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The Reason Why I Love You :)

Hello There~ :)
I just joined this community... and i wanted to
start off with a fanfic :) Enjoy~ Please. :) Sorry if its horrible >< I tried ... :(

Title: The Reason Why I Love You [Reason One]
Rating: Nc-17
Summary: Kangin and Siwon are best friends, both leaders of a mafia group. They become enemies, to fight over a man they both love - Kyuhyun.
Warnings: Contains... rape.. ><  lolz 


"What to do with you."

Kangin muttered, half to himself and half to Kyuhyun. His face showed nothing, his features hardened with the cruel nature of his work. His gun hung by his belt, for easy access when ever he needed it. Kyuhyun sat, in a austere room - the one he was left in, from the moment he arrived here. How he missed his own apartment, his own little room in Siwon's building. Then Kangin smirked, his eyes hard and cold. He came upon him, lying completely on top of him.

"What...w...what are you.. doing?"

Kyuhyun choked up, when Kangin's tongue forced its way over in his mouth. With a little pocket knife, he felt Kangin cut across his shirt, stripping it naked off of him. Kangin chuckled, licking Kyuhyun's pink nipple.

"I just had a great idea." Kangin spoke, his voice haughty, and lulled.
"I decided I would strip you of your pride."

Kangin untied his belt, and fastened it tightly on Kyuhyun's wrist. Kyuhyun looked in disbelief, and horror - and that only aroused Kangin more. Kyuhyun snapped his knee up at Kangin's stomach, giving it a hard blow. Kangin grunted at the impromtu attack, but then slapped Kyuhyun across the cheek, leaving an angry red mark in its place. Kyuhyun tasted blood in his mouth. Still not satisfied, Kangin slapped Kyuhyun again, then punched him hard on his stomach and chest.

"I'd enjoy ruining your life. You see... you have a nice body - for a man"

Kangin undressed Kyuhyun fully, then unzipped his zipper. He wasn't going to equal himself with Kyuhyun by undressing himself - he wanted Kyuhyun to feel as embarrassed as possible, during and after this; and of course he'd make it as painful as possible. He considered for a minute just fucking him with out preparation - but he decided to reconsider it; he'd ask Kyuhyun himself. Kangin kissed Kyuhyun's ears, squeezing soft moans out of him. Then he whispered

"If you're good, I promise that it wont be so damn hard."

Kyuhyun gave another kick with his knees, since his hands were helplessly bound. Kangin let out a sigh, then he pushed his finger in. Kyuhyun's waist bounced up once on the impact, and he let out a scream - it was painful.

"Its only a finger. Don't be such a pussy"

Then he stuck another finger in, and started scissoring Kyuhyun wailed out a cry, tears forming in his eyes. He bit his lip, tasting more of the bitterness blood left behind. Kangin stopped for a while, took his fingers out. He stared at the cequetry man beneath him - he felt an impulse to reach out and kiss him softly, until the tears were washed away from his face...he quickly stopped himself, such feelings towards his enemy would only bring him, and his mafia trouble. He pushed in half way, and Kyuhyun screamed. Kyuhyun screamed fully, a painful cry - for he had not expected such pain.

"S...stopp.....p..pp..plea..se. AHH"

He begged, when Kangin pushed in fully into his body. Kyuhyun cried, half screaming, half moaning - tears flowing out of his eyes. It felt like he was being ripped in two, he wanted to faint, only to get it over with. He thought of Siwon, his boss - and a flood of tears flowed - how he wished to be back in the presence of Siwon... Kangin started thrusting in and out. Kyuhyun gasped for breath when he pulled out, and cried when he pushed in. His waist shook, bouncing up and down, while he sobbed uncontrollably and begged for him to stop.


"Don't worry... It would feel less painful - just stick with the rhythm."

Kangin saw Kyuhyun's tears, and wiped it away. He murmured reassurance into his ear, which surprised both Kyuhyun and Kangin. Never, even making love with girls he would whisper love into their ears - not that he had a girlfriend, only countless one night stands - but he was shocked just as Kyuhyun was. On impulse, he kissed Kyuhyun's temple, wiping away the tears that dripped down his face. Kyuhyun turned away, elbowing Kangin's face. He moved back, and found the bed sheets dyed with red blotches. He looked down into his intercourse, and saw Kyuhyun's entrance soaked with blood, dripping down on to his bed. He cursed and stroke Kyuhyun's thin waist.

"Fuck....Is it... that painful..?"

Kyuhyun answered with another scream, as he pushed in harder. Kangin kissed him, deep - tasting the blood that busted through Kyuhyun's mouth. A rush of mixed feelings ran though Kangin's head, he couldnt understand it. He kissed him softer, more gentle, carefully embracing the wounds in Kyuhyun's warm mouth. He grabbed Kyuhyun's waist tightly - it was too damn skinny, it fit in one arm - and moved it along with his rhythm. Slowly he felt Kyuhyun's moans became less of screams and more like a sexual moans. It was a mixture of pain and ecstasy.


Feeling aroused and losing his control, he thrusted into Kyuhyun, as fast as he desired. Lust over powered him, and he pushed in and out faster and stronger. Kyuhyun had started to cry once more, screaming in twinge and stings of pain penetrating further in. He felt everything cloud with black, and slowly drifted away - becoming unconscious, dreaming the events which had held him into this place and to this cruel man.

Kangin sighed heavily, looking down upon his old friend, now his enemy - Siwon. He twirled a gun around his index finger, he pointed the gun straight at Siwon's forehead. No one dared to move, everything was breathless - like all life has been wringged out from the people who stood in the room. Kangin was the first to break the silence, spoke barely above a whisper.


Kangin slowly brought the gun down to his side - and continued to speak in a hushed, low-toned voice.

"I shall not shoot tonight. For our amity, I will let you live - but you WILL NOT appear in my sight again."

Siwon closed his eyes for a moment, considering everything into the moment - reflecting on his past. He opened his eyes, to find Kangin sitted in the couch vertical from himself. Kangin's features were serious and cold, staring right back into his eyes.

"But, I will punish you ; your right had - your best gun man will come over to my company"

Siwon dropped the cup that he held in his hand. Why... he thought, why... why him. He shivered at the thought of losing Kyuhyun, his best gunman - a right hand in his work... and also his secret affair. He tried to show no expression upon his face, but failed. He could see Kangin's mocking smile, the haughty expression held before him. Did Kangin know? ... No... he couldn't have. It was probably a mere chance that he asked for Kyuhyun in exchange for his life.

"Why Kyuhyun? You own alot more skillful man in your posse"

The best friends, Siwon and Kangin had known each other from kinder garden. Grew up together - now they were against each other. They both ended up as the leaders of mafia - each different groups, fighting against each other. Siwon had been born into one, after the death of his father, he took over, but Kangin, was skilled enough to form his very own malfia; and now he was one of the strongest in the business.

Only a mocking smile was returned from Kangin. Siwon gritted his teeth, rage shook within him. He stared at the anathema sitting infront of him. Then a person, nearly forgotten in the room spoke. His calm, soft voice filled the air in the room.

"Sir, I'll go."

Siwon back at Kyuhyun, his large black eyes harsh, unlike the tenderness of a lover he looked upon the hour before this meeting. He broke down at the thought - he never got to even make love... not to touch, or to taste the very seductive creature standing before him. Kyuhyun was only precious to him - like a glass ball - he feared to touch it, now it was lost. He never even got to confess his feelings. He was waiting, only for the perfect timing to reveal his emotions - not the moment would never arrive.

"Boss... anything for you... anything for your life."

Kyuhyun spoke, softly as he might to a lover - and all was done, the deal sealed. Siwon would live another night, but he would be ripped from his only means of living.






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