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Cute Angry Expression

Title: Cute Angry Expression
Theme: Set charlie # 6 Red Lights 30smiles 
Pairing/Characters: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Rating: Pg16
Dedicated to: sallysync  for her long awaited pairing~
Summary: 5th Red Light

The air condition was in full blast and yet Sungmin felt hot all over.

Link to Cute Angry Expression

Sungmin's Cuteness SeriesPairing
Cuteness AwardSungmin/Donghae
Ni Hen Ke AiSungmin/Zhoumi
Cute EarsSungmin/Eunhyuk
Cute GirlSungmin/Heechul
Cute ButtSungmin/Siwon
A Taste Of CutenessSungmin/Shindong
A Sucker For CutenessSungmin/Ryeowook
Looking Young and CuteSungmin/Eeteuk
Not Cute EnoughSungmin/Kibum
A Cute DrinkSungmin/Yesung
Cute StuffSungmin/Hankyung
Not As Cute Or Innocent As Everyone ThoughtSungmin/Kangin
Cute Angry ExpressionSungmin/Kyuhyun

Tags: pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun

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