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100 Fic Challenge: 058. Lies, Shiwon/Shiwon

Title: Lies, Shiwon/Shiwon
Rating: PG-13ish
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue
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A/N: I might be in need of a new beta as the one I adore is leaving me for scholastically pursuits so, please let me know if you're interested. I've been told this piece is slightly confusing, so if you're still lost, please see the ending section for additional notes. :) Also, I'm sooo far behind on my readings here. DD:
Beta my beta!: srm_chizuru with additional help from wings_strength9 :D!

Who is that walking down the hall with hair slicked back and the faint press of a strut imprinted on him?

(Fresh off a photo shoot, they say.)

Isn’t that the guy who despises his parents for their wealth, for if they were not so laden with money, he too could stay in an apartment that could barely hold five people, much less thirteen, when eight of them got too lazy to go down one flight of stairs to their own apartments?

(Such a good, obedient son, they say.)

Who is it that wishes he were recruited on something more solid and stronger like singing or dancing and not for something transitory like his looks?

(Made his debut when he was only 16 in a music video with Hong Sung Mi. The singer?, they ask, isn’t that Dana’s real name? Yes, they answer, but this was before she became a member of The Grace, and was just a solo singer back then, they say.)

Wasn’t he the one who watched the other boy with such heavy scrutiny and stood so close during a train ride with Hwang Jung Eum on a show that has long been cancelled? He remembers the show fondly with Kang Ho Dong laughing in the background with his hands filled with a mic in one hand and cards that told him all the shows prompts in another. Ho Dong hyung said nothing but slid a glance over at him that told him to be careful for he was standing so close to the other boy that he could see the slight nervous tremor in the other’s hands as he sang to Hwang Jung Eum.

(Why, it was only just earlier in the games segment he had stood tall and regal as the dark horse he was so often jokily referred to as he easily threw soft, padded balls at the opponent while the other one pretended to help an enemy across the bridge, only to step on the button and have the opponent’s bridge collapse under him at the last moment. What song was it that he sang to her, they ask. It was “The Moon Represents My Heart,” they say.)

Who is it that can’t stop looking at the other boy even before they were even announced to be bandmates? What was so special about him? Sure, he could dance, but so could many of the other trainees. Sure, he wasn’t able to sing that well, but so couldn’t many of the trainees. What made him so special that he couldn’t stop staring at him? What makes his brown eyes so different from all others who pass his sight? What makes him so special that he’ll especially look for his bent head in a crowded lunchroom? Who is this boy who takes two tries to say every word and makes him want to ardently learn Chinese so he could talk to him in a way nobody else in this country could?

(The audition casting competition rate was 3000 to 1 to get selected, they say.)

Was is this boy who, while still half in love with someone else still continues to be amazed from the first moment that Yunho the other unknown trainee, who later came to be the leader of a ridiculously famous group, came in wearing his clothes to the moment he talked about avoiding a scandal with a certain young lady through sand?

(Vociferous laughter exploded off the set of Star King that day, and they all agree that the basic skill of an idol is avoiding scandals, they say)

Who is it that pictures the two of them, each so different from the other, together in the rolling heat of sweaty limbs, breaths quickening in surges of supplication and finding a middle ground for tongues that move too fast and tongues that don’t move fast enough?

(Did you see what they did after Alex and Sung Si Kyung introduced themselves together on Yashimmama? Or rather, what he did to him, they laugh.)

Isn’t it he that went out with a girl named Stella, not because he might necessarily like her, per se, but is an action he takes as attempt to shake the doubts away?

(Pictures speak louder than rehearsed statements, they say.)

Who reaches the point of ecstasy and breath-robbing climaxes to the image of two hard bodies as he is braced up against the bathroom wall with the shower running longer than necessary?

(Are you okay, they demand as they come banging on the bathroom door.)

Who is it that feels no regret for all the thoughts of burning lust running through his body?

(Sinners are sent to hell, they say.)

Who is it that strides down the hall with steps that command the winds to run through his hair and walks with a head lifted high and eyes that are filled with a deep fallen shade of desire?

(They make no further comment but the whispers pile up whenever he walks through a door.)

Who is it that catches sight of themselves in the gilded edges of a mirror at the end of the hall?

It is not me. [Lies] It is not you. [Lies] And so, it cannot possibly be Choi Siwon.


Lies – A mini explanation

  • From start to end, the entire thing is in Siwon’s perceptive.
  • In an episode of Love Letter, Hankyung rode the train during the ending pairing game with Hwang Jung Eum (formally of Sugar ) and sang “The Moon Represents My Heart” with Siwon standing extremely close to the tracks even though it wasn’t his turn.
  • In the another episode (or was it the same? I can’t remember), they played a game where Hankyung had to cross a wobbly bridge with reach the center button with Siwon as support as he pelted the other team with balls so they couldn’t reach the goal before Hankyung.
  • And I’m sure everyone knows this one by now, but Hankyung got into SM through H.O.T Audition with a 3000 to 1 odds.
  • In their earlier trainee days, Yunho was notoriously known for stealing Heechul’s clothes. So Heechul decided to start buying clothes that Yunho would be too afraid to wear in public.
  • “Scandal with a certain young lady through sand” is a reference to when SuJu were guests on Star King, and Heechul did a story in sand.
  • “The two of them” refers to Heechul and Hankyung

I think that’s the majority of it, but if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
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