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Will You?

Title : Will you?
Author : suju_addicted
Pairing : KiSung (Kibum x Yesung)
Rating : PG
A/N : The idea just suddenly came to me and I decided to write it. It's only a drabble and reaaally short. Comments are <3.
Words : 149 words

“Kim Kibum, will you still be here for me, even after you know just how much I love you?”

There was a long moment of stillness between the two of them. An awkward silence hung heavily in the air, making them suffocate until Yesung broke it.

“Just as I thought.”

Kibum snaked his hand around the older boy’s head and pulled him in for a rough kiss, hoping this one kiss will answer all of Yesung’s unanswered questions. The kiss was possessive and filled with emotions. Anger, jealousy, sadness, loneliness, anxiousness, happiness; both of their feelings mixed into one single kiss.

“And will you, Kim Jongwoon, still be here for me, even after you find out how deep my feelings are for you? Even after finding out just how much I love you?” Kibum said after they parted; emphasizing the words.

Yesung flushed bright red and answered, “I-I will.”
Tags: pairing: yesung/kibum
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