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Tire Swinged White Willow

Title: Tire Swinged White Willow
Pairing: Henhae

Length: One shot (Part a and b...bcoz  LJ won't allow a very large post)
Genre: Fantasy AU, Romance, Smut-ish
Rating:NC 17
Warning: unbetaed

Summary: Henry was a 12 y.o boy who was fascinated with tire swings. He swinged on it because it felt free. But then it snapped and he fell. He opened his eyes and he saw a magical and enchanting elf that will heal his wound and touch his heart forever.

 A/N For better imagery, please imagine Donghae's hair during their debut in 2005.

</a></b></a>kiirohana_16  in celebration of her first smut fic ever (opens the wine and throws some confetti!* …thanks so much for the prompt for this fic XD. Sorry...it took me days to finish this fic...

"ad astra per aspera

Tags: pairing: donghae/henry

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