shake his body to the core.

Siwon continued to stroke the boy through his release. He looked down at the boy lovingly, the sight of the flushed cheeks and dazed eyes bringing his release immediately.

The two lay still for a moment, catching their breaths. Siwon looked to see all the water and bubbles that had splashed out onto the floor, making him groan. Kyuhyun lifted his head and looked at him lovingly, making him forget almost instantly.

"Happy Anniversary, Siwon ah." Kyuhyun mumbled against the elder’s neck, nestling back down.

A wide grin spread across Siwon’s face and he pulled the boy in tight embrace, running lazy circles along his back.

It was such a comfortable place to be; leaned against Siwon in a vulnerable state the he would never show to anyone else. Their breaths slowed and Kyuhyun could feel the others heart began to beat at a normal pace.

“So…” He heard Siwon start but didn’t bother to look up. “You’re cleaning that up right?”

Kyuhyun just raised a hand to flick the side of his old professor’s head. He heard him laugh and he let out and amused chuckle as well.

“At least only one of your feet is screwed up, both of my legs feel like jelly.” With that comment He felt a hand under his chin, lifting it to meet Siwon’s lips in a chaste kiss. The older man smiled widely at him.

“Don’t be so cute…I might not let you leave.”

A spark arose in his eye and a smirk across his lips, “I’ll just have to act that much cuter then.” He leaned forward and caught Siwon’s lips in another, last sweet kiss.

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