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Title: love and cookies
Author: Ally
Rating: pg
Summary: Hankyung has a crush on Changmin
Pairing: Hankyung/Changmin and many more
Disclaimer: do not own them.
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check
Dedication to followurdestiny

Hankyung's TOP SECRET REPORT( for Hankyung's eyes only)

Test Subject #1- Eeteuk

So first subject of my report, is the Mommy of Super Junior. I'm sure that Eeteuk would be a

wonderful boyfriend. Since Eeteuk is such a wonderful sweet caring person. However I'm not

sure, that Eeteuk is the one for me. Since I think that there is a chance. Eeteuk is already

in love with someone. And I would never want to break up a couple. However I am curious to

know, who is person that stole Mommy Teukie's heart. Even knowing I am sure, that Eeteuk

isn't for me. I still care for Eeteuk a lot. Since he is my Mommy Teukie. So as a good son, I

need to make sure. That Mommy Teukie is in good care.

Test Subject #2- Heechul

Now with Heechul, there is chance for us. Especially since the fans seem to like us together.

Since the mangers are always telling us. That we need to show more HanChul fan services. So

maybe if the fans see, that there is something between us. So I spent, the last few days

paying attention to Heechul. And I must agree with the fans. That maybe there actually could

be something there. I do feel something special, when I'm around Heechul. However I'll need

to do more research on Heechul and mine relationship.

Test subject #3- Yesung

Well to be completely honest. As much as I like Yesung as a friend. After the past few days.

I'm fairly sure, that we aren't meant to be more than friends. But at least because of my

report. I had become even better friends with Yesung. Also I found out, that we actually have

a lot in common. We are even planning to go to this new coffee cafe tomorrow. But it's

definitely a huge no to Yesung. So he a second name to take off the list.

Test Subject #4- Kangin

Well after the past few days of watching Kangin. I think that I found who stole Mommy

Teukie's heart. It looks like it was Kangin aka Papa Kangin. And after watching them, for the

last few days. My parents are so cute together. It's very sweet, how cute of a couple they

are. Papa Kangin is always make sure, that Mommy Teukie is always happy. But also Mommy

Teukie is always taking care of Papa Kangin too. Also a very important side-note, I wouldn't

wanted to date Papa Kangin anyway. It would be way too weird for me. So I'm glad, that Papa

Kangin is dating Mommy Teukie. Since there is only family love for Kangin and nothing else.

Test Subject #5- Shindong

Well with Shindong, he would be a good boyfriend. However I'm not sure, that he would be a

good boyfriend for me. Even knowing we actually do have a lot in common. We both love to

dances, and also Shindong loves to eat my cooking. He even told me, that my cooking is

amazing. But once again, I think that Shindong is in love with someone. Well actually I

think, that Shindong is in love with Sungmin. Lately I've been notices Shindong giving

Sungmin looks. However only when no one is looking at the pair. I'm sure that, there is

something special between them. But that is another name to cross off the lists.

Test Subject #6- Sungmin

Well with the pink bunny boy. I will look at Test Subject #5. Since after watching Sungmin

during the past few days. I'm also sure, that Sungmin is in love with Shindong. Even with the

fact, that Sungmin is super cute and fun to be with. I think that our sweet pink bunny boy is

too sweet for me. Since I am nowhere close to being a angel. I would hurt myself, If I ever

yell at him. And there is fact, that he is in love with Shindong. Well that is another couple

needing some help. Sidenote- these couples are going to drive me crazy.

Test Subject #7- Eunhyuk

Well with this test subject, all I can say. Is wow I wasn't fucking excepted this to

happened. Well I can definitely knock Eunhyuk off the list. Since I found out why Eunhyuk

been acting weird lately.The reason behind Eunhyuk weirdness lately. Since a day ago, I

walked into Eunhyuk jacking off. And that isn't even the biggest piece of news. The really

huge thing is, that Eunhyuk was jacking off to a picture of Kibum. Sidenote- I'll never be

able to look Eunhyuk in the face for a while. Well at least without thinking about him

jacking off. While he was thinking about Kibum. I never would thought, that Eunhyuk would

like Kibum. but at least I know that I don't like Eunhyuk in a romantic way.

Test Subject #8- Donghae

With Donghae, I would say that there is something there. And I can't believe it. Donghae

always been right there in front of me. I just feel something special when we are together.

And of course, there is no reason to lie about the simple fact. That Donghae is very easy on

the eyes. Also I love it, when Donghae smiles at me. He has a very beautiful smile. However

once again, there might be a chance. That Donghae already likes someone. But I'm not hundred

percent sure yet. So I'll worked on this problem some more. So then I'll know, if Donghae

like someone else or not.

Test Subject #9- Siwon

Well once again, this is another huge fan pairing. The fans really do love the pairing of

SiHan. So there is another chance, of something being there. And maybe this whole time, I

just didn't notices it at all. And even knowing that, Siwon is a big believer in religion and

stuff. However Siwon is actually Bi, so there is a chance for us. Especially since a month

ago, Siwon got dump by his girlfriend. So Siwon decided that he was giving up girls for good.

And also when I did try to flirt with Siwon. Siwon actually flirted back with me. But is that

enough for us, to started to date. However this is another test subject, that well need more

research on too.

Test Subject #10- Ryeowook

Well with baby Ryeowook is a very easy no. Especially since after spending time with Yesung.

I found out, that Yesung is in love with Ryeowook. And also Ryeowook is way too much of baby

brother to me. But I want to helped Yesung confessed his love to Ryeowook. With my research,

I found out one very good piece of news. That Ryeowook definitely returns the feelings back

to Yesung. So maybe I should just locked them in the closet or something. However Ryeowook is

also off the list now too.

Test Subject #11-Kibum

No no no, I would never fall in love with Kibum. Since Kibum is actually one of my best

friends. But to honest to the report, I need to looked at all subjects. But I am one hundred

percent sure, that Kibum and I equals bad news. And there is the fact, Eunhyuk likes to jack

off thinking about Kibum. And I actually think, they would make a good couple. Eunhyuk would

help Kibum to have more fun. Then Kibum could help Eunhyuk be a little bit more serious. So

that is another couple to help now too.

Test Subject #12- Kyuhyun

And last but not least, the baby of the group. Now there is something very special about the

baby. Even when I was feeling bad a day ago. Kyuhyun came into my room, and he made me smile

within seconds. And I felted something so special when he smiled at me. How didn't notices

how special he is. Well Kyuhyun is definitely someone, I want to spend more time with. I'll

need some more time with Kyuhyun. So that I can figure my feelings out.

Results- Well I was able to cross a lot of people off the list. But I realized a few things

about my love life. There is a small chance of have something with Heechul or Siwon. But then

with both Donghae and Kyuhyun. I'm really think, that they could make me forget about

Changmin. However I need to really think about my feelings. And I still need more answers

about everything. But at least I am started to figure things out. And with the photo shoot

tomorrow. I'll just spend all my time with Donghae or Kyuhyun.

Tags: pairing: hangeng/other, with: dbsg

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