Peyton Sawyer (fayeiii) wrote in miracle______,
Peyton Sawyer

Title: R I T H E
this means, a stream of water. :)

Pairing: Kibum x Donghae CENTRIC. Kihae Overload
Genre: Shounen-ai, Violence, Angst, Dark Comedy [AU Genre]
Summary: Kim Kibum is biology student and Hae is a primadonna.

I was absolutely sure that I could get out alive,
Positive that everything was going to be easy.

I just had to get it from him and forget everything.
It sounds easy, But how can it be?
almost twenty years of being alone then I find someone who made me feel that I exist, how can i throw him away? How can I throw my Life away?

Bum's POV.


To those who knows this story, don't worry- I am continuing it!! :)) I have a two week vacation, so dont fret. If this is your first time, then make your way through my journal and READ, it won't hurt.


Chapter 8 && 9 here:

Comments please. :p
Tags: pairing: donghae/kibum

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