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Look Who's Talking 9

Title: Look Who’s Talking ~SJ style. [Chapter 9]

Pairing(s): Kangteuk, G-TOP, Kid Eunhae

Fandom: Super Junior(main), DBSK, Big Bang… SHINee

Rating: Pg for parenting ideas that should never be conducted on actual live children.

Warning: Kid Super Junior AU, Fake parenting tips…

Genre: Comedy, a bit of angst, and some mild sap. 

Disclaimer: still don’t own them…

Summary: Kangteuk are the picture perfect couple, until Leeteuk gets them into a situation involving a few children who have minds of their own.

A/N : If you haven’t read the prologue or any of the previous chapters they can be found on my profile.


Life works in funny ways, depending on who’s looking at it. To Tablo The new housing arrangements were hysterical, but after the mention of Eunhyuk and the other children being in close proximities to Ji Yong he lost some of the hilarity in the situation as well. Yunho and Jaejoong still managed to get a kick out of it. Kangin never saw any humor in it whatsoever.


It wasn’t like he was able to escape his neighbor in the office either, since they were partners. It was on days like this one, when Ji Yong was out working a case that he found peace in his life. Short fleeting peace, but it was something.


They had been in their new hose a total of three days and he was back at work. Leeteuk was getting more time off to take care of the children, now he worked three days a week and was still paid a relatively good amount for it. Kangin however had to pick up a few more cases with all those extra mouths to feed, and backs to clothe, not to mention a husband who didn’t exactly understand money management, and now property tax on top of it all.


He took on three more clients, all women worried about their husband’s faith. He really needed to get better cases, maybe he’d bug Ji Yong for one of the drug files. They might actually be some fun, more fun at least then tearful women blubbering about how their husbands were never home.


He walked into his office from a lunch break at the house. Why he hadn’t just stayed in the office he didn’t know, but he had wanted to see Leeteuk and the kids. He just wished doing so didn’t mean another one of Donghae’s food fights.


The secretary informed him that Ji Yong had gone out as he passed her desk and went straight to his office. He sat down in the card chair that sat behind his desk. He made a mental note to replace it soon and turned on his monitor, when he noticed something out of place.


There were five shell casings on his desk sitting askew across a manila folder, which he had not left there. Slightly suspicious, Kangin moved the shell casings off the folder and opened it. A chill went down his spine as he saw the photograph and familiar name. He glanced back at the shell casings before snatching the folder up and rushing out of the office. Someone had hired a hit on Eunhyuk, and he wasn’t going to let them have him.




When Kangin burst into the house less than an hour after having left Leeteuk was curious.


“Where’s Eunhyuk?” He looked frantic, and a little bit scared.


“He’s playing in the kitchen with Donghae, why?” Kangin didn’t answer he just ran to the kitchen. When neither kid was there his panic increased.


“Leeteuk they’re gone! Did you hear anything unusual? When was the last time you saw them?!”


“Kangin, relax. They probably just went to play somewhere else.”




“Laundry room maybe or, one of their bed rooms.” Kangin didn’t wait for anymore possibilities he ran off in search of the two children, they weren’t in the laundry room, or Eunhyuk’s room. Donghae’s room was a bust as well but he heard laughter coming from down the hall, and where there was laughter, there was usually Donghae and Eunhyuk.


He burst into Han Geng’s room forcefully and saw his children… and his raccoon.


“Eunhyuk, Donghae, Han Geng… What happened to Kangin?” Leeteuk asked coming in the room after his husband. Kangin paid no mind to the animal and instead scoped Eunhyuk into his arms protectively.


Donghae smiled at Leeteuk “Dwess up!” He pointed to Kangin’s good dress shirt that was now wrapped around the raccoon, his white gold chain around the animals neck, and his Armani silk tie that was tied around the creatures tail.



Leeteuk’s eyes widened wondering why he forgot to put the box containing Kangin’s expensive clothing towards the back of their closet, fortunately Kangin was to busy cradling Eunhyuk to care, or even notice.


“Let’s get Kangin out of these clothes, and go have a snack.” Leeteuk said sweetly. Leeteuk helped the children remove Kangin’s valuables from… Kangin(hahaha) and folded them into a neat pile. “Now you Guys meet me in the kitchen. Kangin, you’re going to have to put Eunhyuk down and explain what’s wrong to me.”


Kangin didn’t listen. He simply followed the kids out of the bed room leaving Leeteuk alone.


He sometimes worried about his husband, actually he worried about him a lot more than he probably should. Leeteuk walked the clothes to his and Kangin’s room placing them on the bed for now and walking the distance to the kitchen. Inside he found Kangin handing out choco pies. Not exactly the healthiest idea of a snack, but he seemed to refuse to put Eunhyuk down, and there was only so many things to be done without the use of both arms.   


“What’s wrong Kangin, why aren’t you at work?”


“I missed Eunhyuk is all…”


“Just Eunhyuk?” Leeteuk raised an eyebrow his eyes traveling to Donghae who wasn’t very happy that his buddy was in Kangin’s arms and not him.


“No I missed all of you… Eunhyuk is… just the most cuddly.” He squeezed the child in his arms to add effect to his words.


“Uhuh… I can tell when you lie Kangin we’ve been together for a long time.”


“I’m not lying. Why would I be lying about wanting to see my family?”


“You were just here for lunch not even an hour ago, now you’re back you’ve never missed us before. What aren’t you telling me?”


“Nothing Leeteuk, just had to leave the office, it was getting… annoying, need the kids to calm me down, you know?”


Leeteuk’s eyes narrowed and the door bell rang causing Kangin to jump. “Leeteuk, take the kids in our bedroom now!” He ordered pushing Eunhyuk into his husband’s arms, before running off.


“Kangin what the?”


“Go now!” Kangin yelled from the hallway where he was throwing boxes out of the closet.


“Kangin what are you looking for?” Leeteuk asked coming up behind him.


“Don’t worry about it babe.” Kangin pulled two boxes from the back and Leeteuk’s eyes widened.


“Are those your?”


“Yes, get the kids in the bedroom now! And take this.” He shoved a hand gun into his husbands arms. “You’ll have to remove the child lock, but I taught you how to use it.”
Leeteuk nodded and dragged the children, who had followed the commotion, into his bed room.


The door bell rang a second time as Kangin was fiddling with the child lock on his. Why’d they have to make the things so difficult? He ripped the cord out of the lock having been able to undo the code, and quickly loaded a cartridge into the hand gun.


He quickly made his way to the door undoing his safety as he braced himself, hand hovering over the knob. He mentally counted to three before shoving the door open quickly and aiming the fire arm.


The loud high pitched shriek was what stopped him from pulling the trigger. He looked down around the barrel of his firearm and immediately lowered it, as the girl scout ran screaming from the yard.


“Girl scouts are just getting to pushy with those cookies. You even had to pull out you’re weapon.” Ji Yong smiled as he walked beyond the girl who was still screaming her head off.


“Ji Yong, what are you doing here?” Kangin redid the safety on his gun and pocketed it.


“The question is what are you doing here? Aren’t you suppose to be at work. Key just told me you ran out of the office not saying a word.” Kangin looked around for a minute before grabbing Ji Yong by his sleeve and pulling him into the house.


“Someone hired a hit on Eunhyuk. There were bullet shells from a higher caliber weapon     on top of his file, that was conveniently left on my desk.” He looked back to make sure Leeteuk and the kids were still out of sight.


“Why would someone hire a hit on Eunhyuk?”


“To get back at me for ruining their marriage, I don’t know if I did I wouldn’t be here, the kids would be gone.”


“Where are they?”


“Hiding in my room with Leeteuk.”


“Oh that’s good, what do we do now?” Ji Yong looked pretty excited at the prospect of danger.


“Do you have you’re weapon?”


“Yep! Never leave home without it.” Ji Yong pulled his revolver out of it’s holster and began digging in his pockets.


“Uhm… Ji Yong… What caliber bullets does that take?”


“11.5 mm why? Wouldn’t happen to have some, I seemed to have misplaced mine.”


Kangin forced a smile. “They wouldn’t by chance be on my desk would they?”


“No why would I leave them there… oh you mean when I went to deliver Eunhyuk’s file and I got that visit from Seunghyun and… They must have fallen out of my pocket! Oh! Well no big deal I’ll just go get my back up at home, he’s a bit smaller, but it’ll do the job.” Kangin reached out as if to strangle Ji Yong, but thought better of it. Instead he reached around and hit him in the back of the head.


“Ouch! What was that for?”


“There is no hit on Eunhyuk you idiot! It was you!”


“I know that, I just wanted to break out my old revolver. And who’s to say there couldn’t be a hit on either you or your family. Maybe I should become like your own personal body guard.”


Kangin shoved his partner out of the house and locked the door ignoring Ji Yong’s yelling. He decided it was time to go tell Leeteuk, just what he didn’t want. They probably would have to replace all windows with bullet proof glass, and get master locks on every door.




The rest of the day was spent with Leeteuk counting heads, calling Tablo to check up on him, and freaking out whenever one of the children left the room. Kangin decided it was best to stay home the rest of the day to keep his children from ending up in bubbles.


The time they were ready to put the children to bed Leeteuk was fussing again. Kangin tried reassuring him while they got the children dressed into their pajamas but  it did little to comfort his husband. They distributed the children to their bedrooms, Donghae being the last and closest to their own room (for obvious reasons).Kangin laid him down; Leeteuk kissed him on the forehead and they left, not noticing the set of eyes that opened as the door creaked halfway shut.


Donghae’s eyes opened and he looked around his cold, empty room. It was quiet, dark, and empty. He waited for a good five minutes before moving around. He wiggled his way out of his comforter and onto the floor his bare feet hitting the new carpet. He made sure to grab his blanket with the spaceships on it as he made his way quietly to his door. It creaked as he opened and he paused in the door way. Donghae peeked out in to the hallway to make sure no one was there was no one out there. He tiptoed his way into the hallway and then down to the end of the hall towards Eunhyuk’s room. Leeteuk and Kangin figured they’d be smart and place the two as far as possible from one another. He snuck as quietly to the end of the corridor stopping just outside of his friends room.


He looked around the corner to see if his parents were in the living room watching TV. Luckily he found that they must have retired to their own bed room and he quietly pushed in on the door. It was just as dark in Eunhyuk’s room as it was in  his own. But it wasn’t as cold for some reason. He tiptoed over the carpet and next to Eunhyuk’s bed. He was asleep, so Donghae crawled into his bed trying to be quiet.


The movement however couldn’t be helped and it was enough to wake Eunhyuk from his thin sleep. He jumped as Donghae made it completely onto the bed.


‘Who’s there?!’


‘Shhhh! It’s just me Eunhyuk.”


‘Donghae? What are you doing here? Why aren’t you sleeping?’


‘My room was to cold, and there wasn’t anyone there.’ He crawled further up to the bed towards where Eunhyuk was.


‘What about the aliens… They weren’t with you?’


‘Nope they left. They didn’t like you very much.’ He came up next to Eunhyuk and laid his head on the pillow.


‘Maybe they don’t like you.’


‘Nope, they told me that they didn’t like you… I told them they were weird, that you were fun… They didn’t believe me… So I told them to go away.’ Eunhyuk turned around to look at Donghae.


‘Do you miss them?’


‘Nope, they were getting annoying anyway.’


‘So why are you here, won’t gorilla man and Teukie be mad?’


‘Nah, you worry to much. I don’t like being alone so scoot over monkey.’


‘I’m not a monkey!’ Eunhyuk moved over and Donghae laid next to him pulling his blanket over himself.


‘Whatever you say. goodnight monkey.’ The two-year-old’s eyes shut and Eunhyuk followed his example not to long after snuggling closer to his new bedmate’s warmth.




Leeteuk sighed. Kangin was going to be upset.


He stopped at his front door hand poised over the knob. Leeteuk hoped his husband had a good day. Maybe that would make him less irritable. Kangin didn’t have to go into the office, and to Leeteuk’s knowledge Ji Yong was away for a while.


He grasped the handle and turned it to open his front door. In truth he was slightly afraid of what his husbands reaction might be. Kangin would never hit him, but he hated it when Kangin was mad. He chose silence as his weapon, something Leeteuk hated. He forgot all of this however as he looked into his home.


Leeteuk wondered for a moment if it was possible to snow indoors as he looked inside his residence. He then remembered, though powdery, snow was not as thin as dust. And it couldn’t in fact snow inside of a person’s home, especially if it was seventy five degrees outside. He walked a few steps in when he saw three small all white figures run out of the kitchen. The first was the smallest and fastest followed by two slightly larger but much slower silhouettes. Those characters were followed, a second later, by a large, burly, and considerably fast moving mass.


“Kangin what happened?” Leeteuk asked confused as he watched his two children run down the hall after the raccoon.


“Ghosts!” the child in Leeteuk’s arms shrieked and buried his face into Leeteuk’s chest. Kangin stopped abruptly before turning to his husband and staring. Leeteuk smiled guiltily.




“Leeteuk… explain.”


“I was going to ask you the same thing. Is that my flour all over our kids?”


“Leeteuk.” Kangin’s stare turned more sharp and Leeteuk chuckled trying to diffuse the intensity of the situation.


“Well, you see his mother was horrible to him, we rescued him today and…”


Kangin’s eyes softened as he noticed the child clutch tighter towards his holders chest at the word ‘mother’. “What his name?”




A/N: I blame my sister for this delay, she is somehow my anti muse… actually mando pop can be blamed… I just couldn’t stop watching the Chinese boys… It was like Hannie… but lots of him… and they didn’t look like him… or sound and act like him, actually they weren’t like him at all but shhhh... so Yesung joins the group! And yes Kangin scares girl scouts…

Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin

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