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The One I Love

Title: The One I Love
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: Kyumin, Kyuwook, Yewook
Summary: Kyuhyun is in love with the Ryeowook, the boy who works at the store down his street, who attends his school, and a.k.a his best friend. He's about to confess his feelings when he finds out Ryeowook already has a boyfriend. Trying to forget the love for his friend, Kyuhyun lies about dating someone he just met.
Disclaimer: I don't own SuJu or the pairings :/

Kyuhyun clutched the flowers in his hands and played with his hair a bit. Today is the day I'm telling him my feelings... Kyuhyun took a deep breath and entered the store. He was a a bit jumpy and nervous because he was entering a grocery store holding flowers.

He smiled when he found who he was looking for, the person counting money and then placing it in the cashier.

Kyuhyun met Ryeowook a year ago when he first moved in. Kyuhyun's mom wanted to do some grocery shopping and decided to go to the store walking distance from their house. Then, behind the cash register was a cute brunette boy with a brightest smile Kyuhyun had ever seen, and what was shocking was that he was older than him.

Then he found out Ryeowook went to the same school as him, and the two became friends, even finding out that they only one house apart from each other.

And then, Kyuhyun realized his feelings for his friend. He kept telling himself that he was just confused, but everytime his hyung hugged him or held his hand, he felt as if his heart would burst or his head would explode. So he decided to come clean and tell Ryeowook.

Kyuhyun's arms circled around Ryeowook's waist and in surprise, Ryeowook dropped the bag of grapes he was holding.

"Wook-ah," Kyuhyun whispered into Ryeowook's ear. "I need to tell you something. Meet me behind the school tomorrow at lunch," and with that he left, Ryeowook staring at his retreating back.

I wimped out... I couldn't tell him... But for sure I'll tell him tomorrow... For sure...

Ryeowook turned back to his costumer and smiled, "sorry, he's just a friend."

The boy returned the smile, "just a friend? Doesn't look like it."

"Well, he is. A really really close friend."

"He's cute. My name is Lee Sungmin."

"Kim Ryeowook," Ryeowook shook Sungmin's hand and they both exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

"I'm enrolled in SM High, the school just down block. I moved in the neighbohood across from here about three days ago." Sungmin explained.

"I go to SM High too! I think I might live in the same neighborhood as you... But at school tomorrow, I could show you around so you don't feel awkward."

"Thank you," Sungmin paid for the groceries and left, leaving Ryeowook to his next costumer.

Ryeowook thought over Sungmin's words. Kyuhyun? More than a friend? What did he need to tell him during lunch anyway? Besides, he already had Yesung, who was a great boyfriend... But Kyuhyun as more than a friend? He treated Kyu as though he was his brother! (cough cough Kyuhyun being the older brother)

"Hey cutie. Guess who."

"Hmm... I don't know... Yesungie?" Ryeowook grinned, still managing to calculate the total price of the costumer's purchases even with a distracting Yesung behind him.

"Ryeowook! What did I tell you about Yesung groping you in public?!" Mr. Yon shouted, pulling Yesung's hand off Ryeowook's butt. "And what did I tell you about raping my employees?!"

"Relax, Mr. Yon," Yesung took his hand away from Mr. Yon's grip, "I only rape Wookie anyway."

"And 'Wookie' is an employee. If you're not buying anything, out!"

"Can I buy this?" Yesung pointed to his boyfriend who was waiting for a lady to sign her receipt.

"No!! GET OUT OF MY STORE!!" Mr. Yon pushed Yesung out of the store and threw a schedule at him, "those are the store hours!! Rape your boyfriend after he gets off work!!"

"You know sir, it's not raping if he likes it!" Yesung called after him, the doors closing in his face.

"There's," a lady pointed to the bouquet of roses on the floor by Ryeowook's feet, "roses on the floor, dear."

"Oh," Ryeowook bent down and picked the slightly crushed flowers up, "thank you for letting me know." The lady smiled and exited the store while Ryeowook looked at the card inside the bouquet.

To Ryeowook: By the time you've recieved these flowers, I would have already told you. -Kyuhyun.

Ryeowook tilted his head in confusion. Told me what? What is Kyuhyun going to tell me??

"Excuse me, I'm kind of in a rush, so could you please check my groceries out?"

"Of course, I'm sorry," Ryeowook placed the roses under the counter and started helping the costumer. Kyu, what are you going to tell me? Is something bothering you? Are you in love?

I'm so tired, and I already wrote chapter 2 >_____<"
Tags: pairing: ryeowook/kyuhyun, pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun, pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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