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 Title: 322
Author: psychedelicToes
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: ot3- Shihanchul
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: I wished I owned them...but sadly, I don't. :(((



The fact of the matter is, Hankyung will go back to China. He has made Korea his home for over five years, but China is, and always will be his motherland. 

                Their parting will be difficult. No emotional tears, just a last, desperate rush as they touch and kiss in the airport toilet cubicle. Heechul might at one point press his face into Siwon’s hair to soak away the dampness, but otherwise it will be a solemn, restrained affair. Hand in hand, Heechul and Siwon will watch Hankyung walk towards the plane doors, turning every few steps to wave and smile sadly. The drum of the plane doors rolling shut may effectively mask the sound of three collective hearts breaking.

                Ten years later, Hankyung will have been long gone. Siwon will have married a nice girl like his parents wanted, and he will have a son first, then a daughter, also like his parents wanted. Siwon will be the businessman his father said he was born to be, but even then Siwon will not leave behind the life he once had. His finger will still hover over the button that speed dials to an overseas number, and his eyes will still be trained to the television in the corner of his office, where a man, all points and angles, speaks in rapid-fire Korean intermixed with annoyingly lopsided smirks.

               This is because Heechul will still be an MC, the up and coming Jaesuk, just sharper, prettier. On television, he will think up some excuse to say how much he misses his good friend from China, and he will launch into one of his infamous imitations. Yet only people in Korea will see this, and even then, they will not see the tears that steal from his eyes when he goes home and there’s no one to bully or snuggle up to, or Beijing fried rice sitting, just-warmed, in the pot.

               People say the world is small. But longing bends time, and longing stretches distances. So as they lie in bed in the present, (linked, like a daisy chain; Heechul’s fingers curled against Hankyung’s neck, Hankyung’s hand gripping Siwon’s over the flat plane of Heechul’s stomach), they can only breathe together, and pray that this, whatever this is they have, can stop time too. 


This is my first Super Junior fic, ever, and I think...I just ripped apart my ot3. 

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Tags: ot3: heechul/hangeng/siwon

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