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Just Another Day

Title: Just Another Day (Umm... I had no idea what to call this... I swear... please don't kill me)
Author: harusstar
Pairing: Vague implication of Eunhae and Heechul/? (Let your imagination run at that part)
Genre: Failed comedy/humor, one-shot
Summary: Sometimes Eeteuk just can't stand his life.
Rating: PG-13/R for Eunhyuk's and Heechul's bad language, and insinuated sex.

READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is my first fanfic in two years, I swear to God, and to make things worse, this is my first Super Junior fanfiction AND first attempt at something humorous/light-hearted! *gasps* What a terrible combination. I'm so ashamed of myself. Please forgive my epic failure.

By the way, how do I tag, and what do I tag??

Yawning widely, Eunhyuk stared blankly at the animated figures capering across the television screen. Unfortunately for him, this did not go by unnoticed by the man – no, make that child – sprawled on the white rug beside him.

    “Hyukkie~,” Donghae whined, elongating the last syllable longer than Eunhyuk deemed necessary. “Do you think spending time with me is boring?” Struggling to his feet, the younger planted himself in front of the other, the beginnings of a pout adorning his features.

    Eunhyuk lazily regarded his companion from his ungraceful position on his back on the floor. Sighing, he pushed himself up and leaned on his elbows. “Of course not, Hae, but, honestly, a sane man such as myself can only take watching Finding Nemo so many times.”

    The younger’s expression twisted into that of incredulity. “Whaaaat?! How could you say that?! I’m ashamed of you, Hyukkie.” Donghae shook his head in mock disappointment, his already disheveled bangs falling in front of his dark eyes. “Oh, by the way, I beg to differ about that part about you being sane.”

    A girly squeal burst from his lips while he hastily scrambled out of way when Eunhyuk lunged forward and clumsily tripped his own feet. Donghae boisterously laughed at the older’s failed attempt at revenge, before promptly shutting up at the sight of the other’s menacing glare.

    “Just quiet down and help me up, you retard,” came the exasperated growl.

    “Not until you apologize to Nemo!”

    Eunhyuk remained stretched out on the ground, flabbergasted. “Oh my – let me be frank with you, Hae. I would rather agree to go shopping with Heechul and Sungmin than say ‘sorry’ to an animated fish on a TV screen. Now help me up.” Raising an eyebrow, he lifted his right hand towards his bandmember expectantly, inwardly chuckling to himself at Donghae’s offended face.

    Just at that moment Eeteuk waltzed into the living room.

    “TEUKIE!!” In a split second Donghae had scurried across the room and latched onto the band umma’s arm, dangerously unbalancing and eventually toppling over his hyung. “Eunhyuk hates me!” wailed the youth in exaggerated misery.

    In a desperate effort to defend himself before Eeteuk could break out into one of his speeches, Eunhyuk once again stumbled to his feet and indignantly shouted, “What?! No, no, no, I said that I would rather have gone shopping with Heechul and Sungmin!”

    Donghae temporarily ceased his sobbing to turn his head toward the offender. “It’s practically the same thing!!” he whined indignantly before once again burying his face into Eeteuk’s already soaked sleeve.

    “I RESENT THAT,” screeched a voice that sounded uncannily like Heechul’s from a neighboring room, followed by a series of noisy, sensual moans.

    “Ew, Hyung, get a room!!” Eunhyuk shrieked in response, cutting Eeteuk off before he could scold either of the two boys. Both shuddered at the mental images that raced through their minds.

    “We ARE, you dumbass—“

    “For God’s sake, LANGUAGE, PEOPLE!” scolded a distressed Eeteuk, frantically covering Donghae’s ears in hopes of protecting him from their bandmembers’ explicit use of language.

    “Don’t use God’s name in vain, Hyung,” reprimanded Siwon who had popped his head momentarily into the living room from his place in the kitchen.

    Now, Eeteuk wasn’t one for violence – in fact, he prided himself in his ability to deal with twelve immature, incompetent, hormone-driven men in such a calm manner (or as calm as you can be when YOU’RE the one who has to answer to your manager after your bandmates were somehow able to set your – of all people’s, YOUR – bedroom on fire) – but there comes a point when someone can only take so much idiocy. Emitting a sound closely resembling that of a strangled duck, he twisted his way around the body clinging onto him, made a grab for the nearest cushion and flung it at the head just around the corner. Eunhyuk winced as the pillow completely missed its target and instead crashed into a cup of juice that had already been placed precariously on the edge of the ivory countertop. He swore time slowed down as the glass overturned and smashed on the kitchen tiles, splattering the previously spotless floor with the sticky liquid.

    Chewing his bottom lip nervously, Eunhyuk made eye contact with Siwon, whose expression mirrored his very own. Anxiously, the two simultaneously looked over at Eeteuk and flinched ever so slightly at the sight of their leader, eyes wide and mouth agape. Donghae had discreetly wormed his way out of the seething man’s range of pillow-throwing range, although he wasn’t all that sure how large this area was seeing how unpredictable his aim was.

    “I,” Siwon began uncertainly, “think I’ll just take my leave now…” With that, he spun around and hastily rushed through the kitchen and out the front door, Donghae not far behind him.

    “Wait, what? ... Guys?” Eunhyuk fearfully glanced from Donghae’s back to the furious looking Eeteuk. “Guys?! No, no, WAIT, don’t leave me here by myself! Don’t – holyfuckingshitEeteuk, whattheFUCK, don’t LOOK at me like that, don’t— GUYS, I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIENDS."

Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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