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Aladdin? - Part 7

Title: ‘Aladdin?

Author: Me! (2theChangmin)

Characters: Super Junior

Rating: PG-13 (for language)

Summary: Super Junior has a night off and decides to watch the movie ‘Aladdin’. But something suddenly goes horribly, horribly wrong…


Ah! Sorry, I know I said I’d get this up yesterday … I failed. But here it is in all of its glorious, um, glory. XD


Part 7


The dorm was nowhere to be seen. Where did the dorm go? Dorms didn’t just get up and walk away. So then… Oh crap; this couldn’t be good. Just where the fuck was he anyhow? All he knew was that it was dark. And that he felt like he had been shot out of a canon; or at least that was how he would describe it, it wasn’t like he had any previous experience with flying from canons to back him up. But, that didn’t really make sense anyway, because he hadn’t climbed into any canons recently so…  Aish; his neck hurt. He squinted. If he really focused he could vaguely make out a rock wall some distance ahead of him. That or he was seeing things. Maybe if he turned around he would see a way out of these odd surroundings.

He jumped about a foot in the air in shock when he finally did turn around. Shit. He placed a hand over his quickened heart beat. Siwon was standing a little distance in front of him, silently sputtering as he tried to remember how to speak. Wait a second… Siwon was in front of him?! Then that would mean…

“Oh fuck.”

“H-Henry?!” Siwon finally seemed to regain the power of speech.

Crap. So he was in the movie? Henry took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a brief moment before looking down to see who he was supposed to be. The first thing he noticed was that he was shirtless. The second thing, was that he was blue. . . . Great, he thought sarcastically, just perfect.

How did this even happen? He thought back to a few minutes ago in the dorm. He remembered watching Siwon struggling to escape the cave with his life and his being too scared to say anything. He remembered when Kyuhyun’s character reentered the scene. He remembered that he had swiftly thought he should be more worried about the fact that Kyuhyun was handling a knife. Then he recalled suddenly feeling panicky and needing to wake Donghae up. He had turned around and paused for what he had thought was just a brief moment; though now that he thought about it, he could hear Lee Teuk’s voice buzzing in the background at one point. Maybe he had paused longer than he had intended? He had taken a step forward before having a really bad feeling. He had screamed for Donghae and then… Then he was standing in darkness, staring at the wall to a cave. And he was apparently blue. Life was so unfair sometimes.

“Uh… Henry?” Siwon tried again to gain the boy’s attention.

Henry blinked up at him. “Yeah?”

“Are you, uh, supposed to be the genie?”

No, he was some other blue character in Aladdin. Of course he was supposed to be the genie!! Arg. He answered. “Yes.”

Siwon nodded. “I thought so.”

Henry looked at the others with Siwon; namely, a monkey and a carpet that Henry knew were supposed to be Eunhyuk and Zhou Mi, but that simply looked like a monkey and a carpet. He waved. They waved back. Whoa… weird. Don’t ask him to tell you how a carpet could wave, it just could; take his word for it. “So… what do we do now?”

Siwon shrugged. “The scene?”

Henry nodded. “I’m supposed to sing, aren’t I?” Siwon nodded. “Right… I don’t know the song.”

“Hm…” Siwon frowned. “That is a bit problematic… er, you could adlib it maybe?”

“Fine,” Henry agreed because he really couldn’t see any other way around it. “But I’m going to do this in English.” If he was going to make a complete fool out of himself he was going to do it in his native tongue! There was also the bonus that the others didn’t speak much English. Yes, that was definitely a plus point.




“I still don’t get it. … Why would a rabbi and a duck go into a bar together? … Ducks don’t go into bars.”

Yesung sighed. “It’s just a joke Wookie.”

“Yeah, but still. Shouldn’t it at least make some sense?”

“Not if Yesung’s telling it.”

“Shut up Kyuhyun.”

“I wish we knew what the Hell was happening!”

“I’m sure everything is fine Lee Teuk.”

“But what if-?”

Fine,” Kangin repeated. “Henry and Zhou Mi will be able to help the others.”

“If they aren’t sucked into the film themselves by now,” Heechul added.

“Do you have to say that?! Now he’s going to worry more!”

“What? I’m just being realistic here! There is a very good chance that they will be pulled into the movie. Look at Kibum! He’s the Cave of Wonders for crying out loud. Anything can go.”

“He has a point.”

“Not helping Shindong!”

“I’m just saying…”

“It probably really is fine Lee Teuk,” Hangeng interrupted. “I’m sure Zhou Mi and Henry are still in the dorm.”

“You’re not just saying that, are you?” Their leader asked suspiciously.

“…” Actually he was just saying that; he really thought Heechul and Shindong had a point. But they did not need a hysterical leader (again) on their hands did they? “No,” he lied. “I mean it.”

Lee Teuk sighed. “Yeah… okay then.”





“This is so cool,” Henry stared around them in amazement. “Weird. And kind of freaky. But cool.”

Siwon nodded.

They were staring at dancing elephants. Well… the elephants were dancing a second ago, now they were frozen, waiting for the scene to continue. Which would mean that Henry and Siwon needed to stop staring…

It was so strange. As Henry and Siwon guessed the next moves of the song things just kept… appearing. The table, the food, the scantily clad dancing girls. (They had been Henry’s favorites.) They had no idea where these things were coming from. Most likely they were supposed to be coming from Henry as he was ‘Genie’ but Henry really wasn’t doing anything extraordinary to make this happen. Henry concluded that the things were appearing because they were supposed to appear in the movie. But it was still cool. And sometimes they couldn’t help but stare at the things that showed up, (like the scantily clad dancing girls!). This inevitably made the things freeze until they were done staring and continued. But really, how do you stop from staring at elephants that were on their hind legs frozen mid-dance move? … Exactly.




“They’ve been on screen for awhile now.”


“You don’t think something happened?”

“Nothing happened!”

“O-of course not,” Sungmin sputtered. “I just meant that-”

Nothing happened,” Lee Teuk repeated dangerously.


“So… this priest and a goat are fishing when-”

Kyuhyun groaned.




“So, we have to sit on Zhou Mi?”

The carpet that was Zhou Mi began shaking its head and hands in a very definite ‘no’ gesture. Don’t ask how a carpet could do this, it just could. 

“Yeah… I think so?”

Zhou Mi was still trying to get the message ‘no one is going to be sitting on me’ across to the other three. Well… He supposed it would be fine if Eunhyuk sat on him; but Eunhyuk was a monkey at the moment so he probably didn’t weigh much. There was no way, however, that he would let muscle man Siwon sit on him, thereby crushing him into oblivion. Okay, maybe that was a tad dramatic.

“I think we’d hurt him though if we did that.”

Zhou Mi nodded. Yeah, he knew he liked Siwon; this man was clearly smart.

“I don’t want that,” Henry frowned. “But how else will we get out of here? We’re supposed to fly out…”

“Oh… right.”

Zhou Mi sputtered. In a silent carpet kind of way. They were supposed to fly out?! On him?! He didn’t think so! That was not happening any time soon. Last time he had checked, he didn’t fly!!!

“Maybe if we, you know, just touch him?” Henry suggested. “We could grab a hold with our hands. This way, we won’t crush him but we’ll still be touching him so… I don’t know, maybe it will work? Our other adlibs seem to be working okay, just as long as we stick to the story line.”

Siwon nodded. Henry’s suggestion made sense. Zhou Mi seemed fine with letting them grab hold of the tassels on his corners. Henry thinks these may have been his hands, but he wasn’t sure. However, Zhou Mi was not fine when Eunhyuk grabbed hold of the side of rug. He turned and glared at the little monkey. ‘Glared’ is the only way to describe it… Eunhyuk immediately released the carpet before hesitantly standing on his toes and reaching for a spot slightly higher up. Zhou Mi relaxed and Henry and Siwon shared a confused look. What the heck had that been about?




“It worked! Wait. Where are we?”



“I don’t like this place.”

“Zhou Mi?!”

“We’re screwed,” Kibum’s voice came out of nowhere, reminding the others of what exactly Henry and Zhou Mi doing here meant.

“Yep,” Kangin agreed.

“Xui Xian?”

 “Hey, why hasn’t Lee Teuk spoken? He should be freaking out about now, shouldn’t he?”

“He’s probably in a scene.”

“Well at least he can remain unknowing for a few more minutes.”

“Yeah,” five voices replied.

“I’m confused,” Zhou Mi spoke up. “What is going on?”

“And where are we?” Henry put it.

“We’re in a very, very dark place,” Sungmin answered as if that should be obvious; which it was.

“Gee, thanks,” Henry grumbled.



“Okay… so Heechul is in the scene too?” Siwon asked when Heechul didn’t respond.

“That’s what it looks like,” Shindong answered.

“And Kyuhyun and Yesung,” Ryeowook told them.

“How do you know?” Sungmin wondered.

“Because Yesung hadn’t gotten to the punch line of his joke yet and Kyuhyun didn’t reply to Zhou Mi earlier.”



“So, uh… Does anyone know what scene this is?”





“Henry? Zhou Mi?” Lee Teuk frowned upwards at the ornate moldings of the palace ceiling. “Henry?!” He called again before looking away from the ceiling and frowning at Kyuhyun. “Why do you think Henry isn’t helping us?”

Kyuhyun shrugged. “Maybe he’s in the TV with us now?”

Lee Teuk’s eyes widened. “But-but-but,” he sputtered. “We can’t do this on our own!!!”

“Idiots,” Heechul scoffed from their side. “I am here you know.”

“Oh. I hadn’t seen you there…”

Heechul rolled his eyes. “Clearly.”

“So then uh… what do we do?”




“Actually, once you get used to it, it’s really kind of nice.”

“Urg, I don’t think so.”

“You’re just not used to it yet.”

“It’s not exactly something one gets used to!”

“… I’m okay with it.”

“Well I’m not.”

“I like to be able to actually feel my body, thank you very much.”

“Yeah, but… it really is kind of nice once your used to not feeling it…”

“… You’re weird.”

“Shut up.”


“Henry?! Zhou Mi?!” Lee Teuk’s frantic voice suddenly joined the others.



“Oh no… this is not good…”

“It’s okay Lee Teuk.”

How is it okay?! Huh?! You’re stuck in the movie with us, Henry! It is definitely NOT okay!!”

“Yeah, but… Uh… There’s still Donghae…”

“Oh no! Donghae is not coming in here! One of us needs to remain un-cartoonified!!”

“Hm… can you really control whether or not Donghae is cartoonified or not?”

“Good point. It seems to me that Donghae will be the next one cartoonified whether he wants to be or not. Or rather, whether Lee Teuk wants him to be or not.”

“Shut up! No one else is being cartoonified!!”

“… Wow… Lee Teuk, I didn’t know your voice could go that high.”

“That was great hyung~!”

“Does anyone listen to me?” Lee Teuk muttered. “Don’t you guys realize how much worse the situation just got?!”

“Tell me about it,” Heechul grumbled. “You do realize that Kyuhyun and Yesung are still both on screen right now and no one is there to direct them, right?”

. . .


“We are so never getting out of here.”

“It’ll be hours before they get the scene over with!”

“We’re doomed!”

“Maybe if we pray-”

“DOOMED I tell you!!!”

“Well, it is nice to see you guys have so much faith in us…”



. . .

“Well, this is awkward…”

“How did you two get out of the scene so quickly?”

“… Adlibbed.”

“And cackled.”

“You’re actually getting pretty good at that.”


“Yeah, I was surprised.”


Kyuhyun and Yesung stopped talking for a moment. “Yes?”

“If you’re here… then who is on screen?”

“. . .”

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